Extreme Propaganda and Censorship

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Chris posted this 6 days ago

My Friends,

I never thought I would see the day, I have!

The propaganda is excruciatingly obvious, the censorship is excruciatingly visible:


Search Google for: John F Kennedy warning about enslaving citizens

The results are outright LIES! This makes me sick to my stomach! Germany, September 1, 1939, the Nazi Propaganda Machine starts World War II.

Here is the proof:


There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot!

Ref: President John F Kennedy April 27, 1961 Speech


How is is possible for such blatant lies to be told by these big organisations? It is criminal! It should be illegal! They need to be prosecuted for their blatant lying!

We live in end times, we must be very aware of the Deception we were warned about by Prophecy!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


thaelin posted this 6 days ago

They just changed the tactics of the lies told on the "state" media over to the lies told on the media that they run from the background. Just look to who owns outright 90% of the media. Same game. Gov looks to not be involved when it really runs it.

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