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Wistiti posted this 23 December 2018

Hi guys! This tread is a place to share my experience with the POC. It will be as simple as I am. So do not ask for measurement, it all about the phenoment. Hope you will appreciate and participate! 😁

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Wistiti posted this 23 December 2018

Here are one of my first experiences with the POC.

Chris posted this 23 December 2018

Hey Wistiti,

Excellent thread!

My first Experience with POC was experiments prior to Jul 18, 2011, published in this video:


These experiments included observing the necessity for Current Flow:


Floyd Sweet making the same observation:

If the voltmeter draws no current, there can be no electromagnetic force on the free electrons of the wire. Therefore, the E.M.F along the path of the metal conductors including the moving conductor is zero.

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something


Its worth noting, the Positive Energy passage talks about Clockwise and Counter Clockwise E.M.F's. Directly after this passage, Floyd Sweet talks about: INDUCED MOTIONAL FIELD - NEGATIVE ENERGY, unfortunately there is not much useful information in there.

Any and all Insulated Copper Conductors when carrying a Current have an associated Magnetic Field. Voltage can be present with NO Current! Current is a function of the Load and the Source.


Wistiti posted this 23 December 2018

Completely agree Chris!!! And I will add when using DC for the source, the current from the output POC must be extracted to buck the primary DC source... Like I do is this video. (Sorry for my English) πŸ˜‰

Chris posted this 23 December 2018

Wistiti, one of my favorite videos of yours!

I started with a few small, for most perhaps insignificant, effects. Just a few coils, having a bit of insight, looking for something. Knowing in my heart that there was something to find there. Took me some years to make real progress, much confusion and mistakes along the way.

You my friend are a natural! Also, your English is perfectly understandable!


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Jagau posted this 24 December 2018

Hi wistiti
Very interesting this video. I take note of it.
You know in this forum we learn things that move us forward. Thanks for sharing.


Wistiti posted this 24 December 2018

Yes my freind! And this is (openly sharing) what we move us forward! Thanks to Chris to bring it back to us!!!

Now it's up to us (as a team) to improve it!


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Wistiti posted this 27 December 2018

Hi guys! Just let you know I have passed the last day's playing with POC.

I build a toroid transformer (really long to wind on a toroid...πŸ˜’) on a plastic ring (so air core) . The effect is there but way less than when using a magnetic core. The couplings seem not optimal... I will continue my experiment with magnetic core. πŸ˜€

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Zanzal posted this 27 December 2018

That toroid looks awesome. If you have only been playing with it a day then its too soon to give up IMO, but you need a signal generator to get the most out of it. PM me if you want to sell it.

Wistiti posted this 27 December 2018

Thank you Zanzal ! I have not yet give up on it. It took me so much time to wind it I will keep it for further test. πŸ˜‰ I don't have a signal generator. But agree, it might have a sweet frequency spot. Have you a good one not to expensive to suggest?

Zanzal posted this 27 December 2018

Yes, I don't blame you, it is a work of art, personally I'd mount it on my wall before I sold it had I built something so nice.

Regarding function generators your best pick for a starter is the JDS6600 15Mhz for $65. For a more complete answer I posted more options in the Function Generators thread.

Vidura posted this 28 December 2018

Nice coil Wistiti! Agreed that a function generator will be useful, resuming the latest information we have to look for magnetic resonance, and the frequency depending on the corematerial, so we can assume that for an aircore much higher frequencies will be required, like in the aircore devices from Don Smith. Also a disruptive discharge on the primary could likely set up a resonance. Wish you success , Vidura.

Wistiti posted this 28 December 2018

Thank you Vidura . Disruptive discharge is the way I explore now to improve the effect.

It seem to be a must... I'm looking for a way to do it at low voltage. I try with a reed switch at the base of a transistor and have interesting results but I'm wondering what are the other ways I can make this kind of abrupt discharge without hv and spark gap...??πŸ€”

Any idea are welcome!

Vidura posted this 28 December 2018

As a suggestion i had good results with a mosfet and capacitor array, one device you can see in many of my vΓ­deos, it has five mosfets in parallel and a capacitor bank on the supply rail and with very short dutycycle it give good pulses for striking the resonance. Also a SCR with a neon as trigger works very well at a little higher voltages. Sorry that I cant load up image's until fixing the internet installations, my phone dont have enough memory to do it. In a few days it should be up again ,then I can share some circuits I have used.

Zanzal posted this 29 December 2018

Any idea are welcome!

You could try using an avalanche pulse generator. Basically you need a HV source, through a resistor you charge a HV low pf capacitor, the capacitor gets discharged when it reaches the avalanche voltage of the transistor. You can adjust the frequency of the pulses by changing the resistance, but you want to keep enough resistance so that the capacitor cannot recharge too quickly after discharging.

You set the voltage by using a number of cheap transistors with a known avalanche voltage in series. So if you use an npn with an avalanche voltage of 200V and you want 600V pulses you just use 3 of them in series. Keep the capacitance low to avoid damaging them. So at 100pF it might be ok, but 600V at 100nF you might have dead transistors.. Or that's how I understand it anyway (never built one myself).

You can see an example of the most basic one like I described here: Avalanche Pulse Generator Circuit

Wistiti posted this 29 December 2018

Thank you guys for the info! Vidura I will wait to see your picture. Have a good day!

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