Water as fuel and more.

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H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

In this thread I will start going over just how complex this water for fuel technology actually is for it is anything but simple. So, lets start from the beginning, "Understanding the earth's Global Electric Circuit."

As far as the scientific community goes they are only now starting to actually look at how the earth's Global Electric Circuit actually works, but they are doing so in a way that will not allow them to see the whole picture being they are far too compartmentalized. 

Thunderstorms are earth's means to keep the air we all breath clean as when the conditions are right they breakdown Methane, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, NOx gases, and any molecule that happens to find it's way inside of these storms when they are highly active to include water molecules.

When it breaks down the water molecules it does so at near the bottom of the cloud the hydrogen then floats up to the top of the cloud and most of the time gets ignited which you hear and feel on the ground as thunder. It does this by way of Ionization as that is the key to breaking down molecules efficiently. When water is broken down into it basic elements like this it produces three things, hydrogen & oxygen gas, and electricity. This results in a run away reaction in the cloud system and lightning discharges begin to happen as the charge build up exceeds the electrical resistance of the air. 
The electric field  building beneath a thundercloud eventually has enough energy to break apart, excite and ionize nitrogen, oxygen, and water molecules. Nitrogen atoms by themselves are highly reactive. They will quickly recombine into nitrogen (N2) gas or into nitrous oxide (NO).  Meanwhile, excited nitrogen molecules emit blue light. Oxygen molecules likewise are excited. They may also release photons of light, but more often they react with unexcited oxygen molecules to create ozone, before they have a chance to. This ozone, which only lasts about an hour before it decays back into molecular oxygen, is often linked with the fresh clean smell after a thunderstorm (and yes it is a contributor to damaging ground level ozone worldwide). The air under a thunderstorm is very humid. Ionized hydrogen atoms split apart from from water vapor contribute red to the glow, so that ionized humid air glows violet. 

This is how mother nature (our creator) breaks down molecules for as I noted it will break down any molecule that gets in them when the conditions are right for it to do so. This is what Dr. Dingle and Meyer mimicked to get their cars to run with only water in their tanks for fuel. Now Meyer showed this diagram of his Voltage Intensifier Circuit.

Note you are actually looking at how to go about mimicking the earth's Global Electric Circuit electronically. Things to note up front that are very important is, this is an isolated circuit and it must remain that way. If you put a ground source in the water it will not be able to build a charge on the plates of the capacitor effectively. Do not stick your finger in the water when it is building up a charge. And lastly in order to read the voltage on a oscilloscope you will have to get a differential probe: https://www.globalmediapro.com/dc/CKG7/Test-and-Measurement/Test-Probes/Differential-Probes/?brandId=29 I have three such probes so that I can read the voltages in different spots to see what is going on. 

Now in knowing this is an isolate circuit more than likely Meyer never got his injectors to work as it wouldn't be able to build up a charge with the drawings he shown as it was in direct contact with the engine. But, unknowingly to Meyer it still would work from time to time and this was due to his Gas Processor. The Gas Processor would alter the incoming air supply to one that was suitable for the combustion of water. Unlike a thunderstorm the Gas Processor will not allow the excited oxygen atoms to combine with oxygen molecules as there would be none for it to combine with. Thus in the presence of fine water droplets/vapor a spark would be all that was needed to cause a oxygen replacement reaction where the unstable oxygen atoms would replace the stable oxygen atoms in the water molecules. The goal of this device is to strip up to 4-5 electrons away from the oxygen atoms from the incoming air supply and yes it too is a isolated circuit. So, don't put one of these on your engine if you have a MAP sensor or something else measuring the air coming into the engine.

Just like the Voltage Intensifier Circuit for water where water becomes a physical part of the circuit with the Gas Processor the air becomes apart of the circuit. To target the oxygen atoms you must use coherent light at the right wavelengths that will be absorbed by the oxygen molecules and excited oxygen atoms. This is the Gas Processor I made:

There are only three of these in the world right now as the machinist that made these for us had a minimum make and I teamed up with a few others to have it made. 

It took me a while to learn just how to hook the darn thing up and I ended up damaging my eyes because I didn't wear eye protection so be careful. Interestingly this device is why I created a company as back then when I had it made the company that sold the proper wavelength LEDs didn't sell them to the general public but only to companies so I created a company just so I could get these LEDs. 

So, how did I learn these are isolated circuits that must remain that way? I had a circulation pump on one of my WFC's and the pump burned out and I couldn't figure out why it burned out so I got another one and it too burned out. Just by chance I ran the experiments with the pump completely disconnected and noticed the negative voltage on the scope was much higher. I put a third pump on and checked it before turning on the VIC for conductivity in the water and sure enough there was a electrical connection from the pump to the water bath. So, I got a very specific type of pump that had no electrical connection to the water a solenoid pump. I also had a problem with the Gas Processor that shorted out the power supply and tripped the home breaker but at that time I didn't make the connection that it needed to be an isolated circuit and quit working on the device as it was quite spectacular when it shorted everything out to say the least.

Once I learned this I instantly knew that Meyer's Injectors never worked as they were designed for they grounded out to the car's battery. In order to get them working correctly the injectors have to made in a way that keeps them isolated from the car's electrical system. I know Meyer more than likely would have figured this out but due to his untimely death he was never given a chance to solve that problem.

Now that all of you can see the connection to this method of water dissociation you can apply this theory I came up with all on my own to understanding this outside of this technology.

"All Molecules can be separated into their component atoms by taking away the electrons from the atoms that make up the molecules."

This is the scientific connection that goes outside of the boundaries of this technology. Note to would be thieves I have already published this so don't try and claim this theory as your own!

For those that wish to aid my efforts to bring this technology to market you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/energytothepeople



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H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

I wish I could understand what's being said in the video. The Joe Cell is one I don't fully understand but I too have one and from what I can tell it produces a lot of h3o+ that sits on the surface of the water and when a vacuum is pulled on the water creating water vapor h3o+ can't exist in water vapor form and a free monatomic hydrogen gas atom is produced. But that's just a guess as I haven't figured that technology out as of yet.

Now I have been able to relate this to the way plants break the bonds of the water molecules also as take a close look at this diagram:

As you can see once the electron is taken away from the water molecule it breaks down and the plant catches the hydrogen atoms and lets the oxygen atoms lose as the plant has no need of it. It's all related as the act of taking the electron away from the water molecule breaks it down into it's component elements and as I stated it also produces electricity which the plant makes use of to live. 

Think of it this way, "How many ways do we know of to get the electrons away from their atoms?" Each of these ways can be used to break the bonds of the water molecules. An example of this happening that most people missed is when the Fukushima reactors blew their tops off. The radiation was strong enough to knock off the electrons from the atoms that make up the water molecules and doing so created hydrogen and oxygen gases plus started building up a charge in the water bath. Once that charge was high enough to create a spark it ignited the hydrogen and oxygen mixture that was trapped in the building and I think you know the rest of that story.

Now you can see the importance of the theory I came up with as any action one can use to knock off the electrons from that atoms that make up the molecules will cause those molecules to fall apart. Ionization, radiation bombardment, electron extraction as the plants are doing, and the list goes on. The important part is now you have a tool that you can use to asked questions to previously unknown problems and get a solution to those problems and/or mysteries. 

H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

is an experiment very related to what Dr. Dingle and Meyer did and note it is producing hydrogen and oxygen but they aren't testing for it as my theory isn't widely known as of yet. But this happens due to water's auto ionization ability as no matter how pure the water is it will self ionize as the water molecules move about together. Without this property I do believe no life would exist on this planet as it's one of the creator's little secrets.

This is called "The Kelvin Water Drop Experiment," or "Kelvin's Thunderstorm," and it is very much related to what's going on with this water for fuel technology. Again something to note is they aren't looking for the presence of hydrogen and you can't find what you are not looking for. The hydrogen is being produced in the paint can labeled "B," in this experiment shown in the video.


Here is another video that you should all pay very close attention too what these scientist are saying as they try and describe what it is they are seeing with Meyer's technology: 

These are actual "Eye Witnesses," so what they are saying is most important and you must observe the observer and pick out what they missed as well as pay attention to what it is they say they saw and observed as they witnessed Meyer's technology in action. It is key to seeing if your experiment is progressing in the right direction or not for if you observe that the temperature is rising in your experiments then you should automatically know you are doing something wrong and go back to the drawing board and try again as one of these "Eye Witnesses" states that the device will run for a half hour and the water's temperature hasn't changed. 


In this video you will see the WFC producing very large bubbles but if you look closely you will observe that the bubbles just don't rise to the surface as they dart about because they have a charge on them. This is the WFC that I broke that I got up to 3 LPM and note it only has three resonant cavities. 

I also found out that if you push water into the tubes it will mess up the effect as it pushes the water molecules out of alignment within the resonant cavities. Only when the water is being broken down at such a rate that it can't draw water into the resonant cavities fast enough can you push water into the them and not mess up the effect but the rate of water flow through the resonant cavities has to be carefully controlled. 


I'd like also add in this video as you can see how the water molecules behave when they have a charge as they will make a torus and imagine this taking place on a large scale like a thunderstorm and you can see why it's a runaway reaction: 

This is just me as I was learning the secrets of this technology,

Edward Mitchell

H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

This is a cross section view of the Gas Processor I designed. I designed it in such a way as to really protect the LEDs from the high voltage that will be applied to the Gas Processor. All the LEDs chosen put out coherent light and are pulsed so that they can used to push the electrons of the targeted atoms to higher orbits making it easier to strip the electron away from the atoms by way of high voltage ionization fields. It is perfectly sealed so no air leaks in the intake system of a car would be coming from this device. I also designed it large enough as to not cause much drag in the air flow as engines don't much like sucking air through a straw. This is a old design as I have since changed it but it is still very effective. 

My thinking was to correct Meyer's mistake in that he allowed untreated air to intermix with the treated air created by his air Gas Processor as with this design there is no untreated air flowing into the engine. It's tricky trying to figure out what wavelengths of light to use but I tried to target the oxygen molecules and atoms for electron extraction by using the absorption wavelengths of the Oxygen atom.

In Meyer's design I noticed that it allowed oxygen atoms missing electrons to interact with oxygen molecules and this will result in the creation of ozone giving the unstable oxygen atoms a chance to stabilize which was something I didn't want to allow as the goal is to send those unstable oxygen gas atoms missing electrons into the combustion chamber to be ignited with the hydrogen gas mixture. But after further review of this device I noticed if you stripped up to 3 electrons away from the oxygen atoms and spark ignited these unstable gas atoms with a fine water mist you would get a oxygen unstable to oxygen stable reaction where the unstable oxygen gas atoms would replace the stable oxygen atoms in the water molecules. So, now there was no need to break down the water molecules prior to combusting them in the combustion chamber. This process alters the incoming air supply so that the combustion of water is possible by basically changing the atmosphere to one that is suitable for the combustion of water. Most people don't know this as they never built and tested one of these devices. 

These chambers are made of aluminum which is then coated with electrolysis-Nickel as these unstable oxygen atoms will move to oxidizes anything they come in contact with so I had to choose a material that was very resistant to oxidization, something to think about in your designs. After all the machining and coating processes are done you have to polish the surfaces to a mirror shine as after all you dealing with laser energy. A lot of thought, planning, and work went into making these Gas Processors as I even had to figure out how to solder stainless steel which the inner electrode is made out of for the electrical connection. 

As you can see this technology is a lot more complex than Meyer lead on. 

Always remember, good observation is good science,


H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

Now this goes with another thread I saw http://www.aboveunity.com/thread/recommended-scientific-method/ and is how I went about getting at the science behind this water for fuel technology started by Dr. Dingle of the Philippines. 

It's a slow process when there are a lot of unknowns, the inventor your trying to back engineer tries to hide things, and yes you will have to spend a fair bit of money performing the experiments correctly as you need to get all the measuring devices as well as perform the experiments in a thoughtful manor. You have to build things correctly which too has a trial and error process you will have to go through before you get it right. Just know you are going to fail but learn from those failures, brush yourself off, get up and try again. 

If any of you think for one second it was easy to get at the science behind this technology you are wrong as it took a lot of failure before I got at the truth. Now I can't put everyplace I found that shows the raw data on the net as I "Observed" that when I'd do so that information I found on the net would be taken down by someone or some program but the results is if I shared these things on a the forums they would be taken down so I stopped sharing these things as a result. 

Augenblick posted this 2 weeks ago


As you can see in this video, Edward has developed a viable H2 system that goes beyond Stan Meyer's project at the time he left us.

Ed has worked out some of the anomalies that may have restrained Meyer's progress by isolating the various circuits, so they don't interact and short/overload.

The next step, as I can see its relevance to AU here, would be to have the electrolysis driver portion run above unity ... recovering excess energy at some point in the chain to replenish the power source. This could be done later in the chain, if convenient. Electrolysis would be a constant load to the POCs, and Hydrogen based power generation fed back to the power source ...

The interesting aspect of this is that hydrogen becomes an indestructable storage medium, instead of batteries alone, which age and corrode.

imho, our goal is to reduce, or eliminate, our dependence on a distributed/constrained energy establishment. If we could harness and manipulate the aether to do work alone, an ideal, but for now, we need to free the electron to work for us.

Nice research, Ed. You may have stumbled upon the technology here @AU that will help your projects to evolve. Thank you for sharing!


... in the blink of an eye.

H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks Augenblink,

Interestingly that was when I first made the connection that this technology had something to do with thunderstorms, but I had much more to learn. I took an untested transformer to the event and showed the world that high voltage could be applied to a water bath for the first time ever and since as I haven't seen anyone else do this and it's been seven years now since the event.

This is the transformer that burned out on us. I have since found out that I hooked up the cell incorrectly and built a better one as that one had too many places to leak out the voltage. Everything in this technology needs to be thoroughly thought out. When I got back home I noticed that at low input levels only two cells were putting out any gases as the water's resistance through the array was greater than the water's resistance between adjacent cells and the current always flows through the path of least resistance so it was bypassing the array as a result. Again this is knowledge gained through "Observations" of actual experiments. Which cost me a fair amount of money to build a new and improved WFC based on what I had learned from past experiments. 

This cell was a lot better but at the time I didn't know the air around the tubes would start to ionize and thus needed to be isolated as well as I got the voltages up to operating levels for the technology it would again bypass the array as current flowed through the air itself by way of ionization and not over the top of the resonant cavities like the prior WFC did. So, I spent a lot more money and designed and made a new one.

This is showing the evolution of the WFC's I made over time from observing the results of my experiments. Take note of the input wires going to the cell as now they are on opposite sides of the cell so the charging current doesn't bypass the array going from negative to positive and is forced to go through the array and charge up the resonant cavity capacitors. Meyer solved this problem by disconnecting one of his resonant cavities I just wired it up correctly instead by splitting the cell into two halves electronically which put the negative and positive wires coming from the VIC transformer on opposite sides of the WFC. 

This cell is a culmination of all that I have learned on how to build the WFC's correctly by the trial and error method making use of the scientific method observing the results of my experiments. it has a baffled float level sensor for auto filling of the unit with water, a way to filter the water that doesn't disturb the water inside of the resonant cavities, and can be temperature controlled to test out which temperature works best for this cell. 

To this date I haven't seen anyone reach the voltage levels that are needed to get the atoms that make up the water molecules to ionize to the point of ejecting their electrons which is what breaks the bonds of the water molecules. Now if you build it to Meyer's specifications each resonant cavity will require a minimum of 1 kv of potential difference to start the process meaning 500 volts positive and 500 volts negative and each cell in the series array will divide the voltage equally so the transformer has to put out over 10 kv to this ten resonant cavity array in order to get it working correctly. One thing to note, if the system can ground out it will and you will not get much if any negative voltage potential on the plates of the resonant cavity capacitors it must remain an isolated circuit or it doesn't work as remember it is mimicking the earth's global electric circuit. It you make changes to the cell size, plate spacing, or even the amount of cells it changes the needed requirements to mimic the earth's global electric circuit. 

The reason why I post two photos is to show what Meyer posted and how it is supposed to look on your scopes as according to the rules of patents making you don't have to show the truth and Meyer didn't show how the waveform actually looks as what he shows is physically impossible.Meyer did this to hide the technology but if you make use of the scientific method and not just try and copy things you will learn this on your own. 

Now it would be nice to not be alone in all of this but I understand as it isn't cheap to learn this as I did as making use of the scientific method means you have to build things correctly, get the proper measurement tools, and set up the experiments so that you can learn from them by observing your results in a repeatable manor. In this thread I have given you all the goal as prior to this the goal was not known as who knew this technology was mimicking the earth's global electric circuit? Now that you know what this technology is mimicking in nature you should be able to make your own working units as you now have something to strive for. 

Take care,


H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

In this post I will show just how this technology restricts amp flow through the water. It's all due to the type of waveform as in physics it has to do with the sum total of energy.

Now you all should be able to see this visually as the negative and positive cancel each other out. The area under the curve represents amp potential and when the waveform has equal negative and positive voltage the sum of those voltages cancels each other out. Each vertical line in the graph represents one pulse from a square wave sent to the transformer. Note it is a frequency doubler just as Meyer talks about as you send in one positive square wave pulse and you get one negative and one positive pulse which equals two, yes? In the graph five pulses are sent to the VIC transformer and the result is ten pulses on the oscilloscope five negative and five positive. But there is a little area on top of the zero line which is positive that will flow through the water between the series array. This energy will perform normal Faraday type electrolysis but it's very little energy as I measured the amperage to be 0.3 mA which really isn't going to do anything to the water in the way of electrolysis. This is the reason why the water temperature doesn't change as stated by eye witnesses to Meyer's technology in action as that little amount of current doesn't effect the water at all.

If you watched the interview video you will quickly recognize that what I am saying now I was also saying way back then but now I understand what in nature this technology is mimicking electronically. The reason for that is the technology is what it is and I was on to it way back then. Building it correctly takes good observation, time, and money for as I stated you are going to fail but you must get up, brush yourself off, and get back at it. I built a lot of WFC's before I got it right and note it must not have a way to release the voltage to a grounding source as it must remain a isolated circuit, and that goes between each resonant cavity as well for always keep in mind current will flow in the path of least resistance. So, watch the interview video that Augenblick posted of John Fraser gave Gunther and I at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement held in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. This way you can all see for yourselves that the tune I am singing hasn't change all that much as for the most part I just added too it as I learned more about the technology. 

The green in this graph illustrates when the threshold for ionization of the atoms that make up the water molecules has been reached as all that in the green will be causing the atoms to eject their electrons. It is this action of getting the electrons away from their atoms that breaks down the water molecules into it's component atoms. 

Here is a actual scope shot of my waveform. Note I was still having issues with amp leakage between the resonant cavities and the negative voltage wouldn't built up correctly but you all should be able to make out the shape of the waveform and see why I wasn't pushing that many amps through the water between the resonant cavities as the area sum doesn't leave much amperage left. 

It should be clear now that I did in fact crack the science behind this technology. 

Enjoy everyone and be safe during these pandemic times,


H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

I wish you would actually read what I posted and ask questions in the parts you don't understand as then you would already know if you put a mister in with this technology it will ground it out and never work because you gave it a path to ground that it will take when you put a mister in the water bath and never be able to build up a charge on the plates of the capacitor. This is a isolated circuit and it must remain that way in order for this technology to work at being successful at mimicking the earth's global electric circuit. 

There is a magnetic coupling in the transformer between the primary, chokes, and secondary coils. The chokes, secondary, and capacitor are a isolated circuit that is seeking a ground but you can't give it one or the capacitor will not charge up. Everything comes into play here as the water is physical part of the circuit thus if you put the negative connection right next to the positive connection, IE, adjacent resonant cavities and the distance between the two adjacent resonant cavities is less than the combined distances between the resonant cavity array the current that was supposed to charge the cells will just leap over the shortest distance to ground as current always flows in the path of least resistance. This is the reason why Meyer disconnected one of the resonant cavities in his eleven WFC setup.


I use to have a photo of this showing that he disconnected one of his resonant cavities but that's long since lost now. Everything you see Meyer doing here has purpose as it is an electrically insulated unit as well as a isolated circuit. If it can find a place to ground out it's going to take it as those are the rules of electricity. But Meyer too made mistakes as he didn't fully understand the technology which is why he was getting ready to build a foundation to study this technology just prior to his death. 

The space gap between the resonant cavities of this WFC is 0.095 inches which gives a combined water space in the array 1.045 inches. If the distance between the positive and negative connections is only 0.75 inches which has the least resistance? Meyer built this WFC not understanding that and had to disconnect one of his resonant cavities as a result. To make matters worse he designed his injectors not understanding this need for isolation thus the reason why they never worked as the setup was grounded to the car's battery. So, he too had much to learn but was killed before his study institute could be built. Am I smarter than Stanley Meyer? Who knows? But the one thing I was given that he was not was more time to study the technology.

I would ask people to not post other technologies here and understand that I am giving you this technology, well the science behind the technology. So, please refrain from adding unknowns to this thread as this technology is no longer a unknown. When you make use of the scientific method it doesn't allow the constant adding of unknowns as you have to follow your experimental results following where that leads you. The scientific method is a proven strategy towards solving unknowns but it is limited to our five senses and thus at times we have solve things that aren't intuitive. 

Long ago when I started in on this technology this lumping unknowns together was one the first flaws I saw when people tried to understand this technology. People would lump one unknown with another and then turn around and call it solved. That is not a proven method of solving things we don't understand but the scientific method is. As much as I would plead with people to make use of the scientific method they would resist and tell me their method of solving unknowns was better than the scientific method. My partner Gunther told me they are just too stupid and can't understand things because their minds are simply incapable of thinking this heavily and having observed them in action I'd say I must agree with his assessment of these people. So, I go into this sharing knowing full well some out there will never be able to perceive this technology as there minds simply aren't wired up in a way that would allow them to understand it. If me asking any of you to make use of the scientific method seems like it's something you can't or do not wish to do then I will then turn around and tell you now this technology isn't meant for you and you should move on with your lives. This technology is by no means simple for as you just saw I pointed out some mistakes Stanley Meyer made and could do the same with Don Gable, and many others that have tried to understand or in Don Gable's case try and copy this technology. I am not being mean but only stating the truth. 

I am not here to lead people by the hand so that you can go into business competing against me with my brain power but here to share the science with those that can make use of it on their own as trust me this is just the beginning of a whole new era of scientific discovery just waiting to happen. 

These people will be competitors to this technology and their way will be to preserve the existing grid distribution system so what change will the end user see? More than likely none as if the end user doesn't pay their bill for any reason the folks in charge of the grid distribution system will look up their address and turn off the power going to that address. In sharp contrast what I will be doing will do away with the grid power distribution system putting the individual in full control of their own energy needs. The energy they consume will be produced right at the point of use and they will own that unit having to pay no one for energy once they have brought the unit from me or anyone else dealing with this technology that moves to set the end user free from the current system of energy enslavement we are all trapped in right now.

My apologies if I offended anyone,


Augenblick posted this 2 weeks ago


We understand. It's very difficult to restrain our enthusiasm to help out, since the trolls are nixed at the front door. I see that you are attempting to give us a thorough rundown of the project you have developed to date. It is wonderful that an environment has been created and defended so advanced experimenters like yourself don't feel intimidated.

Have patience with us as some are likely to latch on to what possibilities this technology has. There are a lot of threads here that many of us try to follow as faithfully as possible, yet we have our own experiments in play as well. Time ...

Great work, and great job describing things in such detail. Thank you!


... in the blink of an eye.

H2opower posted this 2 weeks ago

This is my old friend Max Miller and in this video I just want to focus your attention on the WFC in the background as that is the best way to make these WFC's as it forces the electricity to do what you want it to do. What's he talking about in the video I have no idea and really don't care? But that cell in the background is better than any that I have built to date for this technology and I give props where props are due. Just make sure that the spacing between the resonant cavities is good enough to ensure they will not effect one another as they are charging to reach the ionization voltages for the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. 

Now figure 3-25 in the technical brief shows basically what the idea of these resonant cavities are to be, but Meyer either didn't have the drafting skills to convey information graphically effectively or mislead people. The way it is drawn has no hidden lines which makes it appear that the metal bar is somehow free floating in the water inside of the resonant cavity. Plus he leaves off the added material of the insulation housing that further insulates the resonant cavities from one another. 

With the use of drafting programs like AutoCAD you can easily make measurements of the distance between the electrodes and the distance between the resonant cavities to each other once you have it all drawn up. This is precisely how I calculated the total distance between all the resonant cavities in the series array and compared it to the physical distance between the negative and positive connections. I kept my thinking simple and put distance as water resistance as then it's either less than, greater than, or equal to in terms of seeing which way the current is going to flow as again the current always follows the path of least resistance. But there is a shared flow as it's is going to flow outside of the resonant cavities to some degree and I think that changes as the voltages are risen. When the voltage reaches the ionization potentials of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms it becomes far more conductive to electricity and these charge gases exit the insulation chamber with their charge as seen in one of the videos I posted here showing the bubbles darting around. 

This illustration shows what the water molecules are doing inside of the resonant cavity as it is a polar molecule that will align itself with the potentials put on the plates of the capacitor. Now this is just to give some visual clues as to what's taking place with this technology as I think it's more like the thunderstorms in that they break the bonds of the water molecules near the negative side of the cloud and it then rises to the top of the cloud and gets ignited by the voltages it runs into there we hear and feel this as thunder at the ground level. So, the yellow zone is more than likely more towards the negative side than is shown here. Meyer turned the cloud(s) to be vertical so that the gases escape without being ignited by the positive side. 

Adding more material to further insulate the resonant cavities is a good thing and what Max Miller showed is the best way to design these resonant cavities arrays in a single container. Just so you have it in your minds the short wire connecting the cells to each other has far less resistance than the distance of the water from cell to cell which represents the water's resistance. And since it is in a straight line there is no cheating as the positive and negative connections are as far as they can possibly be away from each other with that design. Way to go Max! 

Chris as for altering that post I made I think I will leave it standing as is for I want people to know that doing something like that on someone's thread is like yelling squirrel. I looked at the technology he showed and it basically just replaces the power generating plants leaving the grid system completely intact, thus the end user, us, are still left paying whatever they deem they want us to pay for their energy. The way I am attacking the problem is to totally do away with the grid system putting the individual in full control of their own energy needs. I think of it as how the cell phone bypassed all the blocking the old phone system was doing to the poor countries whom couldn't afford large loans to put up telephone poles all over their country as the cell phone towers leapfrogged that old technology and I see this technology doing the exact same thing. 

I have a plan that I am following as best I can it just takes time and money to set up shop,




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Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago go by instinct or reason. It has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who drives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians, and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).