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sollaris1989 posted this 13 May 2019

Hello guys.
My name is Sollaris1989 and I am living in Germany.
I am glad to be here with you.
I hope you guys are doing well and making progress.
Stay safe!-!-!
Thank you.

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Chris posted this 13 May 2019

Hello and welcome Sollaris1989.

We have only a few Rules here but we are very strict on them.

First rule is no Trolling, and the second rule is have fun!

If you're here to build learn and share you're going to have lots of fun! We are a good bunch.



Jagau posted this 14 May 2019

welcome solaris1989


skywatcher posted this 17 December 2019

Hello @all 


I was invited to this forum by Wistiti last year and i even joined, but then i did not have much time (job, other private projects) so i was not active here for a long time. In the last few days i took some time to read some topics here, and to watch some of Chris' videos, which are very interesting. In the last years i was very active in UFO research (that's where my nickname comes from trying to develop some sort of 'exotic sensors for exotic phenomena'. That's a long story and slightly off-topic for this forum, but there are also some points which might affect both topics. I also experimented with 'scalar waves' some years ago, and a good method to generate them is to use magnet fields which are cancelling themselves out, so it's basically the same as the 'bucking coils'. I think we are dealing with some 'hyper-dimensional' effects here, and this could be the 'exotic factor' which (in my opinion) is always required to explain any 'overunity' effects because energy can not come from nothing, it has to come from somewhere. I think in the classic '3D physics' there is no room for such effects, but maybe in 'hyperspace physics'.

I have been monitoring the 'free energy' community for many years, and what always has frustrated me is that there never is any stuff which can be easily reproduced. There are some blurry and shaky youtube videos and people making claims but if you ask concrete questions you never get concrete answers. If someone has built something and it works, why is it not possible to post all the information (every single detail) which is needed to replicate the device ?  I have some hope that here on this forum the quality of information is much higher and that no one would make some false claims only to get attention. I'm very interested in this Akula stuff. The devices look very simple and they should be easily be replicated, but obviously this is not the case... or did anyone here ever see a working replication (i mean in reality, not on youtube) ? 

I have some experience with electronics, embedded software (that's also my professional job, i'm working in the automotive industry) and i also have lots of equipment (scopes, all th standard lab stuff, 3D printer etc...).

Maybe i have too much stuff... i'm currently searching for my collection of ferrite cores... i know i have lots of them, but can't find most of them at the moment... 

Looking forward to work with you all... i also made a small donation to Chris some minutes ago, for his outstanding work he is doing here. 




BTW i'm also from Germany that's why i posted my introduction here.



Zanzal posted this 18 December 2019

Hey Skywatcher,

I'm interested in all the above. I think the general consensus is that as long as we don't create too many threads or disrupt productive experimenters threads with ideas that are unprovable, then it should be ok to discuss these topics whether it be UFOs or scalar waves. There are threads created from time to time that are off topic or cover likely related subjects like anti-gravity. I'd love to hear your ideas for building exotic sensors. It is difficult to discuss things like scalar waves when many people view these things as hogwash. I don't blame them, but having gathered some evidence I suspect there is some truth to these things. Methods for detecting and analyzing SLW and distinguishing them from TEM would be helpful and I think welcome by some of us. But keep in mind, there are researchers who believe in AU but reject some ideas (like SLW) and demand more proof before they will consider them.

the 'exotic factor' which (in my opinion) is always required to explain any 'overunity' effects because energy can not come from nothing, it has to come from somewhere. I think in the classic '3D physics' there is no room for such effects, but maybe in 'hyperspace physics'.

Regarding AU, free energy doesn't come from anywhere. It is all around us. AU devices would be devices that transform one kind of energy into another.

have been monitoring the 'free energy' community for many years, and what always has frustrated me is that there never is any stuff which can be easily reproduced. There are some blurry and shaky youtube videos and people making claims but if you ask concrete questions you never get concrete answers

Chris has given a very good example with his latest videos and threads where he clearly describes the steps needed and what you should look for in reproducing his experiment. There is a reluctance for anyone who is successful to share details for various reasons. I do not myself claim to be successful. I have a lot of ideas, but many of my ideas will be proven incorrect when I have time to experiment next year, so I recommend looking at the threads by Chris, Fighter, and CD_Sharp. Lostf0x also provided a device that looked plausible but I didn't experiment with it as it relied on a reed switch and would be prone to failure. If you are looking for works of a more academic or theoretical nature, I can recommend some.

skywatcher posted this 18 December 2019

Failure is absolutely normal when you try to build something new. I remember, many years ago when i was a kid, i got an electronics experimenting kit. Unpatient as i was, i wanted to build the radio first. Of course it failed. But because i knew that there are working radios, i knew that i did something wrong, and that finally it must work. So i tried as long as necessary, and finally i got it to work.

With 'overunity' stuff this is different. I have never seen a working device in real life, and i don't even know somebody (who i can trust) who has seen one. When i try to replicate something, and it doesn't work, there are two possibilities: a) i have done something wrong, or b) it is a fake and never worked. So how many time and resources should i invest ?  In case a) i would invest whatever it takes (like as i built the radio as a kid, because i knew that it's possible), but if i don't know for sure i have to set a deadline because time and resources are always limited and there are also other interesting things to do...

The same applies for UFOs. I have never seen one, but i know trustworthy people who have, so i know that i'm not hunting pink unicorns.

Zanzal posted this 18 December 2019

UFOs are often secret aircraft, like TR3B is a pretty classic one. It is most definitely real, but its a US gov project. Some UFOs are Iridium flares, Chinese Lanterns, etc. Others may be other things. There is definitely some weird phenomena.

As for AU it is real, but not all free energy devices are real. Chris has been very generous in what he has shared. It is up to you to decide what you want to believe. In terms of replication, having spent the last 5 years learning, it has taken me that long to get to a fairly decent understanding of the different resonance phenomena (there is more than one kind of resonance). I recommend you follow the path Chris laid out. Its a fairly simple experiment, 3 coils, one high perm core, primary excites two secondaries a few diodes, and light bulbs. Try to reproduce the effect shown in the scope shots. Also you might look at the MrPreva experiment and Fighters ZPM which is very similar. All of these experiments can use the same core. Try and keep it simple.

Chris posted this 18 December 2019

Hey Skywatcher,

Welcome I am pleased your'e here aboard with us!

Thanks for the donation! It helps keep our wheels spinning!

We have a little bit of a running list of replications of my last work: Chris's Non-Inductive Coil Experiment

  • CD_Sharp Here.
  • Vidura - under another project name - Here.
  • Jagau Here.
  • CaptainLoz Here.
  • Atti Here.


Some have reported  good measurements! All have shown the desired results.

Use a reasonable sized core, I show an AMCC 320 equivalent Core with around 250 turns. 250 turns is a little to many, go around 200 if you decide to replicate. Input Coil, go around 20 or so.

Please, if you need anything, PM myself or Wistiti, I am sure he would also be happy to help!

Best Wishes,


Wistiti posted this 18 December 2019

Hi Skywatcher. It seems you are not the Skywatcher i am looking for... the one who start the "Bucking coil inverter" at energetic forum some years ago.

Sorry my bad i have not realised there are 2 guys with the same name.

With that said, welcome and i hope you will apreciate this forum.

Jagau posted this 18 December 2019

You are welcome skywatcher


YoElMiCrO posted this 18 December 2019

You are welcome skywatcher.




OriginalSkywatcher posted this 19 December 2019

Hi all, I'm new here as well sollaris1989, good to have you here.

Sorry about the same name confusion wistiti, this newer name here, should avoid confusion.

peace love light

Atti posted this 19 December 2019

Welcome to the newly arrived forum companions!
I hope you get a lot of good information from which you can make valuable experiments.
If you can, please share as many experiments with us as possible.
If an experiment is unsuccessful, you can learn a lot of information.
Good job everyone.


Tanner posted this 19 December 2019

I escape from the Lurking land and decide to register and show up here too. I'm Tanner from Italy, class 1985, and I'm investigating on Tesla since 2007.

I feel something big lies around BUT that does not put me in the trustful side. In fact, I'm in the skeptical side in regards to overunity and so on, but at least I respect and follow researchers work, without denying anything and always mantaining the door open to good news.

In the last months I stepped on the makers wagon, and now I own a well-featured lab in my garage with scopes, multimeters and all the necessary electronics to start experimenting. I find this to be a breakthru, when you are a curious one who followed all the whole Energy thing on the internet and FINALLY decided to buy equipment and prepare your own laboratory.

Aside from that, my main concern is ONE WIRE ENERGY TRANSMISSION (not accepted as of today in electrical engineering) and I'm focusing on this specific topic, just to be clear, I'm not researching overunity but just trying to follow recent momentum on that very very practical side of electricity, the transmission technology. Just using one wire you change the world, and in that topic there is no free energy involved.

Still, making one wire transmission technology black on white with research, realization e spreading of the inner working should open up to a reconsideration in theory that MAYBE would lead to above unity discoveries. It's related one to the other.

So, in the end, if I succeed in trasmitting energy by one wire with decent efficiency (say, above 80%) I will definitely report back here and make videos or something strong, so to speak.


Thanks for your cosideration and have a nice day.

Jagau posted this 19 December 2019

Welcome Tanner on sharing and exchange site,

here you are in the right place to exchange ideas and experimentation.


Zanzal posted this 20 December 2019

Welcome Tanner,

Single wire transfer (SWT) is one of my favorite research subjects. I have accumulated a lot of research on it, and done many experiments and plan to do many more in the future. I can understand reluctance to commit to researching AU. Someone once said, shoot for the moon, if you miss you'll land among the stars. Of course the choice is yours. I look forward to reading about your experiments.


Chris posted this 20 December 2019

Welcome Tanner,

I am pleased your'e no longer lurking and have become an active member with us!

We are a very friendly bunch of People! PM Me if you need anything!

FYI: I did some work a long time ago on One Wire Illumination.

Best wishes,


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