Measurement Block PCB and Kit on E-Bay

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Chris posted this 02 March 2020

My Friends,

Observing what your Voltage Current is doing in your Machine is super Important, I have said all along, look at your Currents! Your Current is where you get an idea on whats going on!

If you are interested in the Barebones PCB or a Kit, please visit E-Bay for purchase.

I have listed the

Barebones PCB:

  • Just a single PCB, you purchase the parts and build your self.


I also have the:

Measurement Block Kit:

  • 2 x two pin terminal blocks.
  • 3 x Matrix PCB Pins.
  • 1 x Through Hole Resistor 0.1 Ohms 1% tolerance.
  • 1 x PCB for mounting the components.


This Item has been one of my most useful of all. 5 Watts is the Maximum Power, but please remember if you are using Pulsed DC peak power can be higher. 5 Watts is constant power maximum.

The Resistor is rated as follows:


All PCB's are based on the following Circuit:


Video Tutorial:


If you want to, you can also round the corners of the board for rounded edges. Something I often do.

Best wishes,


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Jagau posted this 09 April 2020

Hello Chris
I have just received my measurement block, I have assembled the kit and checked it with my oscilloscope.
It works very well for both voltage and current.
We can see on the scope shot we have a more precise value on the oscilloscope.

That it is the ideal tool for precision, I recommend it as an essential tool in your workshop.


Thanks Chris, i am very satisfy

P.S. Dont forget to adjust you probe scope to 1X or 10X multiplicator.


Chris posted this 09 April 2020

Hi Jagau,

I agree, they are super handy, very accurate, and they are simple to use.

Thank You for posting this post, I very much appreciate your kind words!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 5 weeks ago

My Friends,

I have had a few people say they have not received their kits.

Please let me know if you have not received your Kit - I am happy to re-send if you have not received yours!

Australia post has said that post world wide is slower than normal due to excess items being posted. I ask, please be patient, normally the time to post standard post is between 2 - 3 weeks.

Please let me know if you want to send your kits via Courrier, it is much safer, but also much more expensive. I am happy to change the post type if you want to? 

My Friends, I want to keep everyone happy and make sure you get exactly what you paid for! Please let me know if you have any problems!

I am very sorry about slow post, I cant do anything more on the post side other than offer another service? Please let me know if that's what you would like?

I am also hoping I can get the price down on the Kits, by the time I pay post, purchase items, bag them up and so on, it is surprising how quickly this adds up.

Best wishes and Thank You for your Support! Your'e all the Best!

   Chris Sykes

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Zanzal posted this 5 weeks ago

I did receive mine. Thanks Chris.

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