Great little program Riglol 1.03d unlock all factory disabled options in Rigol DS1054Z DSO. Also can unlock Rigol DS2xxx and Rigol DS4xxx oscilloscopes. Options are Serial Decoder, AT-DS1000Z Advanced Trigger, Memory Option, Record-Module.

Donwload program from here or use online unlocking.

Riglol 1.03d -->

For Rigol DS1054Z, 4 channel DSO 100MHz bandwidth 1 GSa/s, with 30.000 wfms/s refresh rate, use option DSER, not DSFR becaue DSBA option unlock 500uV vertical resolution only hardware implemented in DS2xxx and DS4xxx.

You need only enter at Options: DSER and Serial number of your DSO, marked at backside of box. After small procedure you will get full 4 channel DS1104Z 100MHz DSO ready for experiments. Private key is auto generated for unlock code generation.

Price for Rigol DS1054Z is € 403.41 in

Price for Rigol DS1104Z is € 689.

If you buy some of DS2xxx with 2 GSa/s you can unlock 500uV vertical resolution and get 300MHz bandwidth.

For DS 4xxx you will get 500MHz bandwidth with 500 uV resolution, 14 Mpts memory depth and 2 GSa/s per channel.