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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

I hope you all find this usefull, and I hope you all have the opportunity to make this work for you.

We have a reasonable volume of visitors now, 32,000 is pretty good for a few months. This means you have the opportunity to make a dollar or two on your own personal threads.


I am suggesting to members only, and on your own threads along with your own experiments, some Support of your own to help pay some of the bills.



  • Go to PayPal and create your Donate Buttons and get the link they provide.
  • Create your Thread.
  • On the first post on the page click the <> button and paste your own code into the Window that comes up:
<a class="btn-mvc" href="   [YOUR PAYPL DONATION URL HERE]   ">
Support Me On PayPal



That's it, you're done!



  • No buttons on other peoples Threads.
  • No more than one Buttons per thread.
  • Refer to your button as many times you like without posting threads only regarding the button.


Have fun, this idea should help you all out some! PM Me if you need help!


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Wistiti posted this 2 weeks ago

Great idea my freind!

Wistiti posted this 2 weeks ago

Question for you Chris, Can someone who have not started a tread can put a button for him?

I mean by that for a example i would like Marathonman can add a button on the tread about Figurera i started...

I have just started it but im my mind he deserve to have the benefits of it...


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Wistiti,

Yes, you started the Thread, so if Marathonman were to email you His Own URL from PayPay, you can put the button in the page.

Or I can do it in the same way.

In this case, we may want to update the Button Text and have it say: Support Marathonman on PayPal

I hope this idea spurs more solid experiment by more people. It will move us ahead much faster.


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

My Friends,

A chat with a friend raised some good points. I want to clarify what the point of the Support Buttons are for:


I really need to encourage building, get people sharing work, images, videos and data of their progress.


Threads with discussions and small posts with little bits of information that are extremely useful to a small few but not to others, are not what I intend the Buttons for.

I want to see Threads where people are getting really Active, sharing their work, Machines, builds replications, real good hard core data that others can look at and say WOW this deserves a donation for this awesome content!

Everything on this forum is valuable, but I want people to come here and share a full build on a Bedini SG Motor with Images, Video and Results.

NOTE: The creators of Threads have the option to "Lock Topic", its a Tick Box at the bottom by the Post Button:

If you don't have this option let me know!

So, if needed, Thread creators can have their Thread specifically for posting progress, not for chat, if needed they can create a separate thread for chat.

I hope this helps!


Vasile posted this 2 weeks ago


1)What does Lock Topic do exactly?

2)I don't see it in my threads. Is it something you can add? And if yes, please do.

All the best.

Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Vasile,

Lock Topic means no one can reply to your posts. You have a quiet place, just for you, just for your progress, just for your experiment. A Read-Only thread just for the Thread owner.

It means if you want to add a post, one has to go to the first post, edit the post and unlock the thread to be able to post.

Obviously this process needs to be undone, reversed so no one can reply to your thread, or topic.



For example:



So, you can see, when creating a new Topic, which will be your new Thread for your experiment, others can donate to you if they wish.

I hope this helps some!


Vasile posted this 2 weeks ago


Your reply helped. The thing is when I first create a discussion I don't see the lock topic buton. It is only after the discussion is created, I go to edit it and then I see it. That's way I was having trouble with it.

Thank you!

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Vidura posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hey Chris , when i was preparing the thread i looked for the PP buttom and was prompted with this message:  

I will try to close the account and reopen in a more civilized country if possiblewink  Anyway no problem, the most important is to make avaliable the tool. 



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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Oh No! 

Vidura I am sorry, I did not know about these sorts of restrictions!


Chris posted this 2 weeks ago


Number 5 Is alive! We have our first thread that uses PayPal Support!


Excellent work Vidura! I am so pleased you got it working!

Now all Members of can benefit from PayPal Donations for their work! At least as far as we can tell so far! We did think there might have been a little hiccup there for a minute?


Vidura posted this 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much.
I wanted to apologize for my comment about the country I'm living, Argentina is a wonderful place with very nice people. The comment should be directed to the "rule makers" who still believe to be propietaries of the whole planet, they are actually the Barbarians.

Regards VIDURA.

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Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Vidura,

I have not been to Argentina, but I have seen some TV Images and it is beautiful! So I heard your frustration and not the comment.

I am very pleased the PayPal Donate button is working for you!

All Members with a project on the go, I encourage you to think about these buttons. Its not just now that they can work, it might be 6 months or a year down the track also!

Its a little extra and it all helps!


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