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Chris posted this 18 November 2019

My Friends,

If you want Energy, then you need to follow some rules, we must all Learn, Build and Share!


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My recent thread showed how to look for problems in Coils and turn the Problems into Smart Solutions.

The Thread: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment


All eleven videos that are currently in the Series. Video Seven showed almost 2x more energy out than in.


  1. Action ( Primary Coil MMF )
  2. Reaction ( Secondary Coil MMF )
  3. Counter-Reaction ( Tertiary Coil MMF )


Simply, we built an Asymmetrical Transformer!

The Primary is the Source for the Secondary, the Secondary is the Source for the Tertiary, and the Tertiary assists the Primary.


The Circuit:


You need to learn, build and share these concepts. They are so simple. Also Fighters work is Above-Unity, so please check that out also: Romanian ZPM (Zero Point Module)

While others, on the other forums continue to copy our work, and, give no credit, to those of us due Credit, they are still Light Years away from what we have!

It is now time for us Humans to leave the Dumb Caveman mentality behind and evolve! I am sure we all agree, we desperately need this! It is Cheap and Simple!

The Cat is out of the bag, now its up to you what you do with the Cat?


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Chris posted this 26 November 2019

My Friends, 

Some more info to try help this process: Think 3, Three, Asymmetrical System.


Delayed Conduction:

Delay the Conduction until the Secondary has a Changing Current.

The Delay in Conduction on one Partnered Output Coil allows for the other Partnered Output Coil to start carrying a Current.

The process being:

  1. Apply a Voltage to the Primary and the Primary Current starts changing in Time, the Primary Induces a Voltage and then the Secondary Current then starts Changing in Time through the Load.
  2. The Secondary Induces a Voltage on the Tertiary.
  3. Then the Tertiary Current starts to Change in Time.

The Input Coil is the catalyst and the Beat Rhythm for this process.

The Diode blocks Primary Induction, only allowing Secondary Induction on the Tertiary, however, this can not happen until the Secondary is Carrying a Current, one that must Change in Time.

The interaction of Magnetic Fields, an Asymmetrical System, one that is Open, not a closed loop, not a Symmetrical System, Extra Energy can enter the System through an Induction Process not normally used.

Please, this is so important, if we do not do this, it wont get done period!

I hope this helps all here!


Chris posted this 26 November 2019

My Friends,

CaptianLoz had a question, I think its worth posting here to help others also: Loz I hope you dont mind?

Non-Inductive Coil Experiment - Video Five
I wasn't sure where to post this question? Feel free to move it to the correct spot.

You said we allow the voltage to increase by delaying the conduction. I'm a little confused. Can that be said like this- We switch the coil (or conduct) at the voltage we need and not before? Or said another way we wait to see the voltage we want before we conduct? Or said another way, we set the point at which we conduct and we don't want to conduct to early? IE We don't want to conduct before the coil has reached it's full potential? Am I thinking about this right? The word "delayed" is throwing me off for some reason.... The switch isn't delaying the conduction, right? It's telling the coil when to conduct, right?




Hey Loz,

Voltage on the Partnered Output Coils comes from the Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Fields.

Delayed Conduction is a Method of increasing the Voltage in the Partnered Output Coils, its a very fast Time Rate of Change, compared to a Standard Diode, which is 0.5 Volt Conduct, approximately, which is a delay, but only a small one compared to TVS which can be 6Volts or more.

EDIT: Why is it Fast? Because when the Coil conducts, via the TVS or similar, the Coil sees the other Partnered Output Coil already carrying TVS Conduct Voltage and Current, a much harder transition.

The Diode is more than that however, its a Unidirectional Gate, allowing Current to flow in one Direction only!

The Interactions of the Coils and the Partners Magnetic Fields are where we see the Gain in Voltage and then Current, because I = V / R. Increase V and keep R steady, I must increase linearly. 

We must remember:

  1. The Time Rate of Change in Current Creates a Voltage.
  2. The Opposition of Magnetic Fields Pumps Current.

So, a fast Change in Current we get a Higher Voltage, a slow Change in Current we get a low Voltage.

Important: One Partnered Output Coil MUST be carrying a Current so it can be seen as the other Partnered Output Coils Source!

Energy is Joules per second, Watt Seconds. So we must have Sufficient Voltage and there fore Current to bring about this gain, over and above the input.

We have a Gain, Above Unity, because over Time, we have greater Voltage and Current than we have put into the System. A balancing act, where the Voltage we get because of the Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Field is greater, and because we know how we can pump Current, over a longer period, Time. This is where we get Above Unity. Its a Function of the Operation of the Machine we build.

I hope this helps!



P.S: Apologies for explanations that are unclear, I try to explain the best I can.

Chris posted this 29 November 2019

Jagau, Thank You!

It is so important that every human being takes this on! Your'e showing, as are others, something not only simple, but amazing! 

If others do not pick this up and start working together as a team, as we are trying, this will become lost forever. Thing is, its so simple, it is only a way of thinking! Its all the fundamental laws, all using very basic well known methods, just in a way that has not been properly thought about by nearly all of the Scientific Community!

When people realize this simple Tech, and that we have been led astray, told "this is impossible" by the establishment and so on, then people will demand the entire refund of all their Electricity Bills!

Riots, and I do not condone Violence, however, some will take matters into their own hands!

We have no one to blame but ourselves, for letting the wrong people be our leaders!

We have been led into the Dumb Caveman mentality, simply because others wish to be in control of the whole damn thing!

We have been weak, we have been greedy, we have been selfish, we have been In-Humane, its way past time we make change, before its too late!

We are all Brothers and Sisters, its about time we started to act, to unite, for a greater cause, for our futures! All of our Futures!

This Technology works, it truly does, as you already know, its just a way of thinking!


Chris posted this 05 December 2019

My Friends,

I was hoping more Members would join in, replicate and share their work.

Its so Simple:


We have been told so many times!

The biggest problem I see is, too many people think this is a scam! They think they are so smart, they think "It cant work, they are fooling themselves". In actual fact, it is them that is fooling themselves. They have been subjected to the active brain washing by the establishment, and they are fooling themselves as the establishment sits back and says: "we are so smart..."

Un-Brain-Wash your mind, think Simple:


There is no need for Complication, not when it is so simple!



P.S: All the other forums are so far off the mark, its just funny to watch them blunder and blunder. Only one thread, not here, they copy our work, they are the only ones close to the mark!

Sad isn't it!


Jagau posted this 05 December 2019

Do not worry my friend, waiting for pieces for another project.

I have been working on it for a while, i can also work on the metglass also

it's good to have some project in reserve and I like it.


Chris posted this 07 December 2019

My Friends,

We now have a list of Members with Successful Replications of: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment

  • CD_Sharp Here.
  • Vidura - under another project name - Here.
  • Jagau Here.
  • CaptainLoz Here.
  • Atti Here.


All members are getting varying results but all have the required effects to achieve the end goal. Well Done my friends! I am so proud!

Please everyone, Learn Build and Share, Humanity's only hope for the future lays in Cheap Clean Energy! A VERY SERIOUS problem that Science refuses to provide answers to! This is so extremely important!


One Man, after dedicating a great portion of is life, has provided you all an Answer that is not only Cheap, but is also Simple! All YOU need do, is pick up the Ball! I have provided almost ALL the Answers you need, here on this forum!


Its just a Way of Thinking, utilising Electromagnetic's Asymmetrically, instead of Symmetrically, as Science has always drilled into us.


Jagau posted this 21 November 2019

A quote from John Bedini:

I have come to the conclusion that there is no "Free Electricity". There is only a potential radiant charge that makes up a dipole. This energy makes up everything we touch and use in our electrical circuits as we know them. The electrical circuits as we know them are flawed, meaning they burn up the dipole that is free in nature.



If you kill the dipole you loose the energy. The dipole killer is the electron current in the circuit. So therefore the term free electricity only applies to those that have done away with the current or have figured a way to block it from completing it's path through the circuit. Their are no meters to measure this radiant current, and when you catch it, it has the power of the universe and beyond


Even Bedini thought the same thing.



Deny posted this 22 November 2019

Hello everyone, 

I did it according to the schema and I think it is working and the effect is there . I have only one channel oscilloscope so I had to measure it separately each coil. The transformer is taped so it holds the wires but it is exactly as you guys are doing. At the photo the oscilloscope is connected to the tertiary coil L3. The pulses are around 2.8khz and 10% duty cycle. Sorry for the mess but I just put it together to see the effect there are a lot of components on the breadbords that are not part of the circuit so sorry for that. Here is photo of the experiment

Thank you guys for everything you are doing you are all awesome

Chris posted this 09 December 2019

Please Everyone,

Join us, replicate and see something that people have searched their whole lives and not found!

We have the technology, we have the knowledge, and we are sharing with you, we need you to share with us! Please join us!

This is so important! We need everyone to get on-board with us, to create their own thread, filled with replication results!

If you don't do this, not enough push will be created, not enough pressure on the establishment, not enough change will come!

We desperately need as many joining us as possible!

I have given all I know, we have had many successful independent replications, we have done what no one else has done!

Join us, be part of something Better!

Be part of our Future!

Best wishes



Wistiti posted this 19 November 2019

Chris, my freind just a big thank you for all you have share with us! All the time, experiments, money and more.... YOU are really the reason why WE as a team forum are light years ahead!

Thank you my freind for all your devotion!

cd_sharp posted this 19 November 2019

Hey, guys, let's give some credit to what Chris is showing. I wish more people would repeat the non-inductive coil experiment.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 19 November 2019

You Guys, all of you, are awesome!

You are all gifted, you can see into things, things that others can not see. I hope others will soon see.

Thank You All!

A note, mostly for others that can not yet see:


What powers the load? The Coils have a signal, via the mosfet, Coils and the Interaction of Magnetic Fields, that all! No hidden battery's, no source of power at all except the Copper Coils.

Why do the Coils need Diodes on the ends of the Coils?

A Coil is a battery under the right Magnetic Conditions!

Remember, we have two outputs on our Partnered Output Coils! Two Outputs with up to and more than a 90% Off Time! Energy is pumped through the Coils, the Coils are a Charge Pump!

Those that have stolen our work, here, are also reporting COP > 1. So I urge you, Learn, Build and Share! Before they Patent and take this away from all!


Chris posted this 19 November 2019

My Friends,


Why do the Coils need Diodes on the ends of the Coils?



Two sides of the electromagnetic system are always present and never separate. Local electron spin provides ( action at a distance ) the flip side of the incoming magnetic wave energy.

Ref: Resonant Energy Systems by Don Smith P.35


Don Smith showed us the same!

As Don pointed out, Nikola Tesla's Patent shows the same thing, with a Commutator:

The object of my invention is to provide an improved method for regulating the current on dynamo-electric machines.


It is time to take the Power back! We Humans are no longer Slaves! Our Utopian Future is near:


Criminals, the Traitors of Humanity will be bought to justice soon enough!


Those before us, those that have lied, cheated and deliberately miss-led others, things like Radiant Energy, Cold Energy, Negative Energy, all of it is rubbish and must be considered as such! 

There is only: Charge, and the movement of it over Time! In other words, Kinetic Energy, Joules per-second or Watt Seconds.

I hope this helps!


Chris posted this 20 November 2019

Hey CD,

Yes exactly!

Any and every Magnetic Field Changing in Time can be the Source for another Coil!

The Diode is to isolate the Tertiary Induction from the Primary, and ensure the Tertiary Induction is by the Secondary Coil. So, Primary induces the Secondary, Secondary Induces the Tertiary and Tertiary Assists the Primary: 1 + -1 + 1 = 1, or H1 + H2 + H3 = H3

Positive and Negative Charge that is "Generated" according to the scientific point of view, actually Charge is Separated and then Pumped, is a function of the Operation of the Machine itself.

The positive is specific to one Coil and Negative is specific to the other Coil, of course, we must think Asymmetrical Transformer.

Voltage is the Time Rate of Change of the Magnetic Fields between the Partnered output Coils.

Current is Pumped by the Opposition of the Magnetic Fields.

Both quantities, Voltage and Current Amplified gives a greater Energy, Joules per second, Watt seconds, over one Cycle, resulting in Above Unity!

Your'e a genius CD!



cd_sharp posted this 22 November 2019

Hey, everyone,

Let's work on this circuit. What Chris is showing is absolutely amazing.

This is no time for silence.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Chris posted this 22 November 2019

Hey, everyone,

Let's work on this circuit. What Chris is showing is absolutely amazing.

This is no time for silence.


@CD Thank YOU!

Yes this is the answer everyone is looking for! However, many will not accept this as the answer, because it is too simple!


Thank you guys for everything you are doing you are all awesome


@Deny - Thank You for joining in and sharing your work! Well done sir! Excellent work!

How simple is it? How cheap is it? How basic are the solutions to all our worlds problems!

It may not work first time, but it will not take more than an hour to get the effects, then just a case of fiddling to improve, find he best Frequency, Duty Cycle, and Input Coil Impedance.

Along with other things, the Input Impedance on the Coil is Important, this is the Rate at which Voltage is "Generated". Electromagnetic Induction: E.M.F = -NdPhi/dt


@All - I urge you all, join in, we need as many as possible doing this, other wise this will be lost to Time. As have many other running machines! Not enough Public Pressure will be the cause of the greatest loss to humanity and its Humanity's fault it was lost!

After all, an hour, a few coils, and see if the effects are really there that we are showing you! When you see the effects and understand them, you will see whats really possible!

So, Come, Learn, Build Share, Be Part of something Better!


Jagau posted this 22 November 2019

Hi all

Come join a wonderful group that has a sense of sharing.
Other great experiments to share soon.


Jagau posted this 24 November 2019

Hi Chris

I wonder if with this circuit of I would build a coil L1 having a quarter of the length of L2-L3 I would have a better result?

After all, Don Smith put a lot of emphasis on that.
I'll get back to you with the result.

Jagau posted this 24 November 2019

  Surprisingly plugging the negative input (L1) side of my oscilloscope it produced very small sparks

so by placing a diode at the input to check what was happening and measuring with a meter on this diode at the entrance I got about 4 times more than what I supplied at the entrance with this set up.
It looked like the input was feeding morethat what i gave,

In study.


Jagau posted this 29 November 2019

 H iChris

The Delay in Conduction on one Partnered Output Coil allows for the other Partnered Output Coil to start carrying a Current.


You are right on this fact, this detail and it is very very important.
I quote to you Don Smith who also says the same thing:

 if there's 50 turns on each end and add an extra two on on one of the ends and the reason for that is that you want one end to be delayed just slightly more than the other so that you're going to have an offset on those facts when you see them on the oscilloscope


When I make coils this detail is very important for me.


Chris posted this 11 December 2019

To All Readers,

I need to ask you, if you want to follow, please join us, share your experiments, become part of something Better!

Soon, it may be difficult to catch up. If you don't join us now and start the learning curve now.

I have made all my work as simple as possible, I have given the most simple experiments, but over time, they will get a little more complex.

Currently, you can easily perform the Experiments I have given you for an Hours Work and $20.00 or so.

Please join us now. Share your work.

Private Message me if you need help, I am here to support my work, something no-one else has ever done in history!

I can not do this for ever! It is now, or perhaps never again.

Best Wishes,

   Chris Sykes

Chris posted this 15 December 2019

My Friends,

How true is this: ( Greer is not technically right about the Technology behind much of what he talks about, but the outline is correct )


Slow release, or no release.


cd_sharp posted this 20 November 2019

Hey, man If I may add my opinion, the diodes are there to isolate the positive charge carriers from the negative ones, so that the voltage between the 2 POCs is maximum. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 24 November 2019

Hey Jagau,


I wonder if with this circuit of I would build a coil L1 having a quarter of the length of L2-L3 I would have a better result?


Yes, a Quarter Wavelength, or a multiple there of. However, Turns are as important, the Input does not want a lot.

Nice Work Jagau!


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Chris posted this 10 December 2019

My Friends,

I want to give you an example.

If you follow my work, and others here also working on the same technology, you will very soon see how machines like this operate:


All these machines operate on the same technology!

Please, this is so important!


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