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mrblobby posted this 09 August 2018

Before I start, Chris if you think this post would be better in the Impulse pressure wave thread, please feel free to move it. I just thought it was an idea that might need it's own thread.

Okay guys and gals, I'm going to put on my bullet proof vest before I propose an idea that popped into my head today at work whilst working with some corn flour. Be kind as it a thesis in it's VERY initial stage,
okay take a deep breath here we go.

What if the Aether behaves like a non Newtonian fluid? (

And an ion is a small bubble created electrically, floating around in the Aether.
If the ion was exploded using a certain frequency or 'resonance ' something akin to Cavitation video below,


Then there would be:

  • an 'initial' almost  instantaneous longitudinal pulse sent through the aether created by the shockwave due to the Non-Newtonian properties of the aether,
  • followed by an almost instantaneous 'inrush' of aether filling the void left by the now non existent ion.
  • and finally a transverse wave expanding spherically from the centre of the now non existent ion (electron avalanche?).

It would account for some of the phenomena mentioned in the Impulse pressure wave thread.

Another part of the thesis involves Sonoluminescence but I need much more time before I have that part of the idea clear in my head, But as a hint when watching the following video, when you hear the word 'sound-wave' replace it with frequency.


"It's going to get massive"

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Marathonman posted this 09 August 2018

Just because we can not see it does not mean it isn't there it just means we can't see it. Ether is a non compressible fluid that acts like the break fluid in your break lines of your car. you can't compress it but can sustain large amounts of pressure which is exactly what a standard AC generator does.

all electrical systems are a Ether pressure system. small wires can only handle a small amount of pressure and large thick wires can handle very intense Ether pressures. it does take a finite time for the pressure to build up in the system which in our observation is very fast. the larger the magnetic field the more cancellation of two dimensions of gravity leaving a larger flow of Electricity from counter space into space, (Ether flow)

when a load is placed upon a generator a larger magnetic field is required to cancel out more of the two dimension of gravity causing a higher pressure of Ether flow into the system until the pressure in our electrical systems are equal to the magnetic fields and the resistance in the system.

a charge particle is just a charge particle which is static electricity and only when a charge carrier is introduced (Ether) does current begin to flow. electrons are Ether and does NOT come from the copper wire as that would make it not copper. Ether flows on the outside of the dielectric reflector not in the inside like a water pipe.

Tesla did find out that Longitudinal wave were very intense and instant communication at very long distances attaining almost all of the pressure wave verses traverse waves that lost 90 % of the pressure wave as it is distributed in 360 degrees.

So sit down Mr Blobby and take a deep breath as you are correct in your assumptions as we literally live in a sea of energy and all living things draw off of this energy. 1,000 times smaller than the smallest atom and 32 times more dense than lead, yet invisible to the eye.

you may not agree but the twisting action of the two sides of our heart at two different directions causes a dipole drawing the needed energies to sustain our bodies. the stronger the heart the stronger the life force Prana energies.



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Chris posted this 10 August 2018

Hey MrBlobby, great Thread!

Capitation can do a lot of damage to Marine Prop's:


I did some research into Sonoluminescence some years back - Amazing to say the least. Thanks to our member: Enjoykin for putting me onto this video!

Boiling around 3 litres of water fro a few aaa battery's! Amazing!


Its true, there are a lot of Doors to open. One must start first with an open mind! MM is right, many are looking, not many are willing to learn.

This is the reason we have the best group of perple here, we are all open to learning! We are able to open Doors!



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Chris posted this 10 August 2018

Oh yes, the Star in a Jar, or Sonoluminescence, is possible at home:



Marathonman posted this 10 August 2018

Yes we are the key masters that will open all the doors.



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mrblobby posted this 12 August 2018

Ether is a non compressible fluid that acts like the break fluid in your break lines of your car. you can't compress it but can sustain large amounts of pressure which is exactly what a standard AC generator does.

Hi there MM, If what you're saying were true then it would be impossible for there to be density patterns in the aether, yes?
If the aether where indeed a "non compressible fluid" then shock or any other type of wave through the aether would also be impossible. 
I think this is where Eric Dollard and I part ways with your view of the aether.

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Chris posted this 12 August 2018

Hey Guys,

Interesting reading! 

Lets be honest, we may never know for sure what the Aether is and how it affects other mediums.

All we can assume is that like Water slows Sound Waves, they Aether may show a similar effect to Light and other mediums that pass through it in Time. But who really knows for sure.

If Light has a Speed limit, then what limits it? Is it the Aether? Surely a Viscosity of sorts exists?

What we perceive and what we know could be entirely different things.


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