Presenting Failed Replications as PROOF - The greatest contradiction in History

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I have had bad experiences with these prople before!
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I think they are fantastic and believe everything they say?
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I think they should learn basic concepts in Science before they try to present PROOF of anything!
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They do great work but always fail at their replications!
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Chris posted this 20 November 2017

After much thought, I think this deserves much attention from all interested!

There are, those amongst us, researchers and experimenters that are attempting to push their failed results as proof - The greatest contradiction in History!

One example: "Confirmation of OU devices and claims"

As an example of this contradiction: The Mr Preva Experiment


An Attempt to replicate, and present PROOF, this experiment is a fraud:


And, from someone that knows what they are actually doing:


Now, I warn you, BEWARE those that are deliberately misleading you! Attempts to publically discredit very well knows laws in Science, namely Faradays Law of Electromagnetic Induction, are only ramblings or a Mad Man!

A Law well established for more that 187 Years, some are trying to deliberately mislead you!

Do your own homework, come to your own conclusions and defiantly do not let some poor YouTube Video make your mind up for you!






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Chris posted this 20 November 2017

It should be noted, basic Science is the very foundation of our way of life today. The industrial world was founded on Electricity and the greats that pioneered in this field are to be credited for it!

The above experiment, The Mr Preva Experiment, is one very basic experiment that huge knowledge can be gained, but only by individuals with the will to learn and the skills and dedication to experiment with accuracy and care!

It should again be noted, Fields Oppose:


An excess in Current can be obtained! To make steps forward from here, there is another requirement:


Careless, Inaccurate, replications lead to Miserable Failures! Don't be a statistic of Failure, be better than that, learn how things are done properly!


Chris posted this 21 November 2017

I stress, and I have said this many times before:

The only proof presented is proof that ones experiment failed!


One truly has to understand the smallest detail, really know what it is they are looking for and where to look. An example of this, is SR193, or at the time known as SReason, and I quote:

A sense of confirming the elementary laws of physics? Any schoolboy knows that the electromagnetic field performs work in both the transformer and the generator, but there are conditions under which the field can not do the work, then some actions are taken that it can perform work. An example of this is a magnet that has a field, but if we place the coil on it, then we do not get the EMF, so that generation would take place to move the magnet. Do I have to write about such elementary things?

An understanding is required, blindly sledging out an attempt that may somewhat resemble the original device is not an accurate replication and most definitely can not and must not be presented as proof!