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glennmr2018 posted this 28 October 2018

 Greetings Everyone! - I am a new member here, but certainly not a new inventor. Just recently i returned from living in China over 7 years, where I was also able to devote much time to my inventive work, and instead of going into great detail, will simply share this little visual compilation, as pictures speak 1000s of words!

or if that link doesn't work, try this:

 btw - even though most of my creations are ornamental/interactive playthings,
there is definitely
a more practical application hovering around in and among this type of device,

which could be developed in future especially with the help of some sponsorship!
As with most of us, all of my stuff was made with commonly available tools as I laboured
alone in a foreign land, but at least everything was cheaper to buy over there!

btw2 - so far, I don't have a work shed space here, and don't exactly wish to start again
from scratch.
  If anyone is curious about any of my previous contributions to this
type of cause, I will paste below a link to some designs of mine that I shared on
Chris's thread over 2 years ago, where my pen name was "Mr XYZ"

 Comments are welcome

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Chris posted this 28 October 2018

Welcome Glen!

I remember your drawings, yes it was a long time ago now!

The first link, I get an empty page, nothing to see, perhaps a login page?

You can post images using the image button, see the link to the side: Help with using the Forum

Welcome aboard!



glennmr2018 posted this 28 October 2018

ok. thanks Chris! i just tried to fix it.

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glennmr2018 posted this 4 weeks ago

OKay, here is some other new stuff to share, but this has nothing to do with my own work - I have recently been following this guy Nigel Cheese (his real name!) on Linkedin, and feel he is also the 'real deal', tho' his language can be rather crude at times, but we'll have to pardon him on that as he has been sharing some very promising-looking yet SIMPLE devices that do indeed extract and utilize Zero-Point-Energy!.. and he shows proof(s)

Here is a key quote from one of his presentations on  

"I built the Quantum battery some 36 years ago, I showed the device to the UK military, (Royal Navy) and I endeavored to take out a patent on the Quantum Battery.

I got a knock on the door, “Do you know what you have done”? Yes I am going to be rich…. Well that never happened. They took all of my work all of my documents and all of my technology and forbid me to tell the world of Quantum power and how to access it. Thirty-Six years later…. (Today), I now know that there is no wealth in wealth, just pain and suffering to another.


This is my gift to humanity." - - - - Sooo, i would say this is truly worth looking at Guys! cool

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glennmr2018 posted this 4 weeks ago

energy pump for Australia

p.s. and here is another of his contributions - this one is meant to be a super-efficient water pump for use in Australia!

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Jagau posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Glenn welcome 

 if we could share everything we know
we will be much further in our research.



alohalaoha posted this 4 weeks ago

Hey Glennmr2018

Thanks for info, but above link doesn't work.

I am very curious to know did Nigel used in his battery process known as μscopic Aether Resonance (Aether = MSM scienec called Quaqntum) and which were his initial start parameters ? .

For example well known Rimily Fedorovitch Avramenko's equation for 1st Aetheric energy constant for single electron particle is:

W{ae}= e^2 mc/ћ = 3,73 KeV per single eletron. where ћ= h/2π  Plank constant

This under condition that we use 3e8 m/s for speed of light. But as we already know speed of light is not constant but variable. Calculate yourself how much energy we could extract from Aetheric μresonance process if we use superluminal velocity for example 1  000 000 times over the speed of light. In that case Aetheric energy is 10 000 times bigger than atomic energy. If this work for electons why doesn't work for any other partilces ? How much energy in that case they would produce ?

This energy boost was experimentaly verified by Avramenko in 70th years of last century and later with many others. Official MSM-scienepedia forbid any presentation of his work not only in Russia, but USA, europe also.!!!

Why ?

Because this energy is 4000 x bigger than chemical energy and 137 x smaller than nuclear energy 511 KeV (1st nuclear constant).

But if we suppose that exist Second Aetheric Energy resonance which could be rising not by e^2 but e^4..8...16..64...there will be hyper energy boost from finest state of Aetheric Energies.




glennmr2018 posted this 3 weeks ago

hei Guys~ that Nigel Cheese seems to be excelling himself!~he has just offered a FE Christmas gift to anyone listening or watching and proven his principal with a short but rather startling video here! yet the circuitry he's using seems really simple~ please take a look~