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Chris posted this 02 May 2017

I am very proud of our Reference Section! I have spent many weeks designing, compiling and presenting information in this section - I found it interesting, going through all this data, and this was all information I have already researched.

We have many thousands of hours of Videos, Images and Documents to study and learn from! Hard Data, Facts, and best of all easy to cross reference this material!

If you have ideas, more data to add, or new people to add, and there are many still, please post here!

Free Energy Armageddon is here, we are living it right now, the Snowball Effect...

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vfedtec posted this 12 May 2017

Howdy Chris,

during rereading and closer examination of the 'Guidelines to Bucking Coils' PDF I noticed on page four lower picture that those horizontal big red arrows should point in opposite directions since the Bloch wall is imply the vortex spin reversal area.

Howard Johns has some nice graphs based on actual spin field measurements.

I need to unearth those pictures. They appear to have vanished from various search engines.



Chris posted this 12 May 2017

Hi Jo - I disagree, Current in a Coil only travels in a single direction, conventionally. Applying the Right Hand Grip Rule, we get a single direction of motion:

Although the Field may look different at different points, the Current is what determines the Lines of Force, only appearing to have a different direction at a different view point.

Current is Key, Current does not change, and Current is the cause of the disturbance in empty space that we see. There is another argument, about the Charges and the polarity of them, but I am not going to discuss yet.




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