Hi from Romania

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bugaian posted this 26 September 2017

Hi to all, from Brasov, Romania!

I am trying to get out of grid...looking into replicating some of the work/transformers seen on your website.

Thanks for posting good and challenging information!




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Zanzal posted this 26 September 2017

Welcome bugaian, glad you are here. Its important to remember that these devices are a combination of things. They require specialized signal input, circuit layouts, and often physical (geometric) arrangement intended to trigger the desired effect. There appear to be underlying phenomena which make it possible: self induction (MrPreva), resonance (different kinds), and parametric excitation. You might read what Chris has posted on this, he has done a good job of pointing everyone in the right direction.

Chris posted this 26 September 2017

Hi Bugaian and welcome!

Thank you Zanzal, I am doing the best to share what I have learned, to try to present in a fashion that all can understand and also, more importantly, using references , which also shows these important effects, giving credit to such effects.

Our Team of excellent people here are all doing an excellent job, all sharing and collaborating as one of the best, close knit community's I have ever seen!

We are Troll Free, none here will be targeted, attacked and hounded like other forums! We are Free and Open! We are the best!



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