Energy Transformations

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Chris posted this 12 May 2018


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed

The Laws of Thermodynamics


It is important to think of transformations of Energy States. We have partially covered this before.

In an LC Resonant Tank Circuit, the Energy in the System is converted from Electric to Magnetic:


I would like to quote:


In the Red area above, from zero, moving forward in Time ( t ), the Electric Charge ( Q ) is being Transformed into Magnetic Field Energy ( B ), perhaps ( ε ) might be better, and then again into Electric. This process repeats, as this is a Resonant Exchange, or Transformation of Energy.

This Energy changes form! From Electric to Magnetic!


It is important to note: Energy Transformations are 100% efficient. This does not mean an LC Tank is 100% efficient, it means that all energy can be accounted for, thus the term: 'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed'

Energy Transformed into heat, due to I2R losses are the reason an LC Tank Circuit does not resonate for an eternity.

If the "Generation" of Energy were to make up the I2R losses, then this would be a different storey! The System could Resonate for an Eternity! We already know how a "Generator" works, so this is possible! 

But where does the "Generator" get the Energy from, it cant be Created, or Destroyed! Is the "Generator" MAGIC? Voo-Do Science?

NO - The Copper Conductor, in the Electrical "Generator", contains many trillions of Electrons, the Magnetic Field pushes them to the Terminals. The Electrical "Generator" is an Open System. Accessing the universe's infinite reservoir of infinite Energy! 

We speak of generating electricity: To be exact, we only transfer it from one place to another (pump it, if you please). We cannot generate it because we can neither destroy or create it. After we have used it to light our homes or do other work, it is like water over the wheel — no less water, only the lowering of potential. The electricity has "sunk back" from whence it came, ready and waiting for nature or man to raise its potential, when it again is ready to do man's bidding, or in other words in the evolution of energy it "sinks back" to its source. It is naturally very slowly but steadily being liberated from the universe only to return again.

T. H. Moray - The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats.

As shown in The Mr Preva Experiment, and in my Thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT, we see a Current Gain, but we see a large Voltage Drop. So we loose one but gain on another.

Why do you think this is?


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onepower posted this 16 May 2018

I think there are many kinds of transformations, many of the greatest minds implied one cannot advance technologically without advancing intellectually. Nikola Tesla outlined this notion in his lecture on the need for increasing human energy. He implied there was a link between our intellectual energy and the forms of energy we utilize. Thus we can begin to see a the link between men of inferior intellect obsessed with consumption, destruction and burning things such as fossil fuels and more evolved minds who see no need to burn or consume anything. 

I have developed a simple rule which has served me well... "if you cannot believe me without tangible proof or justification then I cannot believe you for the same reasons".

Thus one may gradually transform not what we think but how we think. We can begin to level the playing field and separate the wheat from the chaff. I also apply this rule to myself and if I cannot or will not prove the matter for myself then I have no business claiming I'm more or less correct about anything. Tangible proof is the only reasonable proof in a world filled with used car salesmen.

It may be that to in order to evolve the transformation of energy we must first begin by transforming our perspective.

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Chris posted this 16 May 2018

@Onepower - Your philosophical approach makes for clean and logical understanding the the most difficult problems!

This makes Research and Experiment very much more exciting and rewarding!

I agree, there are many transformations, perhaps many we still are yet to discover. We have very good evidence that a simple Electron does Pop in and out of existence, or some like the term, Localise and Delocalise, really there is no difference.

We know the universe is filled with Neutrino's, many billions in every square meter.

We also have good evidence that, Beta Decay, where the Electron splits into a Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino pair, emitting a photon, can be reversed, and Neutrinos can in fact create an Electron, but Science has not yet properly connected toe dots, or has not corrected the literature to reflect this fact - But Why? 

Because this implies Creating something from Nothing?

Its all a complex, or to the philosophical mind, a simple answer to the currently complex problem.

One thing I often think about, a small group of humans seemed to have a better grasp on this tech many hundreds of years ago, than what we do today. The writings of Plato's student, Aristotle, and his Quintessence, is a very accurate description of the forces we today theorise on.

For those that disprove, proof, Michelson–Morley Experiment for example, will be remembered as the greatest delusion in history!

The Michelson–Morley Experiment should serve as a baseline on how not to present evidence to Science, or at the very minimum how Science should take more care in basing such merit on a single failed experiment.

Fish swim in a sea of Hydrogen and Oxygen Atoms, Humans swim in a sea of Neutrinos, the very same stuff only having different Viscosity.