EPI - Electrostatic Partnered Induction {of CW/CCW coils}

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alohalaoha posted this 29 November 2018

Hey all

More findings about partnered configuration. This one had came from Tesla and is extremely interesting. I think,.free energy key has hidden there.

In short, Tesla's Disruptive Disharge Partnered Coils, exibit special electrostatic pump behaviour, when the center tap of two serialy connected partnered CW/CCW coils was grounded and both partnered ends were connected together or short circuited with heavy copper bar. Both secondary partnered coils have very high number of windings and voltage transformation ratio is very high. Both partnered ends have very high AC voltage. When they were short circuited magic is on. From the center tap of both coils charges from the earth start flowing from the ground to balance charge equlibrium. Two kind of charges were attracted from the center tap point, due to alternating electrostatic AC induction. When both ends are at high potential positive half sinus wave, one kind of charges was attracted from the earth. When both are at negative half sinus, other kind of charges were attracted to achive charge equlibrium. If we find a way to catch them with strong magnetic field from primary coil and add them to the primary magnetic field we can do infinite energy boost, due to magnetic boost in the primary coil. This is an avalanche process and if we haven't properly designed energy sink, whole configuration would self-destruct to the enormous energy transfer from the ground. I am 99% sure the all Kapanadze BTGs were based on this principle. That principle is Electrostatic induction of partnered coils. 

Nikola Tesla Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency

Look this - same configuration at SR193 BTG

Babat did the same in his BTG

Floyd Sweet did the same, but he had used two ferrite cores to attract charges from the Ether.

Best regards


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alohalaoha posted this 29 November 2018

I think Electrostatic induction must occure when whole setup is correct. Torroidal ring (on picture) is in fact two partnered coils short circuited to make an infinite loop. Idea is simple, charges represent energy units, they are forever passangers in infinite ether. An electron is kind of empty bus for those energy passangers. When passangers get into bus, and bus start moving, we have a current. Without traveling energy units aren't useful for us, same worth for an empty bus or electron when don't move. Only in a case when a passangers fill the bus in and bus start running, we have driving current and of course EM-field we need.

Electrostatic Partnered Induction


One of possible realisations is like this one

Same process has occured in Zebra11 device, but he need one more thing - to attach a source of charges, ground.

One more possible setup for 100Hz switching using high magnetic permeability ferrite cores (kolbasa).

Kapanadze 5KW generator should be very similar this schematic.

Ps: I can't replicate last schematic because my last oscillograf has burnt like a pie !



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alohalaoha posted this 29 November 2018

My last long message have been lost due to server time-out procedure.

I need to say shortly, think about two primary charges as extremely small single pole magnets. Call them litaraly N-pole and S-pole magnets (Ed's terms). Whole process of electrostatic induction is process of making and control magnetic currents.

Ed Leedskalnin's rock gate Magnetic Current, Chris already had posted here on forum.


Idea about Kapanaze device is to make precise control of magnetic currents and to inject them in already induced magnetic field of primary winding. Partnered secondary should be closed (short-circuited) only in precise time points when the current in primary coil has peaks. These worth for both halh periode of magnetic field in coil. Process is already autosync., because coil itself would attract charges we have already pulled from the ground. Only we need to make attention of polarity of magnetic field in the primary coil and polarity of high voltage impulses which make short circuited partnered coils possible. High volatge in close loop will electrostaticaly attract charges (small magnets) we need, to boost magnetic field we already have in the primary. If we push same kind kind of chages as they are already present at maximum in the primary coil, we would make repulsion and sink current from the primary. In that case current consumption from the grid will rise abnormaly. If we design non destructive system we could easy sunk all power from electric power station. On the other side we could easy over saturate electric grid system injecting enormous ammounts of charges if our device has direct galvanic connection with the grid. All we need to power balance input and output of our generator withouth influenting nor electric grid nor our device. This is like a skating over razor blade. We must always keep in mind that we play with Dragon's tail - elemental power from the Ether.

Btw great Tesla once said, from all infinite number of interactions, we mandatory should study Electrostatics,  because its is one of primary forces in Ether.

ps:It seems Tesla had been a first who had short-circuited coils and directly extracted power from Ether - changing his magnetic balance.

So many questions need trutful answers !


alohalaoha posted this 29 November 2018

I have forgotten the most important to say...

Share with me with your thougts and ideas whatever you think they are bizare and odd. This is because i know that powerful force of AR (source of our consciousness), which "dig holes in the ether" has infinte ability to make new unseen realms, from the simplest forms of "frozen fire" forgotten ideas and thoughts, every moment existed in unimaginable abyss of Ether. SVAE form of AR we could contemplate is a tiny spark of infinite life fire which could illuminate darkness and darkness of the darkness, where never had been shone stellar flame of AR. 



Chris posted this 29 November 2018

Hey Aloha,

Excellent material, thanks for sharing!


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