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alohalaoha posted this 30 January 2019

OK fellows, here is a quite interesting quote of new AU member, EE Solar Lab.

"Hi Aloha,

Just a quick note to thank you for sharing your insights regarding some of your topics (ideas) discussed in this thread.

Since I have a working device (unstable however), but can not fully understand why or how it works at the moment; it is still impossible to completely explain it, optimize it, or properly develop it further. Therefore unverified postulations, observations or theories, at least from my prospective, are more than welcome!

I've put together a general understanding of how it appears to operate, and why it does what it does, but thats the extent of it. A majority of the underlying physics is still a work-in-progress.

The device is, for the most part, a Ruslan type generator - his older designs with Tesla Antenna.

Anyway, thanks again and have a good day! I enjoy reading your posts, quite informative and thought provoking for the most part!



Hey Solar Lab

So you have a real working above unity device based on Akula/Ruslan type. It is 4-5 KWt free electrical power output generator.

My question is simple: What do you plan to do with it ?

Well you perfectly understand that you have not ordinary domestic tool which produce free electricity but you have Working AU Device on your workbench.

There are several available options for you:

  1. Cover it with 7 layers of secrets in the name of american national security. Give them complete project, while they would change your identity and living place, get some cash from american nuclear mafia, and spend rest of your life with your family in some rural american village.
  2. Glory rush. Going to official main stream science instituition in big wish for new 2019/2020 Shnobel  prize wining. Again your device will be covered with 7 layers of secrets, while you home wall will get newest decoration. You will get glory in official main stream society and some cash from prize.
  3. Make a free gift to humankind and put all info to the people, whatever where they living. This option mean , there woud not be any shnobel prize, nor cash, not your will get NSA protege.
  4. Share all informations with themembers of Chris Sykes forum, give thema a chance for reengineering and replication of your device, improve it to be uncoditionaly stable and again free share over all segments of interent to people which are interesting making own personal free electricity generator.  

PS: Time for deep thinking Solar Lab.... And tell us, what you have decided !





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solarlab posted this 30 January 2019

Hi Aloha,

Thanks for your comments, concerns and options [minus the drama]; we'll take them under advisement and get back to you.

Our goal is simple - figure out and prove the physics behind it's function along with the required engineering.

Over time there have been many excess energy devices demonstrated but, as far as I know anyway, there are but a few plausable theories and most of these are short on physics style proofs or engineering details.

Ruslan demonstrated his working device back in the Spring of 2014 in a series of videos. He also did probably several dozen videos and discussions regarding his design and his development/design process. Kapanadze's demonstrations, I believe, were shown a few years before Ruslan. A brief search shows there may well be quite a number of viable excess energy systems out there, both now and in the past. What's missing are the detailed theories and engineering behind them.

Hopefully that will change soon as we now have the analytical tools that are providing considerable help.

There are a large number of scientists, engineers and hobbists engaged in this persuit worldwide and the progress appears to quite good.

We have gathered considerable engineering information on the subject and will likely publish, at least this part, in the near future; in an appropriate journal perhaps, pending peer reviews and such. In the interm I will share any significant details, discoveries and developments in the forums as appropriate. 

But, be advised, I will not likely become engaged in any basic electronic/radio frequency education nor any specific schematic detailed design. This information is available elsewhere and is presented in a far better manner than what I would be able to provide. Also, there are ample video demonstration proofs and discussion already available on-line. You can simply choose to believe or not - this simply is not part of my goal.

Proposed theories and proofs however, are an open game!

Best Regards



Chris posted this 30 January 2019

FYI - I have modified the offending sentence. I have deleted my posts about it.

Please feel free to delete other posts now no longer required.

@Aloha - My friend, I ask, please be careful on how you word things. People take offense to some things. We very much appreciate your posts!


Zanzal posted this 30 January 2019

Thanks Chris and Aloha and Solarlabs (and everyone else) for all the great contributions. To give our enemies an opening to attack one us hurts all of us, we must all remain vigilant so that we can continue to do good work that may one day transform society for all people for the better. I know everyone here wants this as much as I do, or so I choose to believe.

Marathonman posted this 03 February 2019

That would be completely correct on my part Zanzal. we are all here from different parts of the world in hope to find the missing keys in Maxwell's stated over unity equations that were adulterated by Heaviside and Lorentz (greedy) initiated by J. P. Morgan. we live in a self perpetuate machine and all we need to do is figure out how to tap in to it.


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