I have finally found a document that may give some insight to our Technology:

The presented paper describes a model for the study of a power transformer as the termination of a transmission line with a traveling wave. When the traveling wave running on the transmission line reaches the transformer, it is partly reflected and partly transmitted through the transformer. The voltages on input and output transformer terminals depend on the shape of the traveling wave and on the relation between the transmission line surge impedance and the input and transfer impedance of the transformer. As the transformer impedance is frequency dependent, the responses of the transformer to the traveling waves cannot be determined without knowledge of these dependencies. The model described in this paper is based on measurement of transformer impedance. It considers the frequency dependence of transformer impedance and enables the calculation of voltage on both input and output terminals of the transformer for any shape of the traveling wave on the line connected to the transformer.

Date of Publication: Oct 1997

Reflection and transmission of traveling waves on power transformers

We have heard similar approach to: "traveling wave running on the transmission line reaches the transformer", before in Floyd Sweets work: "Consider energy, flowing straight and level down the proximity of a transmission line. The energy does not know the width of the channel through which it is passing."

Does Science know more than its letting on?

Look for the Gaps, fill them with solid, hard data.