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Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

My Friends,

I have built aa small calculation to help all members here at Aboverunity.com.


If you want to use it, its attached below in .Net 4.5 Format. There are a few Developers here, so please add feed back if you wish.

First file is the Code, second is the EXE File, the calculator.

Best Wishes


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Jagau posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you Chris

this calculator is very usefull


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cd_sharp posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey, man,

Impressive work. I'll probably use it very often.

Thanks so much

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Hopeful1 posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks Chris. Nice to have them all together. Thank you also for all the effort you put in and for your patience. I know the slow progress frustrates you at times but we (most of us) have a lot to learn.


Fighter posted this 3 weeks ago

Just downloaded it and the source-code, it's a lot of work, formulas and knowledge incorporated in it !

I'll use it a lot and as it's C# code if I find there are other useful things which may be added I'll add them and provide the source-code back to you so you can review the code added and eventually incorporate it in the public code repository.

Thank you Chris !

Vidura posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey Chris and All Great, a useful tool. I was looking for something similar, there is an online calculator for coils on the web called coil32 , it is very complete it seems, have a look, maybe some features could be interesting to add on your calculator. Regards Vidura

Wistiti posted this 3 weeks ago

Excellent ! Thank You my freind !!!

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