Boost DDS Signal Generator

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drago posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello guys.
I hope you all are in good health.
I have a 60 MHZ DDS Signal Generator, model JDS6600
It's output is around 20mA....power that doesn't help very much.
What do you guys use for boosting the power of your signal Generators?
I used today a NPN with a secondary power suply, to power the load,
and the DDS signal generator to switch the NPN...
Are there disadvantages of using this method..? or I did it wrong?
Thank you.

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Amin posted this 3 weeks ago

people in here have several solution.

I used small circuit to amplifier square wave, maybe it help you:
VR1 is for adjusting power of Q2
puls amplifier

Atti posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey drago.

Obviously it depends on what the goal is. Personally, I prefer self-made drives. SG -3525, or 555. Those smarter from me will tell you what is the better used circuit.


Augenblick posted this 3 weeks ago


I like that circuit design. Thank you!


... in the blink of an eye.

drago posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello guys.
Thank you for your fast replies.
I usually hit coils with a square wave......and not a Sine...because at  Resonance...the square wave transforms in a perfect sine wave ..most of the time....
Square wave in...Sine wave high amplitude.....= resonance...(hope I got it right)



I have all the components around and I will build the circuit right away !

At the moment i do not have any mosfets....but 2 power transistors:
2x TIP35C Transistor NPN bipolar 100V 25A 125W TO247-3

Will that work?

D1 and D2....are not actual diodes that I must insert into the circuit...but just the Symbol Diagram of your 2 Mosfets...Am I correct?

The L1 Coil...has some specifications or minimum length..or can I use any coil that I have around?

Also the VR1 ,I see that it is a resistor with one pin grounded and the other pin...?.!? ..Is that the OUPUT of the circuit?
Input from micro is the square wave signal generator input..?


A similar chip as the SG-3525 was used by @MasterIvo from youtube after the input of his signal Generator...
He said "" This IC will give some punching power to the signal generator"...Is that what it does?
555 chips I got around 20 around, If you have any schematics and you would like to share....I can also build a driver..

I know you are all experts,and I do not compare myself with you....
Hope you will have a little bit of patience with me.

Thank you very much.

Atti posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey drago.

I have no idea what Masterivo used and why. It is an infinitely simple, inexpensive and stable circuit. We can see many such drawings. Component values are not critical. They do not operate on that frequency at most. In my opinion, the ground loop between the drive circuit and the power supply should be avoided. Several of my drives broke down because the self-induction spike knocked me out. In the better case, only the voltage stabilizer (7815) will fail. Fet protection must also be considered. If you think use it with health (or anyone else)




Amin posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Drago,

it is better to use mosfets, it is working with square wave perfectly.

note: Q1 is low power mosfet  and Q2 is high power mosfet. so if you have some mosfet, you can test it.

and D1 and D2 is normal diode, but mosftes have internal diode, so no need to add diodes.

L1 is  like our Load, so no need L1 and replace it with your input load,

VR1 is variable resistor and we used just two pins

Input from micro , means from your signal generator or any signal generator like 555 or any AVR microcontroller.

Best wish,



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