Rogue waves and negentropy

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Prometheus posted this 17 September 2018

Here's an interesting article:

Apparently, ocean entropy production hovers around zero, yet rogue waves (considered a negentropic event) still occur.

What does this mean? Well, it means that apparently there's some sort of correlation between the production of entropy and negentropy!

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that total entropy (disorder) always increases over time in an isolated system... the system cannot spontaneously increase its order (negentropy) without also decreasing order (entropy) elsewhere in the system. The inverse, apparently, also holds true.

You'll note the researchers state that the entropy of the system (the ocean) doesn't cause rogue waves, it's the entropy of the individual paths of the waves which constructively interfere to create the rogue wave!

How can we exploit this? Well, we're already researching constructive interference as means of achieving overunity. The rogue wave phenomenon is considered random in the ocean because we can't track the trajectory of each individually contributing wave, but in our systems, we can. Thus we can generate negentropic "rogue waves" at will by correlating ambient energy to the energy we're putting into the system (or vice versa).

What are the hallmarks of negentropy? Well, besides an increase of order in the system, it also causes a cooling of the system. Where have we heard of that? In some of the systems we're researching!

Per Bak and Ilya Prigogine both researched self-organizing systems (Prigogine received the 1977 Nobel Prize for his work in this field). They both found that for systems far from equilibrium, self-organization and thus negentropy occurred. This is in apparent violation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, until one considers that the negentropy produced in the system must be offset by an entropy increase of the universe overall.


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Chris posted this 17 September 2018

An interesting and useful post Prometheus!

For other Readers, Remember, Current and the Magnetic Field are 90 Degrees from each other. One can have:

Constructive Interference:

Destructive Interference:

When Current, which is analogous to the Magnetic Field, is Destructively Interfering, we were told by Floyd Sweet:

If the directions of the two signals are such that opposite H-fields cancel and E-fields add, an apparently steady E-field will be created. The energy density of the fields remain as calculated above, but the value of the E-field will double from E / 2 to E.


We get this:



Compared to the standard wave:



The Green wave, the Electric Field has doubled, because of Destructive Interference of the Magnetic Field, as we were told, the Electric Field doubles due to Constructive Interference, and also The Mr Preva Experiment shows us!

So, from ones point of view, Constructive or Destructive Interference is 90 degrees away from a point of View!


Chris posted this 20 September 2018

My Friends,

Prometheus started a very useful thread! For a minute, lets take a journey?

Imagine being on a beautiful beach, relaxing, watching the Waves roll up on the Shoreline. With each wave a Volume of Water is delivered to the Shoreline and then it must return to the Ocean again.

As each wave returns to the ocean, there are nodes, where the Waves coming in, meet the waves returning to the ocean.

This can be Constructive, or sometimes Destructive in the way they meet.

When the Waves are Constructive, they can Slap together creating Wave peaks very much higher than the individual waves themselves:



NOTE: This is exactly the same with the above Electromagnetic Waves. My basic math appears to show more than 2x the Amplitude as is presented by Scientists.

We saw this effect in The Mr Preva Experiment! We have had many others also tell us about this, here is just one example:


The sharper the Slapping together, the better the effects seen!

Now, you might ask, this is nothing new! We hear every other week: "Long-sought decay of Higgs boson observed"

To extract the signal, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations each combined data from the first and second runs of the LHC, which involved collisions at energies of 7, 8 and 13 TeV


Effectively in these Collisions, Standing Waves are created, thus requiring Huge Energy and Releasing Huge Energy, creating Matter, Mass, Particles. A question begs, artificial creation of Particles, does this give an accurate representation of Nature and the real Science of Particles in our Universal Existence.

Was Frankenstein a Real Human Being? Would an in-depth study of Frankenstein give an accurate scientific representation of a Human Being?

The fundamental Forces, used is such a way that exposes a side of Nature we would not normally see.


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Jagau posted this 20 September 2018

One only has to imagine what the gyroscopic effect is to say 2 frequencies in the same sense

which is added like the heterodyne effect.



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Chris posted this 22 September 2018

Hey Jagau,

Perhaps the Gyroscopic Effect could be related to:




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