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Chris posted this 05 May 2017

I would like to extend a warm welcome to All Members! 

This thread is the idea of Pat1 so I would like to thank Pat1 for this excellent idea! I have moved Pat1's first post here on the suggestion.

Welcome Every Body!


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pat1 posted this 05 May 2017

Greetings all.  This is my first ever engagement in a forum such as this so I hope you can forgive me from being such a newbie.  In the absence of a page for new members to meet and greet (which is a great idea) I thought this location was the next best place to start since my initial involvement is more to do with developing tools and resources.

I'm a mechanical design engineer with ~18 years experience in design, manufacture and installation of large power transmission machinery.  I am no longer employed in that capacity and I'm in a transitional stage in my career.  I have been reading various material over the past ~8 years about free energy/overunity or whatever you wish to call it.  I believe energy can be pumped in many ways and I'm searching for simple architecture to do it.  I have tried a few experiments (waterfuel, asymetrical motors etc).  But to be honest they have been 'half-assed' due to my lack of electrical skills, equipment and knowledge.  So I'm playing catchup big time on that front!

I have ambitions of starting a motor project here but to be honest I have a lot to learn (and do!) before working on any conceptual designs.

How I would like to contribute while catching up -  I very much enjoy 3d printing.  I believe the means of achieving the architecture I require to design a motor can be easily realised through 3d printing.  I would like to start a topic at this forum on "how to" 3d print magnetic cores.  My aim is to develop a fast and simple method that can be used by all.  Reading some of the other topics here I think this tool could be very useful to other members as well.


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Chris posted this 05 May 2017

Hello Pat1 and Welcome! Thank you for the idea, I have put it into practice as you suggested!

I am impressed! a Mechanical Design Engineer, a nice title to have!

Yes Electrical Energy, Particles with a Charge, moving, is key as you point out, as Nikola Tesla put it, Kinetic Energy.

Something I have learned over the years, the more I learn, the more I realise I have yet to learn, I am sure in my live time I will never stop learning!

I like to consider myself a student of Life! Nature being my Teacher!

Welcome, we have made big strides and hope to continue doing so. 


vfedtec posted this 08 May 2017


my short name to avoid confusion is Jo.

How did I get here?

A friend/colleague in oz referenced another Hendershot video even though I am not into Hendershot style designs.

From there I happened to watch again that short video about paired coils, downloaded the mentioned pdf, read the lot, and looked at this site as a followup.

Based on my own research and experiments over the years I can clearly state Chris, and perhaps others as well, is/are on the right track/s!

Some time ago I did an Akula replication which turned out to be a switching regulator.

After reading that PDF about paired coils I think the problem most likely is an incorrect hand wound ferrite efd 25 transformer. Time to rewind.

There is another distinct different high tech vortex based project somewhat related to the paired coil issue. Will bring this up later.



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Chris posted this 08 May 2017

Welcome Jo!

I like to consider myself a Student of Life, I am always learning and keen to learn - But yes we have had a few successes. Some like to keep quiet, only giving small hints.

The reason, its not always easy, takes some work, and a lot of understanding.

We have so much proof today! Hundreds of gigabytes of data, videos, books, pdf's, audio, and so on, I have started perhaps the biggest single collection on the net here: Reference

Some detail of what we have learned is here in the forum and in articles here: Research

I truly hope we can all make a difference! If we all make this push together, then we can change our futures for the better!

Welcome! Please feel free to ask questions, post your progress and so on! We pride ourselves on a no Troll Policy!


Fighter posted this 09 May 2017

Hello Chris and hello everyone. My name is Aurel and I am experimenting for about two years with Bearden's MEG and custom configurations of it. I started with ferrite cores and now I'm experimenting with Metglas cores (AMCC-200). Me and cd_sharp are friends (he started much earlier than me and he's more advanced than me, actually I learned from him a lot about this kind of technologies) and we have a forum of our own (just two members, us) where we share our experiments and exchange ideas: http://free-energy.proboards.com/ , but it is in Romanian and would take a huge amount of time to translate it and re-post everything here. All I can do instead is to share few of my imgur albums so you can make an idea on how my project evolved:




Consider me a beginner, I'm here to ask, learn and share when I have something relevant. I know about Chris' previous work and of course I was very interested in his experiments especially about MEG with Metglas. I'm glad you're back and updated hyiq.org, Chris, I never had the occasion to talk directly to you before I was just silently studying your experiments on the older site.



Chris posted this 10 May 2017

Hi Aurel and Welcome!

I am impressed! Very nice Experiments there!

My MEG Work taught me a lot. I started to Big and Heavy, it was difficult to work with. I went to a smaller version, but did not get as far with it.

I found, over time, that getting a piece of Insulated Wire to produce an Output, two ways could be used, Brute Force, or with very gentle excitation's, where the Charged Particles (Electrons/Ions) in the piece of Copper Wire, could be bought into a state where they start Exciting themselves because of the configuration the device is put into.  

Please feel free to create, post and so on, your progress.



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Fighter posted this 13 May 2017

Thank you Chris, right now I'm in the process of transitioning from using fixed pulses based on JL Naudin's TL494 control board to using pulses driven by my new function generator and I have some issues with the audio amplifier's output which is sinusoidal wave no matter what, so I'm working on using Cd_sharp's idea of using only mosfets driven by the signal generator. I'll create a new thread when I have all my testing environment functional and I start experimenting again. I'm here to stay



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cd_sharp posted this 13 May 2017

Welcome, my friend, Fighter! You forgot to mention that you are an ecologist. The love for this planet is your (and mine) main incentive. Let's start! We have a lot to learn and work.

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Anthony posted this 15 May 2017

I have followed hyiq since before the hard drive failure that destroyed most of the info on this site. Many years ago.

 The research just got too interesting not to join.

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Chris posted this 15 May 2017

Welcome Anthony - Yes Data Corruption many years back, we had to do a restore from backups and there was a bunch of Corrupted Data. We lost some data as a result.

Welcome, I hope you find the Information interesting and enjoyable!


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