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Chris posted this 05 October 2018

My Friends,

I would like suggestions on how to keep the forum on target.

We, specifically are targeting the "Generation" of Energy, in excessive amounts!   cool

Some topics are currently being posted that are off topic. I would normally notify Members and Delete the Thread, but I think this is a bit unfair for those new comers that are not fully aware of the criteria of joining our Forum.

So, in all fairness, and so we can encourage Builders to Build and Share, to build a STRONG Troll Free Community of genuine Human Beings that want to succeed and move into the future with confidence they have done the right and just effort to make our Children's lives better, what are your suggestions?

Please be careful, and not name names or topics in general.


Light Up the Darkness!

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Chris posted this 06 October 2018

I deleted a Topic Today.

It appears as if we have a small few that are not thinking about the disruption of work-flow of our Forum.

This is a warning to those Members posting completely Off Topic content. This is disruptive to our progress and will end up in possible removal.

Please think about the Content your'e posting, before posting and make sure it is on Topic!


mrblobby posted this 10 October 2018

Hey Chris, what about adding an 'off topic' button to posts where posts can be effectively be put into quarantine, that make the post instantly invisible until you get to approve or not.

With some sort of off topic post counter added to the database where if a user posts more than 3 off topic posts they're automatically removed from the forum. Three strikes and you're out.

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Chris posted this 10 October 2018

Hey MrBlobby,

Problem is Time, I spend way too much time administering the forum now. I get little bench time atm.

Adding your very good idea is going to be somewhat time consuming and hard to get a good balance. Spiteful members, a Troll, might quarantine all the good posts?

I think its best monitored by all, Private Message me when required.


Prometheus posted this 10 October 2018

It'd be easy enough to only allow one 'off-topic' vote per forum member per thread, with the total aggregate count constituting the 'Off-Topic-ness' of the thread. Then members could have a slider in their settings which allows them to vary the count which hides all posts with a higher off-topic count.

Thus the forum is customized for each user's preference... there are some things that might seem tangential to the generation of safe and abundant energy but which might be quite central to some members, whereas other members don't see the connection between the topic and the forum's goal.

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Chris posted this 11 October 2018

Another good idea, again a lot of work for someone to sit down code and incorporate.

We have to think about Down Time. I need the Forum operational all the time.



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Prometheus posted this 11 October 2018

According to YodasMyDad (aka Lee, the MVCForum programmer), you can use ExtendedData collection's Poll and/or PollAnswer entities (Entity.SetExtendedDataValue and Entity.GetExtendedDataItem), saving the data as a text string with a key (likely a CSV portmanteau of the thread number and member number to differentiate member votes and threads) using Json.NET.

So, to save each member's 'Off Topic' click:

PollAnswer.SetExtendedDataValue("MyKey", "Some string value");


PollAnswer.SetExtendedDataValue("MyKey", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(MyObject));

You'd need a background daemon to cumulate each member's vote tallies for each thread.

Then you'd save the cumulative number for each thread, and retrieve it for display with:

var Topicality = PollAnswer.GetExtendedDataItem("MyKey")

You'd have to devise some means of differentiating the Topicality variable for each thread and member, though, and I don't immediately see the way of doing that in the man pages. I've suggested one above, but I'm unsure if it'd work.

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Chris posted this 11 October 2018

Prometheus, an awesome, very commendably bit of research - Thank You.

I will note your post and put this on the top of my list to look into further.


Marathonman posted this 11 October 2018

"Problem is Time, I spend way too much time administering the forum now. I get little bench time atm."

Hummm, for some reason i understood that.


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