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Dadrev posted this 04 May 2019

@Chris and @All

I've been drenched with the content of the forum for days, trying to understand even the smallest

configuration, reviewing documents, post, images, everything ... Everything I read contributes

something new and interesting, and it seems to me that all the content has a lot in common with

Magnetic Resonance and the imbalance of forces.


I have been trying for a few weeks to find the key of the device patented by

Barbosa and Leal in the year 2013. (Patente) (Video)

This device uses one (or two or more) coils in iteration with a copper loop

thick conductor, in closed circuit, that surrounds the core of the coil (s) in one or

several turns, and an induction earth connection. I think the key to the configuration

of the coils with the conductive coil (which behaves like a coil plus and as a core to

the time) could be in the tank coils and in the connection-disconnection delay of one of


So far I have managed to get out but at the expense of the entry work and it is not what I


There is a paragraph in the patent that is intriguing:

"If the energy of the magnet-coil system were withdrawn at the same rate as the energy

magnet's kinetics increases, there would be an endless supply of energy at the cost of nothing,

we would have a perpetual engine ... "

I would thank everyone, and especially Chris and Vidura for their knowledge in this type

of configurations, that you give me a hand with this if you have any idea that gives me something

of light.

I have ordered some varistors and zener diodes for Monday and I will try to test them.

I do not know if this fits here, or if it would be convenient to open a new thread, or if it is not worth it

the attempt, I do not know ... I think it has great potential, similar to the Figuera device,

For example, but it is my opinion.

I leave it to your criteria.



Note: This is my little testing office.



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Chris posted this 04 May 2019

Hi Dadrev,

Happy to help out where I can! I am not all that familiar with the Device you refer.


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Vidura posted this 05 May 2019

Hey Dadrev, Así I did not study about this device until the moment , I will have to read the patent before posting anything. Do you have any ideas what could be the principle of operation, or did you have any results that would indicate something? When I find some time I will have a look and share my thoughts. Vidura

Dadrev posted this 05 May 2019

@ Chris

Thank you!

@ Vidura and all

I'll be putting here the configurations that I'm testing, in case you see some key point or something to highlight. So suddenly, in the closed loop, which is where the positive is taken for the loads, we have great amperage but no voltage. And at some point in the circuit we have a lot of voltage but not enough power.



Dadrev posted this 05 May 2019

That is de scheme, in which the closed loop is num. 4:




Dadrev posted this 05 May 2019


This vibrates and sounds like a buzzing of bees

Sorry for my poor english...


fer123 posted this 05 May 2019

Hello Dadrev, long time ago I have investigate a lot about It, and try many configuration not lack for me, but I was in close contact with somebody Clarence from other forum he pass away suddly but he claim he have it. This was one of the last schematic he try. Wish you lack and if I can help only ask. Good work.

Vidura posted this 06 May 2019

Hello, For all who are interested to experiment with this Device: I looked thru some information and some YT videos, still I didn't get a conclusion how this works. Only I wanted you to be aware that the digital power meters for mains failed to give reliable readings when connected to this kind of devices. It was clearly shown in one video that when the live and the neutral are inverted the load is not measured. This does not mean that the Device don't work, only that you shouldn't use digital power meters or other digital metering devices for testing, including the analogue multimeters can fail sometime when dealing with higher frequencies, as they use opamps, which can pickup interference. Best and most reliable are the simple coil wound volt and amm meters. I want in no way discredit that the device don't work, as there are claims of self feeding replications with power inverters. Good luck for Replications! Vidura

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Dadrev posted this 06 May 2019

@Chris y todos.

Gracias a tus magníficas aportaciones en magnetismo y resonancia, creo que tengo ya la clave del dispositivo.


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Dadrev posted this 06 May 2019

Perdona, Vidura, no había visto tu post. El dispositivo es muy, muy, simple. Solo diré por ahora, hasta que comience las pruebas, que la clave está en esta fórmula:

V=I * R



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leonel posted this 27 June 2019

Greetings to all and many, many thanks to @Chris especially hehehe @Chris YOU ARE THE BEST !!!
This is my first post in this thread, I read all the thread and more and everything is very interesting, thanks to everyone for their contributions especially to Dadrev.
oK I think I have combined Mrpreva with one the best contribution that Chris keeps insisting that this is the way forward (Partnered coils) and I believe him.
I have not tested it yet, but I think it's going to work, if someone has more time than me to prove it, share the results or ask if any additional information is missing.Barbosa and leal
OK check the schematic

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Chris posted this 27 June 2019

Hi Leonel,

Welcome! Thank You!

Yes you're on the right track!

We MUST THINK: "Generation" of Excess Power.


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