Infinite Efficiency?

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mrblobby posted this 05 September 2018

Bi-Toroid Step-up Transformer Operating at Infinite Efficiency


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mrblobby posted this 06 September 2018

I'm really sorry to have to comment negatively on Thane's work. He is exploring a new effect, and he is pretty brave to put out his data. It took John and I years to figure out what these kinds of generators were really doing and why. It is not obvious, and it takes a lot of experimenting and thinking to work it out.

Thank you very much Idea1man, you took my post as it was intended, as a question.
Thank you also for taking the time to explain to me the reasons why.
YES I am still learning, my background unlike most in here is NOT in electronics.

Marathonman, You truly are a "F-in" Ar$eHole!

Chris posted this 06 September 2018

Personally, I think MrBlobbys post was valuable and worthy of posting!

Thane Heins broke ground, did a lot of great research! Shared his work, but to many Trolled him! Now isnt that really sad!

I know a few people that replicated his work, getting very high efficencies! However all results I saw were below unity.

If I had come out, done what Thane has done, I would share a single iota with anyone ever again, because of the really bad behaviour of some people, do you think this is right and just?

I enjoy reading, re-reviewing data and never close doors to the unknown! Nice post MrBlobby! That video bought back memories!


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