Happy Easter 2019!

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Chris posted this 19 April 2019

Hey All,

I just want to wish Everyone a very Happy Easter! Stay safe over the Easter break!



Recent weeks have been a little slow, there is a way of thinking that must be gained. An Understanding that must be achieved. I hope a few days break we can come back fresh, renewed and we can make more progress.



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Atti posted this 19 April 2019

Hi everyone.

Very slow, but not just seven. There is much more theory than practice. And of course the curious crowd.

Vidura posted this 19 April 2019

Happy Easter to all! Have a good time.

@ Atti I agree that there is more theory than experiences for the moment, I think that it is difficult for many to find time for the practice work, as most have to work , obligations with family and so on. in my case I would spend most time of the day on the bench if I would be free to do so. And finally a theory that can stand the proof of bench is most valuable, as it brings the necessary understanding to make devices work.

Jagau posted this 19 April 2019

I join everyone for this beautiful Easter

I have some other beautiful experiences to share.

More to come 


cd_sharp posted this 19 April 2019

Happy Easter, my friends! Enjoy!

Marathonman posted this 20 April 2019


Easter is not what everyone thinks it is but i will not dump on it. enjoy the holiday as i will be loving the building this weekend on the Figuera device.

Happy Easter with the family, enjoy it while you can.

PS. theory has no room on my bench, that is reserved for facts.



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