Purpose of required Ground in some Devices

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I a little bit of a grasp of Wavelength principles.
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I dont understand Wavelength principles.
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I understand Wavelength principles quite well.
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Chris posted this 18 January 2018

Antenna theory states that one full, half wavelength, no more, no less, is the optimum length for an Antenna to receive Radio Waves.

Antenna's are tunned for a specific Frequency, the calculation is as follows: l = 1/2 * c/f * v/c


  • l is the Length of the Antenna.
  • c is the speed of light in free space
  • f is the frequency
  • v is the speed of the electric wave in the wire

Sometimes you may see this simply written as 1/λ is the free-space wavelength. @50Hz 1/λ = 6,000,000 meters. Wavelength is equal to λ = v/f


  • f is the frequency
  • v is the speed of the electric wave in the wire



For 1/4 wavelength antennas, a Ground must be used:


The Ground, completes the other half of the wavelength, effectively making up the other 1/4 wavelength like so:



Note: We have evidence, to point to more than just Wave Theory applying.to these Coils and Circuits. Some say EM Wave Theory is incomplete. We have evidence to suggest that v is the Wave itself, and not the speed at which the Wave travels in the particular medium. So, if Speed of the Wave = Wavelength x Frequency, then  Speed of the Wave = 50, and the wavelength is λ =50/50 = 1. which is the length of the Wire the wavelength is applied across. This means in our situation, 1/4 wavelength is 1/4 of λ.

I posted some picture some time back:





More Soon!



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Chris posted this 18 January 2018

We must ask: "What's an Antenna got to do with these devices?"

The answer is actually surprisingly simple, an Antenna represents the ultimate most efficient form of Electromagnetic Induction, using Far Fields. The Antenna is a Magnetic Resonance Device.

Floyd Sweet stated:

Resonance frequencies may be maintained quite constant at high power levels so long as the load remains constant. We are all familiar with AM and FM propagation, where in the case as AM, the voltage amplitude varies, and with FM, the frequency is modulated.

 However, the output power sees a constant load impedance, that of the matched antenna system. If this changes, the input to the antenna is mismatched, and standing waves are generated resulting in a loss of power.

Dom Smith also said similar things: @3:00


Its dormant until you Disturb it or Cycle it, and ah, the cycling would be the Resonant activity seen in Radio Devices.


Again, more here: @7:46


There is a cord, that's calculated at a certain length, because the, its, a frequency that works with the ah, its a 1/4 wavelength of this Coil here.

Don Smith 1998 Office Interview Part 3 @7:46





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