Ruslan's secrets soon to be freely released.

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mrblobby posted this 6 days ago

I think this is the correct forum to post this video in.

"This video is from 3 parts. In the last part I show the working device. I posted a wire that was bitten off the system so it did not work as soon as I hooked up the cut wire and set up the system it wound up! In the next video, I will reveal the secrets and secrets of the Kulabukhov system that he sold to me for all people who have been tormented for years and spent money and time trying to repeat Kulabukhov's apparatus from the wrong schemes that he has drawn to all of us and people are still trying to understand how this eternal engine can feed itself and publish excess energy. In the next video, I will also show the scheme by which the non-fuel generator works. It's all genius "just like 3 kopecks, turn on the brain guys!"

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Chris posted this 5 days ago

Hey MrBlobby,

+1 nice find!

The video before aligns with the quote of Ruslan's:

Kind time of day. Maybe here we will find a common language. At once I will say that I do not sit at forums much. No time ! However, now for the 5th time I am collecting Akulin for a capacity increase. There are ideas .... But in fact the people are looking for a bit of everything is not right. All these systems operate on the basis of standing and traveling waves. It is necessary first to catch the motion of particles in the coil. Those. as Kapanadze does with a tester or an ammeter. Only at HF frequencies no ammeter will help and you will need to catch an oscilloscope. The first rule: Wind the coil 40 meters. 2. Find out its resonant frequency (1/4 wave) Inductor 1/4 = 10 meters of the same wire (for example, 2.5mm) Connect the generator to a 10 meter coil, drive the rectangles at a frequency of 1 MHz and crawl higher until 40 meters do not appear sinusoid. The maximum amplitude. The generator is desirable to take a normal, laboratory! With output adjustment from 0 to 20 volts. We achieve maximum amplitude and move tenths of a kilohertz until it starts to dance. This is your wave resonance !!! We fix the frequency and voltage. It is for this all have to do the generators. Further ... Tesla we shake under this frequency that the effect has turned out. Then we do everything as I did or the Shark. In this case, everyone wants to repeat this device. Forward! We fix everything beautifully and stiffly, without forgetting that the resonance and effect can escape in the case of fastenings on the snot. We need to get the effect itself and work, and not a ready device. Once you begin to understand what to do next, you can already move. So .... Tesla, as we know, also wets the sinusoid. Suppose your frequency is 1.821MHz. The frequency, but alas. It is necessary to adjust Tesla on it. The shark used a critic between Tesla and the toroid (Antenna) over the inductor. This is just an accurate adjustment. It is needed before launching. Then the system holds and no matter what has slipped in not large limits. But! Again ... What where? On the Inductor we feed the signal of rectangles with a frequency of 1/50. Consider: 1820: 50 = 36.4 kHz pumping a rectangle through the junction (Pot) with 23-29 turns of wire 2.5 squares. I repeat, you need to make the voltage on this harmonic not 10-20 volts, but higher by an order of magnitude. Approximately up to 50-60 volts and get the same dancing effect at the output. Further ! Do not forget that Tesla does not need strong power. Do not let sparks run and wet so that it breaks through. This is not necessary !!! It's better to make a controlled Tesla. Continue: The output voltage will be 195-200 volts. This voltage will not be higher. Why? Later we will return to this. It is necessary to rewind the transformer-reactor (Coil) so as to obtain the desired voltage. This requires experiments. Remember that we push the current in the reactor with a transverse wave. Created by Tesla. In the coil another wave is formed under the action of pumping by rectangles. The particles of which constantly rotate left and right. By giving them the movement of the pulsating Tesla, we disperse them in the very conductor. This is a gemmoroid understanding, but a fact. Tesla must operate in one half-cycle or one arm of the transistor. It is advisable to manage the Tesla pack - pulse generator. When everything is clearly adjusted, you will see how the effect manifests when changing the width of the pack. Consumption Tesla is scanty, and pumping does not strain at all. The current at the output is up to 7 amperes and the voltage is 200-209 volts. Bulbs and PSU pulses work well. Now for removal: 1. The coil is connected via a diode bridge. No parallel capacitors !!! 2. You need from Tesla only one half wave. Otherwise Tesla will take what she gave, back !!! Therefore, and put the diode from the ground to the very take-off coil (40m) The shark did this at the reception. He removed one part of the sine at the reception itself. Because Tesla. No one knows this and -bip-tsya to this day, nichrome does not work. It's clear! You need to swing the swing in the coil of energy removal. It is there that we push the current. By the way, the surplus from Tesla and the frequency setting of the Shark used a simple light bulb. Since the Inductor is galvanically isolated from the entire circuit, the light bulb serves as a resistive load to suppress surplus from cords and pickups. You can not bet, but do not rock Tesla very much. Do not ! Remember that the current is subject to voltage. This I see from experiments that I spent 2 more years ago. Next: The diode on the receiving take-off coil destroys one half-cycle and so we swing the oscillations without hindering them by the negative Tesla period. This, too, many do not know and continue to sculpt. That's why Roman (Shark) says that he is eating ground ... Everything is right! Because it kills the half-period pulse at the reception, which is grounded. This can be seen in all his settings! I wondered for a long time why he decided to use this solution and realized that it's easier to pick up BB diodes. Since interference at such frequencies in Tesla will lead to its improper operation. In other words, it will not be possible to cut off the half-period. Kapa solved this issue with an arrester and rectifiers at low frequencies. There everything is simpler, but more wires .... So on the German installation the diode is small, Tesla is far away, the grounding cable is long. By the way is equal to the length of Tesla !!! Do not forget about grounding .... On this installation it is important and without good support (grounding) will not work. Do not forget that the systems use high voltage. As we know, it moves even in the air. That's why grounding is necessary. Plus wave resonance and safety .... Like that .....



At the Wave Peak, top dead center of the wave, thanks to Lenz's Law, an increase in amplitude, means 180 degrees, equal and opposite, Input Coil will see an E.M.F "Generated" in phase back to the source.


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Marathonman posted this 5 days ago

All i can say is totally awesome Chris.

can't wait to see more of this.


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Idea1man posted this 4 days ago

mrblobby   ...  You paid for the real design. We should all contribute to you for publishing it.

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mrblobby posted this 4 days ago

Hi Idea1man, Just the messenger.
The chap that made the video Sergej Panov purchased the unit, as has said that he'll be releasing details soon, Talk about a cliffhanger!

If you watch this video and the others he has posted, even with Google translate you will get a good idea of the back story.

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Idea1man posted this 4 days ago

mrblobby  ...  You speak Russian?   .. The auto-translate on Utube is extremely bad. An accurate translation is needed.

Vidura posted this 4 days ago

Cdsharp mentioned in a post that he can get translations from russian, we should ask him if he can do it for the relevant parts at least

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cd_sharp posted this 4 days ago

Guys, the translation is in progress. I promise I'll share it once I have it.

Idea1man posted this 3 days ago

cd_sharp, thank you very much.

I urged people to contribute money on Sergej's video. Here's his reply: ==I don't need anything, we came into being here empty handed, we will leave as ones.==   Evidently he speaks good English.



mrblobby posted this yesterday

Good Morning All, The latest info from Sergei Panov, Published on Jul 15, 2018

"Guys, do not have time, the weather, troubles, family, make me postpone the case of BTG and lay out the secret of BTG Kulabukhov for a couple of days. I made a video for 47 minutes, then another for 47 minutes, but I also need to edit and cut something off as I repeat, I work in general, have patience, I remember about you! Scheme in Kulabuhov in this video, not exactly what I have ... I advise you to wait for something that I'll post .... in a couple of days! ..."

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