What is Infolded Electrodynamics?

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Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

My Friends,

In the following video, Tom Bearden talks about the ET Whitaker Papers of 1903 and 1904 ( Attached Below )


Now if one were to go and look up the Papers, one may see some significant similarities:


The term: Infolded means:

turned or folded inwards.



Now, you have to realise, there are two meanings here, "Scalar, the Zero part" are Equal and opposite. The Wave forms are also Additive. Newtons reaction force, equal and opposite. As we learned in Superposition, we have Constructive and Deconstructive Wave Forms!


Its amazing, the similarities if one look enough!

Best wishes, stay safe and well.


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cd_sharp posted this 4 weeks ago

Hey, guys

dx, dy, and dz are dielectric displacement components in the ether. What does that mean exactly? I understand they have to do with the 3D space. Dielectric means something that does not conduct electricity.


Found it in rg/wiki/Electric_displacement.html">a Wikipedia like website:

In physics, the electric displacement, also known as dielectric displacement and usually denoted by its first letter D, is a vector field in a non-conducting medium, a dielectric. The displacement D is proportional to an external electric field E in which the dielectric is placed.


dale morgan posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello All,

Bearden used the term Enfolded as a way to say it's not 'visible' but still there. A bifilar coil is the easiest way to visualize it. Sweet's drawing shows it. He talked about the Motional E Field as the desired method. If the bifilar coil is hooked up such that the current is traveling in the same direction in both halves, the magnetic field is basically doubled. If the directions are opposed, the E field is doubled. In each case the field that is doubled takes dominance of that region of space as it's sister field has cancelled, (still there just can't measure it), due to equal opposition. If there is an E field there is always a magnetic field, if the E field is motional. This is the same with the magnetic field, as long as there is motion of field. Each begets the other, always. No exceptions.

Saying that it is enfolded is a way to keep it in mind even though it isn't measurable in that situation. For surely the electric and magnetic fields are never separated. The fields stand alone if there is no motion. Your frame of reference is critical for what you want to see.

Have good days,


Edit: When the 1903 and 4 papers were written the 'Aether' was thought of as a 'material aether'. It was thought to have mass and therefore was able to have fields. This is known to be false now as fields cannot exist without there being mass. Even some modern scientists still cling to the thought of fields existing in space devoid of mass. The aether interacts with mass to make the fields.

Chris posted this 4 weeks ago

My Friends,

Tom Bearden used many terms, in the early days, Infolded was also used.

You may note, Tom Bearden has a whole book or slide show on Infolded Electrodynamics



The above slide, seen in the video.


Ref: Infolded Engines.


E.T Whittaker 1903 Cut


Remember: c + -c = 0?

It is a simple matter using the equations E / H = √με and c = 1 / √με for a team wave to get rid of H and C and so convert the first equation into the well known equation for energy density in the so-called electrostatic field:

ε = 1/2 ε E2


1/2 DE

Ref: Floyd Sweet - Nothing is Something


As always my friends, always lots to learn, thing is, we are Light Years Ahead already!

Just found:

Based on E.T. Whittaker's previously unnoticed 1903-1904 papers which established a hidden bidirectional EM wave structure in a standing forcefield free scalar potential, a method of directly engineering the ambient potential of the vacuum has been developed and realized experimentally. Adding Whittaker's engineerable hidden variable theory to classical electromagnetic, quantum mechanics, and general relativity produces supersets of each discipline. These supersets are joined by the common Whittaker subset, producing a unified field theory that is engineerable and tested. By treating the nucleus of the atom as a pumped phase conjugate mirror, several working model energy units have been produced which excite and organize the local vacuum, increase the local virtual photon flux between local vacuum and nucleus, establish coherent self-oscillations between the local excited vacuum and the affected nuclei, utilized the self-oscillating standing wave for self-pumping of the nuclei/mirrors, introduce a very tiny signal wave to the mirrors, and output into an external load circuit a powerful, amplified, time-reversed phase conjugate replica wave at 60 Hertz frequency and nominal 120 volt sine wave power. Several models have been built, ranging from 6 watts early on to one of 5 kilowatts. Both closed battery-less systems with damped positive feedback and open loop systems with battery-powered input have been successfully built. Open loop power gains of from 5 x 104 to 1.5 x 106 have been achieved. Antigravity experiments have also been successfully conducted where the weight of the unit was reduced by 90% in controlled experiments, with a signal wave input of 175 microwatts and an output of 1 kilowatt. The basic theory of the device is briefly explained and experimental results presented

Ref: IAEA - Utilizing scalar electromagnetics to tap vacuum energy


You can read the full paper here: Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics To Tap Vacuum Energy 



Under the oscillation Condition...


Best wishes, stay safe and well,


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