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chocolate blanco posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi friends How are you? Chris I love your experiments, I follow them a long time ago and I could not enter the forum ha, technical problems, well I go to the important thing, I tell you that I also have experiments with coils and motors and the rest, I work with the POE vortex coil, which is spectacular for me, it is a bucking coil, like the ones you are using, I can assure you that it works incredibly, one thing I saw in your experiments, the best thing for the experiment to come out with good results is to use batteries to power the circuits, or some generator engine and that feed the circuit, I say this because I see that they use adjustable source, this is a problem, because of the issue of resonance and apart from this we want to have free energy and we are using energy that is not free, Results will not be expected, if we use a battery bank, the effect of back emf will charge the batteries, and if we use a generator motor, the motor will accelerate, it is very different what is achieved when using battery Here, I tell you this because I experience it with my devices, I had a battery bank that never discharged in months and that I use it continuously, I also managed to make 8 plasma balls appear in my garden, a few meters, 3 - 4 meters away from me, balls totally of radiant matter, the true scalar wave of tesla, I can tell you how I did it, I have a lot of information to share if you want, I am not a troll or anything like that and less I will lie in all this big hug

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Fighter posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Chocolate, I'm very interested in your experiments, if you want to share them feel free to create a thread/discussion where you may present details. Can't wait to read the details.

chocolate blanco posted this 4 weeks ago

1-use batteries or a generator motor to power the circuits we do, instead of an adjustable source, the battery will be charged with back emf or the motor will accelerate with back emf, that connected to the house plug cannot be done, tesla used motor or batteries, or antenna with air and ground connection 2-flexibility have the valves more than the transistors, the old things of radio diffusion are much more flexible than the new, and the flexibility makes us have more pushing force on the wave 3-we are pumping the aether to get energy, that's why the team is flexible and strong 4-I always worked better when the ratio of the bucking coils is 1: 1, this may be relative but to take into account 5-The bucking coil generates the auto oscillation, this makes it start to raise the voltage in a very fast way (burn a 700 volt tester) so I do not know as soon as it got level

chocolate blanco posted this 4 weeks ago

I talked with Daniel Nunez about the plasma balls and he told me that I had also done it with the POE coil but at high altitude, my experiment was first to wet with water for 3 days in a row my garden, of approximately 30 square meters, colores in the half a bowl with 60 liters of water, where there were quartz at the bottom, this bowl had a spout that went out, pointing the sky (cloud buster), had a ground connection, inside I put the POE coil and put it on with a frequency in hz, low power, 4-6 hours per day, at hours the static felt in the environment, you played some metal and towards discharge, on the third day, type 21hs, before the rain, began to appear plasma balls levitating from the garden , from south to north, 3-4 meters away from the ground, they were the size of a house spotlight, but like a sun setting, they floated, traversing the matter and then moved away so much that they disappeared, this I always replicate to great height, but I could do it close again and film it or take pictures

chocolate blanco posted this 4 weeks ago

the equilibrium is formed by a triplane, the nucleus, the winding and the frequency, it has to be a symmetry that generates asymmetry, everything has to be melodic, maybe that nucleus needs more frequency or pure harmonics, they can also be and the winding must be more laps, we remember that numbers are tones, everything has to resonate

Wistiti posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi choco blanco

May i suggest you to start a new tread. This way you will not interfere with fighter work.

I will like to read your research in it own tread.

Thank you!

Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

Wistiti is right - Moved, new Thread created.

Choco please edit as you wish.


chocolate blanco posted this 2 weeks ago

Everything is easier than they say or show, did anyone notice? A nice title for what I have to say, I've been studying amateur radio and it's simple, Tesla discovered the radio, why? because he realized that everything is frequency that excites the atoms and that excitation produces waves, and those waves according to the decoding of our equipment produce audio, video, to be able to speak on the phone, internet, fax, etc. etc. etc. knew that the loading and unloading from the magnetic to the dielectric they produce or actually tune the scalar wave, which is useful for everything, health, plant growth, turn on lights, charge batteries, make it rain, run motors, listen to music, communicate with the cosmos, etc. etc. The good thing about tesla was that it made the bifillar pancake coil, which is a condenser and coil at the same time, then it loads and unloads in itself, this greatly facilitates the work and the components that are used, if you have to have an antenna of air that captures static and a ground antenna that captures magnetic, that we tune it with variable capacitors, to be able to give it a reference value and from there to stop that frequency in a coiled ferrite core, from there sac We love the spark gap, which is a spark jump, a negative resistance, a radiant bone, then what comes next is to use radio valves or electron pick-ups, they also call it, or negative resistors, the valve amplifies, the frequency rises, rectifies , etc. It has many qualities, that signal we get from the antennas is pre-amplified and amplified, when we use coils instead of speakers, if we want to put music in a small room, we need a small music system, if we want to put music in a large room, we need a large music team, the scalar wave is not something magical, it's just a signal, maybe the base signal where others overlap, or maybe not, and it's a signal like any other, It's very simple, let's use our mind to see things as they looked at that time, everything is signal, everything is radio, there is nothing more than that, it is simple, it is natural

chocolate blanco posted this yesterday

9 centimeter long x 2 centimeter wide core, powder iron filling, plastic cover, and up one side winding 180 CW turns, and on the other side 180 CW turns, in the center a third coil of 90 turns, I put the resistance and the diode, I put a signal with a frequency generator and an audio amplifier, and no more than 18 volts, apart from being little, the central coil that receives the input load gets very hot, which will be happening? thanks

Chris posted this yesterday

Hi Chocolate Blanco,

Perhaps you could post a video? Perhaps you could draw a Circuit and post it?

What sort of Input Power are you using? Whats your Output Power?

Hot Coils normally mean a short or something similar. Sometimes the Coils get hot when loaded, but more often the get cold. With more information, we can help you further.

Best wishes,


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