Why I am boycotting Google

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Chris posted this 08 February 2018

A long time ago, Google was golden in my eyes, a tool that makes life easy?

I wasn't totally naïve, I knew they had bad stuff going on!

In my research I have found more and more Bad Stuff that Google is doing! A Devil in Sheep's Cloths!

This article is just a tidbit: 'It Knows When I Got Out of the Car!': Tucker's Special Report on How Google's Tracking You


I have excluded Google from my Sites entirely, no more tracking! I have also used robots.txt to stop Google Crawling my sites!

I hope through you, word of mouth, that you will invite your friends to: Be Part of Something Better!!!

My Friends, I have also done what I have done, for another reason!

I have massive plans this year, massive! I don't want Google watching and recording what I am doing. I have laid a massive foundation, all solid structures must be built on a solid foundation, data trails laid all over the internet, all for one reason!

This year we have massive building, and this foundation will become evident soon.

Truly, we are Light Years Ahead of all the Others!



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Zanzal posted this 10 February 2018

Its bigger than just Google Chris. Everything is easily understood in this: "If you can dream it, we can design and build it." What could you do with unlimited resources? How far would you go? How would you prevent others from stopping you?

Why do Google and others do this? Do you really believe they care about such things? No, they do not, but someone will pay to know these things, and that's why they collect the data. To sell. Who is the buyer? The buyer doesn't need Google, Google just sees a financial opportunity and takes it.. Nothing more or less. You can hate Google, you can curse them, but if they don't do it someone else will.. Its just how human nature is.

The buyer and not Google is watching. They will always be watching. Its my philosophy not to try and hide. Basic steps to avoid being seen by non-state actors are good, but remember who built the network.

Openness is the antithesis of secrecy. What if in the future instead of a select group of people being able to see everything, everyone could see everything.... even more scary? 

No matter that though, to your success my friend! I will be here doing my part sharing all that I believe is useful.

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Chris posted this 10 February 2018


Hey Zanzal, you're right. Google is but a small part.



I often dream of things like unlimited resources, but I am also a firm believer in simplicity, expensive equipment is not going to make a machine work, its know how, the learning small important key bits of information, connecting the dots.


Big Problem

: When a machine is demonstrated, it becomes hot chocolate for a few months and then quickly becomes forgotten. This is the case many times through out history!

But Why?

  • How many people actually attempt a Replication?
  • How far through the Replication do they get before they give up?
  • When problems are encountered, what steps are taken to understand and resolve these problems?
  • Why is it, that many people would happily believe in Vo Doo Magic, rather than real solid Science to explain these machines?
  • Where is Hard Data? Solid Research, Logic and Evidence? It is here in my pages.

I have shared all I know, my pages are full of what I have learned. Its Chocolate people like, so Chocolate is what I have given and have coming, but, however, here in lays a problem, we have many people not sharing and only a few who are. To me, it appears many people are still not really understanding what has been shared. What's actually occurring in the "Generation" Cycle.

So We are all stuck in between a rock and a hard place, without this understanding, any Demonstrations will be quickly passed by, quickly forgotten and many will claim "Hoax" because its not understood!

I have said all along, I am not here to share my work, I am here to share the technology, I have backed my work up with many hundreds of quotes from others before me. Honestly, many thousands of hours have gone into sharing information with as many cross references as I have been able to give.

Because it is easier for many to just flick the Switch and their Lights just work, many see no real priority to push onward, although many show great enthusiasm.



Building a solid foundation, starting the ball rolling has been my goal. We are getting a decent bit of interest now. Good people, here to see what's going on. I have been lucky, some real good success stories have happened along the way, some great people have shared more than amazing results, some part of our group and some outside.

In the Thread I started, "Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy", we were only 4 Months and 4 days in and we had solid undisputable, none could find fault with results! EE's of 30+ years could not explain at all!!!

Bradley, In total agreeance with all I was sharing, although he has completely dropped the ball now?

Wistiti, Thaelin and others, all shared excellent results! some months later, Graham Gunderson, perhaps the best ever demonstration, using Partnered Output Coils!

As far as I know, this has never happened before in History? This many individual replications from other partied to verify what I am sharing. The Numptys over at ou.com shot it all down as they get paid to do by the energy bosses, which I proved.

Rule of thumb, if they say: "measurement error" its real and it works as has been stated! That's their Paid to Say and Explain Away line!

So, Google is really the least of our problems, they are a corporate I want to make accountable for their crimes, but truly, this is being done by Q and Team Q every day anyway, I just want to help in their grilling of Evil. 

Quite a ramble, I hope its useful!


Zanzal posted this 10 February 2018

Duality. Like your profile picture. Ying and Yang. Light and Dark, Truth and Lies. Together they are uncertainty. People want to believe, but if they can't figure out how to replicate it and can't prove it works they may give up and move on sometimes never to return. Was the device real or was it fake? Which ones are real and which fake? The average person just has no way of knowing.

I think for there to be any progress an accurate description of an underlying phenomena that lends itself to test-ability and repeat-ability is needed. A blueprint seems to be only as useful as the persons understanding of this technology. People who learn it share videos of their successes and that's nice, but almost never do they attempt to teach people exactly how they got from the blueprint to the working device.

There are so many different approaches to choose from, its hard to settle. Some people like motors, others batteries, others spark gaps, and then there are hard headed people like me who refuse to acknowledge success unless they can replicate a device that relies on none of these things.

Regarding the measurement error. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be really bad at proving input/output.. Like those folks who only show voltage or current gain or seem to be measuring voltage in the wrong spot so as to give bad numbers. Claiming their output power matches their load rating without demonstrating it, etc. Lots of little things people do intentional or unintentional that undermines our work. But I know what you are referring too, well measured results that are simply dismissed derisively without actually pointing out the error. Fortunately you've made it clear we won't put up with such things here.

Funny enough though I think my biggest problem with replication is just simply lack of experience.. I get to the replication stage and I grope around blindly trying to figure out why mine doesn't work. Its getting more clear as I go through this process though and I think people who find the answers are going to look back on what you posted with new perspective and realize that you tried to tell them and they just didn't understand.


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Marathonman posted this 12 February 2018

Quote; "and many will claim "Hoax" because it is not understood!"

Man you got that right, i was nailed to the cross at Energetic because some dope didn't put enough winding's on part G which controls the currant flow in the primaries and i was labeled as a fraud when that couldn't be any farther from the truth as i have shared EVERYTHING of the Figuera device and the data speaks for itself.

I also agree on everything about Google and would like to add that Google is slowly deleting things off of the internet especially when it comes to dirt on Corporate America and data on past patents and free energy devices.

i also had the chemical make up on gasoline which proved that they are bonding butyl rubber with gasoline to foul out high mileage carburetors but this has sense been deleted as Google works with our Government and demonoid oil cartels.

imagine that !


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Marathonman posted this 12 February 2018

PS. just read what they are doing to YOUTUBE.........Total control.


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Marathonman posted this 13 February 2018

 "Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech."

How true does this bell ring,


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Marathonman posted this 13 February 2018

Adding to that......

 this directly relates to our present day teaching system. a student or person is not allowed the freedom of thought therefore no wisdom is gained thus our public liberties and freedom of speech is a complete fallacy. the total lie perpetrated on the world that America the free is actually a Corporate controlled system training you how to follow orders not your own thoughts guided by our lovely bought and paid for Government instilling guidelines of control.

Imagine that !



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Chris posted this 14 February 2018

Sorry for late reply's guys!

@Zanzal - When replicating, you need work on Two Things:

  • Fields Oppose, or Currents oppose.
  • Number of Turns

The rest follow. Timing is also important, one can not take Power from the input, if one does it must be very little! The Input Is the Magnetic Field, the Magnetic Field must be sufficient to Create sufficient Magnetic Field.

Facts are facts, and mistakes are mistakes! However, a mistake does not change facts and the facts are repetitively shown, on many machines through out history, that Partnered Output Coils work, Genius EE's of 30+ Years, "MarkE", bless his stubborn soul, saw something amazing before he died, and I am very happy he did!

He had no explanation of the measurements of Tinman's RT, Brad did many tests and not one was shown to be anything but Success! Graham Gunderson also, perhaps the best demonstration in History, around 30,000 dollars of Measurement equipment, and a very competent experienced EE using them, undisputable really, either the Human Race does not measure Power properly or it was Aboveunity!

When I give a reference, their work has only ever got to be added to the list of Achievers, but instead, it gets forgotten, details that are important get lost and the device becomes but a memory in those interested.

Very simple, mimicking the Electrical "Generator" and making small improvements, as Clemente Figuera said:


Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns, while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.

Many of the greats have said similar things. Electromagnetic Induction, but Asymmetrically not Symmetrically as we are all used to.


@MM - I agree.

We have an obligation to the next Generation, first, to keep the data for the History Record, and Second to pass on what we know to be true, and have reasons for eliminating the false.

I have proven Floyd Sweet's Magnet 'Conditioning' to be false! My website has data on this. Its fake, false lies.

Made up by people that do not know how Electromagnetic Induction works.

We have two quantity's to amplify:

  • Voltage
  • Current

We know how to do both,

  • Number of Turns
  • The Mr Preva Experiment


Very simple experiment that once understood explains exactly how to build Above Unity Machines!


Chris posted this 14 February 2018

I should add, Google are terrible at paying their bills, Google just decide to not pay, some months not at all. Other months what they decide they can afford. All while large sums sit waiting to be verified.

Perhaps Google is going broke? I would expect that Cash Flow if VERY bad for them atm, Q is hammering the Nails down now!


Marathonman posted this 14 February 2018

I think Mr Bearden's intentions were to hide the truth and i think he is a scum bag for that. possibly being coerced from some entity through intimidating hostel intentions.

this is from the info i have gathered.

Yes Chris we do have an obligation to right the wrongs or at least expose the criminals for what they really are. I have backed up everything i have learned to multiple disc's and will eventually burn everything to an M discs so that it will last 100 years for the generations to come.

I have info on three devices that i know in my heart and through research that are self sustaining and can be made large enough to power any and all you need.

Yes lead by example is my motto, that is or was my statement of my last thread..... The Continuum, The leaders of Truth.... The "Q"