Falling through the Cracks

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Chris posted this 12 December 2018

Through out history we have seen many demonstrations of Machines powering various loads. The list of names perhaps extending the length of my arm! It truly is astounding at the number of people that have shown amazing discoveries!

We continue to see these demonstrations "Fall through the Cracks".

But why? How is it that the most important discoveries in history, just slip away?

The answer is: Understanding


The length at which people go to, to learn, and then be able to build these machines is astounding. These people have surpassed standard conventional Science, opening new doors that extend and in some situations correct errors in Science. Making way for new and ground breaking Science, that Science itself refuses to adopt.

After all, what we are working on, should have been adopted way back in the days of Faraday.

We face a problem where some smart people refuse to allow for new and astounding possibilities, and then there are some that just out right want to discredit others with amazing discoveries. The human psyche is an enemy of self defeating predominance!


An Example

Graham Gunderson presented perhaps the best demonstration in history! Clark and Hess Wattmeters and a Tektronix Oscilloscope were used to verify the Input and also the Output Power.

Verified twice, by two different, very high quality Power Metering machines, the best money can buy!

Today, Graham Gunderson's demonstration is not talked about except by myself. I have seen no replication attempts.

Graham Gunderson's demonstration has simply fallen through the Cracks!

Did Graham Gunderson's demonstration help anyone? Was there any benefit for anyone at all, by this demonstration? Honestly, can anyone here say Graham Gunderson's demonstration helped them?

Graham gave all he knew in this demonstration, all the knowledge, given.

Did Floyd Sweet's demonstration help anyone?

Did Stan Meyer's demonstrations help anyone?

Did Don Smiths demonstrations help anyone?

Did T. H. Moray's demonstrations help anyone?



My friends, the problem we have faced throughout history, is Understanding. We have here, in these pages a fairly complete understanding if you have read and followed. We have many videos that help with little things that are a little complex or hard to get across in a text format.

But, it is You, only you that can stop machines fall through the cracks! I ask you, don't let these machines that could have changed the world get lost to history! 


Changing the World

To really change the world requires all of you to adopt and work on the technology I am sharing. I am still learning, but I have most of it right I believe.  We all must push hard to make a difference! We need to be seen, all working to make this technology common place, common knowledge!

Once we have, once we all have working Above Unity Energy Machines, the scientific world will be left behind!

We will have the ability to build Flying Machines, with propulsion Technologies that NASA has been trying to tell the world they are actively researching and do not have answers to. We do have the answers, we have the technology! The protational Field is real, inertia can be used for propulsion and I have already shown how to do this.


Experiment is the only path forward

We all learn in different ways! But Experiment is a crucial step in making progress. If you want to be a part of making a new future, then the only way forward is through Experiment! We have provided many experiments here on these pages, as of today, none I know of have replicated my work: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT except for CD_Sharp. CD has made huge progress.



You have the power to be part of the future, shape it, and leave behind a better world than the one we were born into.


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Atti posted this 12 December 2018

    "Experiment is the only path forward"


Without theory, there is no progress. If we only meditate and do nothing, then the theory is worth nothing. The theory remains a theory. If we are constantly looking at the work of others, we will not achieve anything.
Especially if we do it badly !! Especially if it is misunderstood !!  (  there are a lot of misleading youtube on )
  Floyd Sweet, Stan Meyer, Don Smiths,Horvath brothers and even all of us showed us everything? Did not he have inventive jealousy? Was there no desire for money that tied his hands to the invention of his invention? Sure.


Just an example.

The report's text is here:
Boday: The phenomena is exceptionally interesting. Input voltage is zero now and here these electric bulbs are lit.
Reporter: At first you switched something and  a number 7 could be seen?
B: yes, there is a given voltage to start with, then the setup gets excited and the input voltage can be switched off, for instance you see I unplug the connection and the bulbs continue lighting. So this is a completely new phenomena  which now I would not like to talk about.
R:  But I would have one more question: In your setup there are still two 4.5V dry batteries?
B: The two 4.5V dry batteries feed the control electronics only.  If you consider there are 8 light bulbs of 10W power each, altogether they are 80W, and you cannot take out 80W power from two 4.5V dry batteries. I could show you the current coming out from these batteries, it is about 30mA the control circuit consumes.
R: Basically, you change the Law of Energy Conversation with this setup by showing you gain energy from nothing?
B: Well, not from nothing but from permanent magnets: their magnetostatic energy is converted into magnetodynamic energy.  This is all I wished to tell you because this setup needs further experiments and developments to get an extremely well useable and useful device for everybody.

The inventor is completely different from what you are doing. He says the machine is running freely, but not. (But still the machine's efficiency is 120-130%)
Dual uses the dual power supply, switches the power supply to the left but takes it later on the right. So the truth is not complete. Other inventors did not do that? Sure. However, we know what the truth is.

We'll get lost in the crowd, so we'll stay there.


Zanzal posted this 13 December 2018

none I know of have replicated my work: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT except for CD_Sharp. CD has made huge progress.

Its one of three lines of research I am working on. Sorry I don't have any progress to report. Not ignoring it though. I did build a new POC this week, and hopefully will be able to do some testing over the next few weekends.

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Jagau posted this 13 December 2018

I have the same impression as you Zanzal 100%
We do not leave. The thing is to experiment as much as possible is the only way to discover.
But the main thing in research is to ask the right question?


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Chris posted this 14 December 2018

Jagau is correct!

Asking the right question, what reaction will result for the given Action. Asymmetry, make your Input Coil invisible to the Secondary's at the right time.


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