Nuclear Bomb Prediction - 1997

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Chris posted this 24 October 2017

Predictions are a part of life today, you can choose to ignore them or learn from them, the choice is yours.

Major Ed Dames predicted in the documentary: "Viewing the Future - Grim Predictions by Major Ed Dames" that North Korea would be responsible for the next Nuclear Bomb - See: minute 44: 30

At the time, none thought it possible, most laughed even years later, and now: "North Korea: Japan warns of 'unprecedented, critical and imminent' nuclear threat"

I ask you, please prepare, several days of Water and Food, a Go-Bag, and some mental preparation.

If this event comes true, as Major Ed Dames predicted, which is very likely, then much worse is just around the Corner. The Killshot @46: 33

Lets not forget, it was Major Ed Dames that found Steve Fossett when no one else could!


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Zanzal posted this 25 October 2017

If NK uses a nuke it's the end of their country. Unless they also have nothing to lose it probably won't happen. The problem of course is that uncertainty fills the divide between belief and reality. Let's hope they never believe their situation is so desperate.

As far as prepping goes, my opinion is to read the bible and have faith in God. This is not just pure dogma although that may work for some, I find there is much wisdom to be found. Take for example "storing treasure in heaven" and doing good to those who hate you. These things are not only pious but they are very practical as well. When people are stealing and killing each other to stay alive, be the opposite. Be kind, generous, share your food with others. People are much less likely to want to kill the people who are nice and own nothing of value anyway.

Also acquire the skills to fix things or to grow things, in a crisis there are two kinds of useful people to have around. Those with the skills and those who are willing to do hard work. This was good advice in 90 AD and its good advice now.

So in short I recommend: Spiritual prepping. It will be far worse for a person who lives through a nuclear winter only to find themselves unworthy for Universe 2.0.


Chris posted this 25 October 2017

I agree Zanzal - Wise words there!

Good people are pure, they are Meek, it is said: "The Meek will inherit the Earth"

Be Good, Do Good and Feel Good, be Meek and Evolve with the Earth.