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Getting better, needs something!
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Chris posted this 08 May 2018

My Friends, the last few days I have spend a lot of time trying to make the Forum more user friendle and also attempting to resolve some issues.

Please let me know what your thoughts are!

I tried to stick to three colours:

  • #f8b500
  • #ffffff
  • #789

we also have another Colour, or shade:

  • #4a4a4a

Please let me know if you would like to see anything or have anything changed. I think we are on track for awesome still!

We are Light Yeas ahead of the other forums, now we look way cooler also!


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Chris posted this 09 May 2018

We are, here at


Its all because you are awesome! We are here, to Be Part of Something Better!


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Chris posted this 09 May 2018

Thanks Mrblobby,

I also did find the Green an eye strain after a while. Although I do like Green.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I will see what I can do.


Marathonman posted this 09 May 2018

Where are the dancing girls, OPS ! that was another site sorry. ha, ha, ha !

Everything is fine Chris and we all thank you for the trolless site for like minded people.



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Chris posted this 09 May 2018

Hey Guys,

If you want to put your votes in above?


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Zanzal posted this 09 May 2018

Nice layout changes. I was locked out of posting today. Cleared my cache a few minutes ago and now I can post again (or maybe it was fixed recently?) No matter, it works now.

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Zanzal posted this 09 May 2018

Although the layout is good, the grey on black is a little low contrast. I can tolerate it though.

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  • Chris
Chris posted this 09 May 2018

Hey Zanzal, and all,

Any improvements, colour suggestions, let me know!

I tried white text, and some have said they like the old Green, but like Mrblobby said, its a bit hard on the eyes.



P.S: Yes, please clear cache if any have trouble. I did update the TinyMCE Editor to try to fix some issues. The old version was known to have a few minor bugs.

Hopeful1 posted this 10 May 2018


I don't mind what colours etc. it's the content that matters and I haven't found any of that lacking. To repeat other posters, thanks for the trolllessnes (is that a word?), it makes all the difference.


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Chris posted this 10 May 2018

Hi Tony - Thank You!

The Big Red Troll Removal Button is a really good and effective resource for us all!

Trolls are not very smart:

They are easy to spot:


I do try to be fair and just, giving people a chance to right their wrongs at the same time. So, Trolls need not be Trolls, they can Evolve!

Tony, any suggestions let me know!


Marathonman posted this 10 May 2018

Everything is rolling just fine Chris on my part but i will add this. on my personal programs i have on my computer i have a light grey back ground and have found this is much easier on the eyes then Black and White contrast. it eases the eyestrain as i love to read and i mean hour upon hours.

But as hopeful1 has stated,  it is the content and trollessness that counts,  so it could be on fire all i care as long as i can share what i have on Figuera in this thick head of mine.

we are the difference not just making a difference.


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Jagau posted this 10 May 2018

 I love it, Very refreshing


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Chris posted this 14 May 2018

After a few days and a few minor problems, I am finding this is much easier on my Eyes!


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