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alohalaoha posted this 09 July 2017

Hi all.

Lets the topic be some kind of master's guild chat, their talks about everything interesting, their exchange of short public messages, their links, instructions or simple idle chat.

@Chris Sykes

Chris would you like to share with us your schematics of Paul Raymond Jensen - Unidirectional Transformer according to your understanding and concept ?



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Chris posted this 09 July 2017

HI Alohalaoha - Yes, Paul Raymond Jensen.

Floyd Sweet did actively study Paul Raymond Jensen! Floyd wrote about him: (Magnetic Resonance)

Referring to the Jensen machine stated: natural magnetic resonance freq = 2.80GHz the nuclear magnetic resonance of a free electron when charges in magnetic states are induced by magnetic field the changes in states causes a condition called electron paramagnetic resonance, or EPR. The EPR of a free electron is 2.80 H MC.


And also:

Let’s assume the Jensen amplifying transformer is in a resonating condition. Its output is connected to a transmission line which is X number of miles long. Without any customer load at all, power will be required to change the line.


And again:

Taken together this forms a complex impedance load continually varying and this is what the “Jensen” machine will “see” when connected to power distributing network grids.


I have put a write up in our Reference Section: Paul Raymond Jensen and I also have a document in the Research Section: A Free-Energy Device

Other devices that resemble the Jensen Device: Alexander Frolov

Harold Aspen also developed a device almost exactly the same:

Since then, many devices have a similar geometry and configuration.


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alohalaoha posted this 10 July 2017

Thanks Chris.

especially interesting for me are windings directions - start, stop -  and configuration of windings including couplings between windings-windings and windings-core. I bet he had deal with scalar magnetic field in his transformer. Very similar to professor Markov design.

i am also thinking about very complex ferro-resonance process triggered by vector potential....

also very similar to Sweet VTA.

Chris, then you have time, translate this Sergey Deyna document 6.docx about Scalar detector coil you may see on this picture

i repeat the links

Опыт №33 Дейна С. А..docx

____ _33.docx

_____ 6.docx


Best wishes



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alohalaoha posted this 11 July 2017

HI Chris

Read this masterpiece of experimental work by our Greek friend Christos A. Tsolkas. His site



Based on the results of Phase I and II of the moving electric charge experiment, it is proven that the axiomatic foundation of the Special Theory of Relativity is false. In a nutshell: “The laws of physics are not the same in all inertial frames of reference as Einstein wrongly asserts”.

In conclusion, the results of the above experiment unquestionably demonstrate the following:

1. The Theory of Relativity is a totally false theory of Physics.

2. Ether (i.e.“the dark matter exists in the universe (more analytical information on, and

3. Contemporary physics is on a large measure a fallacy, not reflecting physical reality. For this reason, physics, as we knowit today, needs to be reviewed and rebuilton new foundations, according to the axiomatic foundation and the laws of


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Chris posted this 11 July 2017

Very Interesting!

I think it is fair to say, we still have a lot to learn! We as a species. I have a feeling we will be correcting mistakes/Postulate for a long time.

Something we need to keep in mind, in my humble opinion, is, we have come a long way with the Science we have already gained. The problem is not so much Science, it is Scientists and the lack of Science in some Scientists!

Thanks for sharing Aloha!


alohalaoha posted this 11 July 2017

Thanks CHRIS.

Post something INTERESTING about your ARduino research system on atmega.

Удачи тебя.

mrblobby posted this 11 December 2018

Just a couple of videos I found re: The Markov Transformer

Chris posted this 11 December 2018

Hey MrBlobby,

These ideas in the videos you posted are very interesting. The Flux Gate Magnetometer uses the same ideas. Don Smith also used the same ideas:



At any point in space, where a magnetic Field exists, that is modulating in Magnitude over the course of time, there exists a potential for infinite Energy Extraction with Partnered Output Coils!


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Jagau posted this 11 December 2018

I like the first video Mr Blobby

This orthogonal coil setup is very interesting


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Vidura posted this 12 December 2018

The video posted by mrblobby on the currents induced outside of the transformer core is very important. I am aware of varios devices using  shorted coils, but this simple experiment is astounding. We really need to ask ourselves if there is no potential difference in the shorted loops, what makes the currents flow?(or maybe there is a small voltage present?) And as the currents are supposed to be AC, they are associated with a changing magnetic field, but seems to have no influence at all in the primary coil. This could mean that by means of a second (stepup) transformer this altering currents could induce a output without affecting the required input power. It would be interesting to make some further experiments on this topic, regarding the direction and frequency of the induced currents, the effects of adding a small resistive element and if it is possible to extract power by means of electromagnetic coupling. At least me, I became curious about this effect, and want to make some testing. Regards Vidura.

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