Solar powered Motor - The Power of Magnetism.

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Chris posted this 18 April 2020

My Friends,

I am sorry, this is a little off topic, but I want to show you what can be achieved when one puts their mind to it! This is so simple, its just ridiculous:


Timing - The Angle at which the Light is shined on the Solar panels! Simple!

Power - Solar Powered! COP = Infinity!

Bearings, mostly magnetic Bearings are employed, with some stoppers for balance.

Amazing and Simple! See what is possible when we put our minds to simple things!

Best wishes,


Fighter posted this 18 April 2020

This is a Mendocino motor. There are many commercially available versions with different configurations:

What I like about these motors (other than the fact that they can run almost forever) is the fact that they have magnetic bearings. Theoretically and practically they are friction-less  and no maintenance is ever required. I mean probably the solar panels will start losing efficiency first, much before the magnets keeping the motor in the air will start losing their magnetic strength.

This kind of motor could run continuously probably for 20-30 years...

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