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Enjoykin2118 posted this 13 April 2018

We have a transformer with a windings ratio 1:2. The winding with a doubled number of turns with respect to the first would be called secondarty. We connect start of windings together, ends of windings together,

We should get short circuited transformer. Between start windings and end windings we connect EMF alternating current source, such power source due to bigger current there is not voltage drop. Now we would measure current.


We have in the branch of EMF current source 10 Amps, in the secondary coil 10
Amps, in the primary 20Amps. Okay? Nothing strange ?

Than we would disconnect secondary from the primary,and make short circuited
secondary (begining and end together). Again measure current. In secondary branch 10Amps, in primary branch 20Amps, in the EMF source branch 20 Amps. Ops?

Currenst in branches remain the same like were in short ciruited transformer Secondary=10Amps, Primary=20Amps) but now EMF source draw twice much current 

Then go, further. Now will be more interesting.

The same trasnforem like it was. Start of windings would connect together, ends
would connect to our EMF source. Same short circuited mode. Current wouldnt
meassure because they are same at were being. But instead current we would
meassure the voltage.

In the EMF source there is 5Volts, in the primary also 5Volts, in the secondary

Wow, how we get 10Volts at secondary? Thinking .....

Secondary has twice more windings than primary. it means secondary is our
leading coil, while primary with twice less windings is our driven coil. The driven coil (primary) render yourself like EMF source with the voltage of 5volts. That source has the same direction like, the primary EMF source of whole transformer which have same 5volts voltage.

Well so what ?

Its a fact that in both experiments we see that the ordinary transformer with a windings ratio 1:2 present oneself as Energy source.

The Current generator works on the principle of the instantaneous magnetic resonance, not on cumulative charge effectss.

Current amplification occurs during the periods of current rise. In one oscillation period there are two segments (two quarters), during this time the current is amplified by interaction with the Ether.We can call it Ether quanta modulator.
In the twinkling of an eye formed magnetic quanta are pressed into the conductor
as long as its active resistance is no longer able to conduct more current.

Even simplest.

We would accelerate the massive object,and would get Ether counteraction in the form of inertia force. If we expand the inertia force and sum it with , then the accelerating force increases two times. further inertia force increases two times. Again we unroll the inertia force and sum with acceleration force. And again and again..

Yet and Yes. We could really say that the current generator works like a Linde
apparatus, No sparks, no dischargers, no tunnel resonators, no high voltages, no
capacitors, no standard types of serial and parallel LC contours, no many other

The current generator there's so easy that it is very difficult to imagine at the first glance.



Russian federation

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Jagau posted this 13 April 2018

Hi Enjoykin2118


Would that confirm the theory of Vladimir Utkink that when on the same axis.

if we have 3 coils and the center one is phased in reverse,

when it's end sections are short-circuited it would give more inductance in center one and so more power?

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Enjoykin2118 posted this 13 April 2018

Hey Jagau

I dont know does it, or doesnt confirm Utkin theory, because i need to analyse his physical model based on some well known mathematic formulae. I havent find the latter in his theory.

If you want to understand how it woorks i reccomend to read brilliant mathematical model of Sankt Peterburg physicist Vladimir I. Korobeinnikov "EM-field structure of dynamic electrons", where he has proved creation of HZ (longitudinal magnetic field) in CW-CCW configuration of coils, when they were properly phased on the critical frequency. I think that same effect play a role in coils, transformers, asymmetrical capacitors and very probably other forms with needed geometry.

This Tank's experiment is improvement of Mr.Preva experiment which was a basic Mr.Tank's setup to show current boost effect.

Mr.Preva special thanks Mr.Tank for experimental setup and explanation of most important parameters in the circuit. Yes original idea and design belong to Mr.Tank, and in video Mr.Preva overpraise Mr.Tank help.

Conditions need for current boost or cretion of HZ longitudinal mag.field were explained in attached file of V.I.Korobeinnikov work on english here


All who want to replicate Mr.Tank experiment need to take full attention to phasing of transformers coils, or any other similar configuration for example coils on the ferrite core.

How to measure current and find its direction Mr.Chris Sykes was explained very well. Another vaiant is use of Walter Rogowski coil setup for measuring alternating currents, same as measuring high speed current pulses in the circuit branches.

Pay attention on sound of non standard connected transformer in Kapanadze aquarium video.

The Kapanadze secret is hidden somewhere in Mr.Tank's circuit.



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