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Vidura posted this 15 May 2019


Just some thoughts about some threads which  are becoming large: Lately sometimes when I was opening the Figuera Thread, which I'm following with great interest and admire the effort and perseverance of the leaders, it becomes slow for opening , it might be a problem of my devices as well. But coming to the point: Although that I'm really interested in this work , I still have not concluded to read the thread entirely to be honest, and maybe many others didn't neather. The principal drawback is that there are hundreds of posts with sometimes off topic themes, repeated questions and answers and so on which makes it a little difficult to study concentrated the contained most valuable information and test results. Thinking about a solution to make the Important contents more user-friendly accessible I would suggest to the leaders of the thread to consider to criate a parallel locked thread  and copy all the  Posts containing important information, the principles of operation and bench tests results to it, and leave the actual thread for discussion, learning purpose and updates on buildings and projects. It would also avoid that Marathonman has to explain the same things over and over again. Of course it's up to you guys, only idea I wanted to share.

Regards Vidura

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Dadrev posted this 15 May 2019

Una grandísima idea! Los hilos largos son más pesados de manejar y el código que utilizado por el foro no es ligero precisamente.


A great idea! The long threads are heavier to handle and the code used by the forum is not light precisely.



Jagau posted this 15 May 2019

hey my friends

Chris gave us the choice to read the latest post or to have the post in a standard way and this immediately after the main post
  It's up to you to configure your reading in this way

See photo you will see standard from first to last

and button newest from the first principal post to the newest after, i think its easy to configure your reading

For me it suits me very well




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Chris posted this 16 May 2019

My Friends,

This is a very good idea. I have suggested this before, to try to make very large threads more readable.

Thread management is important, and data management even more important. We will have to make sure something is done soon.


Marathonman posted this 16 May 2019

I agree with Jagau, one can skip to the newest post but that would deprive yourself of very valuable information that you just decided not valuable then ask questions that have been answered many times over. so it seems you are compounding the problem and my frustration of answering questions over and over just because people are to lazy to read and aquire the right information. you took quite a long time to learn how to walk and talk so quite complaining and get to reading. how in the world do you think i know so much of the Figuera device, it sure in hell wasn't because i cheated and went to the last page. their wasn't a last page when i was researching this device, i had to prove it on the bench with my own tests to verify what was passed to me. leaving any stone un turned  is shame on YOU not the person sharing the info having to represent it over and over.

real researchers research and do not complain, they just bench test to verify. skipping to the last page is pure BS on one part.

enough said.


Jagau posted this 16 May 2019

When I'm interested in a thread of 540 pages and a new post is added later I do not have to reread the 540 pages that I have read before to know where I am in a thread.
Vidura's request was for someone who follows the thread and for whom some have a slow problem of pages of the thread in question.
If someone has never read the thread I do not see how someone can start reading a book starting at the end

you have to be logical anyway.

That's why I suggested that someone who follows the thread can set up reading to the last page without having to reread all of the above. What do I do? There is nothing to complicate it.


Vidura posted this 16 May 2019

Completely agreed that a book should not be started from the last page. A slow Internetconnection can be tedious if you have to go thru many pages, but this was not the point of my suggestion. Maybe I should have put "user-friendly presentation of information", this would have been clearer. One thing is a book, and another thing a correspondence or a mix of both (certainly in the latter is also valuable information),but in a book you have bookmarks page numbers and so to refer to specific parts for example, and there is the possibility for an ordered form and focusing principally to most relevant information. The basic Idea of my suggestion was to concentrate all most important information as "Book"  in form of a locked thread for purpose of easier studding and safe time avoiding to answer repeatedly the same questions. Another form would be to do it in a cloud file, with possibilities to publish in other places. My intention was to help to improve only, not to criticise. 

Regards VIDURA.

Marathonman posted this 16 May 2019

I do get your point though.


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Jagau posted this 16 May 2019

thank you for clarifying Vudura

I understand better your request

now and it would make sense, from this point of view and i agree with you


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