Art of Brovin's Katscher -Two parts unipolar generator

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alohalaoha posted this 28 August 2017

Everything is in video. One transistor, one coil and whole unipolar generator is here. Magic ? No, but deep knowledge

Brovin's Katscher




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Zanzal posted this 28 August 2017

Hopefully someone can translate this.. Between Russian speech to text and auto-translate English he has been rendered entirely incoherent.

Still I love homopolar generators, so I will watch in silence.

Edit: Well, I am not sure what you meant by unipolar generator, but its definately got nothing to do with homopolar generators.

alohalaoha posted this 28 August 2017

Hi zanzal

Unipolar generator is generator of unipolar impulses.

And you have 100500% right - definitely has no connection with homopolar generators.

If you have hi speed high bandwidth oscillograph. something like LeCroy or newest Tektronix you can research Brovin's Katschers and pure potencial impulses without current. You even can use them as scalar sensors. One of interesting stuff here is that EM field decay here at 1/r law. You can experiment with different impuls's slopes, width, amplitude using intrinsic parameters of transisors. Instead bipolar also good work HV mosfet and HV IGBT transistors.

Will be extremely interesting making Brovin's Katscher based on some GaN HEMT with ft >= 20..45 GHz, for example BFP or BFU, while generating unipolar pico or maybe femto pulses. If any case you will be first who may break the frontiers in this impulse research area. The micro coil you can find in DVD/Blue ray heads or simplest variant is to print them at some fr4 substrate using Sprint Layout. Maybe you succeed to generate real etheric phenomen THE COLDFIRE in your lab like Nikola Tesla did.

Also if you have enough courage, you can try some HV mosfets or igbts and open ether, using quantum key constant like power supply dc voltage 3,73 kV +- 100V. Correct sweet spot is somewhere around that value. but be prepared for many unexpected things, because you may enter direct in the ether twilight zone.

high ft transistors


gnosticman posted this 30 August 2017

It's the high-frequency, low-duty impulse research that most excites me these past couple of years.

Where did you come up with the 3.73 kV figure Aloha?  Thanks.

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Zanzal posted this 30 August 2017

I've heard that resonance at very high voltages produces actual gain. Some have also said that very short pulses on the order of a couple nanoseconds can also result in gain. Both can be very difficult to deal with. Does anyone know if there are power transistors capable of pico-second on, off, rise and fall times?

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alohalaoha posted this 02 September 2017

It's the high-frequency, low-duty impulse research that most excites me these past couple of years.

Where did you come up with the 3.73 kV figure Aloha?  Thanks.

Doctor of technical science professor and academician USSR Rimily Fyodorovich Avramenko have discovered the quantum key or aether key effect in 70th years last century in his radio technical institute. 

Effect is real, exist, and release big ammount of aetheric energy. 3,73 kV is one of aetheric constants.


Авраменко Р.Ф. / Мир открывается квантовым ключо - The World will be discovered with Quantum Key

What is very-very interesting for me, is professor Avramenko theory and practice has many connection points with theory and practice of the biggest american scientist and for sure the most dangerous man at west ever - John Ernst Worrel Keely.

If you could understand Keely's paradigm - all world problems with free energy generation could be solved with easy. and not only generation of electricity. Much much more....


Keely - the flow of electricity

.Keely writes:- "When electrical experts can construct a mechanical device whereby the low vibratory conditions of the sub-dominant can be assimilated to the harmonic undulatory, by thirds, they will be able to run their dynamos without any extraneous appliances. An introductory impulse, on a certain order of vibration, being all that would be required to give the sub-dominant a concordant relation to the dominant; which would more effectually operate the dynamo than any number of steam-engines; allowing the harmonic stream to be the governor. This concordance, as towards the dominant, would only excite its sympathetic action in a way that would divert the ruling conditions of the two, without being submitted to the destructive effects of the dominant current. I think many lives will be lost before such a position is attained. Tesla has reached out almost to the crest of the harmonic wave, leaving all electrical explorers far behind him. It is only when such a condition is reached that the true value of electrical lighting will be understood, and extraneous power dispensed with; but, in my opinion, the present conditions for transferring power will remain unaltered, in the use of electricity, for generations.

"There is but one position to arrive at, that will redeem the many failures of the past decade, in attempts to find an economizing medium for commercial benefit in regard to power; and that position will be attained when the polar sympathetic harness is completed, which will give to the world the control of the polar forces."


Chris posted this 02 September 2017

Another Golden Post Aloha! Keely is right.

We have had many demonstrations, yet none have given anything other than a glimmer of prospect.

Keely says one sentence, and there is more detail there than all the demonstrations in History!

We need to understand what is being said. The very base definition of each word used. When we understand, the world and everything in it will become very much clearer!

Take a Rotary Switch for a Ceiling Fan, put it on a piece of paper, flat, mounted as if it was on a Wall.

  • Now turn the switch to 1 - Easy right!
  • Now turn the paper around, so you cant see the Switch, now try turning the switch to 1 - Not so easy!

Its not that its complicated, its just that we cant see it, and what we cant see is what's holding us back! Even if it is right in front of our eyes!


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gnosticman posted this 03 September 2017

This is excellent information that English speakers generally would not have access to.  I'm glad others have done the research so we don't have to do the work.  Thanks Alohalaoha!!

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