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Chris posted this 14 September 2017

Recent months have seen our progress surpass all other Forums out there! We are not just a little bit ahead, we are light years ahead of all other Forums out there on the Internet!

Although we have had some technical problems, we are moving forward and most technical problems have been resolved now.

A combination of mammoth amounts of Hard Data and expert understanding along with smart Forum Members all working together as a team with no Troll Distractions have made us the absolute best and most productive Forum ever!

If you would like to access our Data, you need to be signed in, its Free! We do not tolerate Trolls, so you will be safe here with Us.

I want to thank our long standing Forum Members for your patience! Also to welcome all new comers!

Thank You Again


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Vasile posted this 16 September 2017

Reached 100 members and counting.

gnosticman posted this 20 September 2017

I especially like that people are decent on this forum.  There doesn't appear to be any troll action, and I would like to see it kept that way as it continues to grow (all with a dash of humor, of course).

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Chris posted this 02 December 2017

The human race is in need of so much, we have huge issues globally. Its all about to get a whole bunch worse!

Because we are Light Years ahead of all the rest of the Energy Research forums, we have decided to open up some of our Research.

We have made public nearly 1000 posts, some of which are critical to making progress for those that wish to learn!

We are Light Years ahead, we have tried for years to share information with the public, but there are so many that have their Head Stuck In The Sand! 

Be part of Something Better!


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Idea1man posted this 17 February 2018

 I agree with you, Chris. I immediately saw that you have the clearest and best information, and forum. I accidentally found your PDF about bucking coils, which led me to this site. Thank you for the great work.


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Chris posted this 17 February 2018

Hi Bob and Welcome!

Thank you!

I believe very strongly in Hard Data, the cross reference of the Hard Data and also evidence on the bench! Something none of the other forums have ever investigated.

With the best resources on the web and the best Community on the web, we truly are Light Years Ahead!

Welcome again!


Marathonman posted this 18 February 2018

It's not just that Chris but being able to read and understand the information provided with out all the trolls running their know nothing mouth distracting ones concentration and reducing it to babble to your brain.

even myself i have calmed down to the point that i can present the information to other people much clearer then i use to thus my concentration level has increased.

I to thank you for the sound of silence subduing the beating drums so imposed on us by the opposing trolls.


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L0stf0x posted this 19 February 2018

What other forums??

Indeed Chris's forum is ages ahead and I am not saying that because he is my friend but its the truth! What I like most in this forum is that almost all members are active and experimenting and willing to learn. Chris is extremely kind and generous person who will try to help you and explain to you the most he can. We also have Wistiti here who is our giant genius, and so many guys with very good knowledge here!  This is the place to really learn  



I have to apologize for being away and quiet for quite long time, and left my thread incomplete.. I have no big excuses besides that I was busy with my miserable life and when I had spare time I was experimenting. 

Unfortunately I haven't looped yet any circuit. Many circuits provide very good results that may confuse you thinking that you have it, but only if you can loop it to work by itself.. then yes, you have it. I test some extremely power economic circuits that drive a load for very very long time, but still looping was unsuccessful.  

Anyway the quest continues, and I am very very confident as always  






Wistiti posted this 19 February 2018

Hey my freind, i am far from being a genius!!! I am just an happy builder. Like you i have not build a self looped device... but i keep the faith! hehehe

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Zanzal posted this 19 February 2018

Hey my freind, i am far from being a genius!!! I am just an happy builder. Like you i have not build a self looped device... but i keep the faith! hehehe

Its not what a person knows that matters, its what a person does with what they know.

I liked your last video. If you feel like it I'd love to see both the circuit diagram that decreased current consumption and the one that increased it side by side. That would make for a good experiment to try and reproduce.

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Wistiti posted this 19 February 2018

Hey Zanzal,

Take a look in the "some coil buck and some dont" tread. I have attach the drawing (sorry it is a crude hand draw) with my last post there.


If you experiment let us know of your results!


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