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admin posted this 21 March 2017

Please be aware, we do not promote violence! But, at the same time, we will not tolerate Our Users being Bullied or Ridiculed at this forum - Everyone gets a Fair Go!

I would like to ask, if you are being Bullied, or Ridiculed in any way, please Report the Troll via the Report Button here in the Forum, found in many places, or, our Contact Us Page! Lets keep reporting between you and I and we will get to the bottom of the issue!

The Link is at the top: Contact

We will investigate and if there is enough evidence, we will give three Warnings and then that user will be Deleted and all posts will be Removed.

The User will be Banned and the IP will be Logged.

Please report people you believe are causing trouble and we will investigate!


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Chris posted this 18 February 2020

Mohamed, Zeropoint, what ever you like to call your self - Your'e banned! Again!

You were Banned because:

  • You Deleted Threads where Others had posted.
  • Asking others for Free Equipment. Hard earned expensive equipment!
  • Changing your Username after you vandalised my Forum! Trying to hide your vandalisation!
  • Changing your E-Mail Address after you vandalised my Forum! Trying to hide your vandalisation!
  • You said you were going to leave anyway, then you came back to vandalise my Forum!


Again you come with your nonsense, off topic, littering threads with your points of view that are completely off topic!

We do not want to hear about your life problems! We have our own! We choose to not broadcast our problems to the world!

Be it known, I have had a dispute over Copyright with Rick Friedrich. Some of you know this already. The initial dispute was published here. Rather to avoid any Copyright issues with Rick I would rather just avoid having any of his material.

Come here causing trouble again I will report your IP Address to authorities with the time you were using it! You will be Banned from using the Internet all together!


zeropoint posted this 18 February 2020


Hello cd_sharp , 

Yes i am the same person, my name is Mohamed , this is the way we write this name in French language , because we was under French government ( 1830 - 1962 ) . 

i am specialised about Don Smith technology and following his work, Rick Friedrich published two new video never published before about a year or more from now, 1994 and 1995 videos so i use it as a reference to my work ... 

the problem start when i asked a help to get equipment as a donation or whatever it's ... ( most likely will not happen ... )  

he said it's not the way this site work and asked me to use Paypal .. 

i just came here to make things clear ...  all is good 



cd_sharp posted this 18 February 2020

Hi, Mohamed

Are you the same person that Chris banned a few days ago? If so, are you saying Chris banned you by mistake? Which video about Don Smith are you talking about?

Are you saying what Chris said above about you is not true? I wonder why would he do that? What issue do you think he had with you since you followed all the rules of this forum?

This forum is a place where we share research and we want it to stay nice and clean, like a sharp mind.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Jagau posted this 18 February 2020

Hi Mohamed

Personally the forum is one of the best forums that I know.

I am also a researcher but with advanced knowledge in electronics, like many others here, that I received while going to school.

This forum has very specific rules and that is why it works so well. All we have to do is respect them that's all.
I have already participated in the forum you mentioned and I have never seen so many people being rebuffed by pseudo scientists.
We are all brothers but there are limits that should not be exceeded.
I hope you understand that.

Being a moderator in a forum is a huge job that I would not like to do I congratulate Chris for his beautiful and huge work to make us all with the ultimate goal of sharing our knowledge, thank you Chris


zeropoint posted this 18 February 2020


Hello !


i am an advanced F-energy researcher and i have a published work in Patrick Kelly website :

i am also a Gold member in energetic forum with more than 1000 post laughing but i came to this place looking for good collaboration toward something better , if we want to lighten the darkness we have to lighten our heart first ! 

i published Don smith video from Rick Friedrich channel because it's the only available video and he did a great work to make them available for us .. but you deleted the video and sent a PM about the problem .. personally i have to accept the science regardless from where it came .. in other hand we are not angels ... we are human capable to learn ...

another post i used a relatively big font because my vision isn't 100 % and you came to change things too ... 

i lost my paypal account due to phone problem even though it's already empty laughing , this is why i need a fast method to get equipment, in the field of Fenergy we are not friends .. we are brothers ..  you have to give some liberty degree to members ..



Jagau posted this 17 February 2020

I agree 100% with my friend


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Chris posted this 17 February 2020

My Friends,

Recent Member: mohamed has been banned for doing the same as Atti has done, come here cause trouble, delete threads and try to make a mess of things. Vandalisation, he deleted the thread he created on Don Smith. Which is ok with me. wink

Mohamed changed his username to: dzdzdzdzdz and I changed it back again.

I caught mohamed asking other members for equipment and I asked him to stop. I think this is really wrong! I reminded mohamed that we offer PayPal Donate buttons but he was not interested.

By the way, mohamed is spelled completely wrong as far as I am aware, the spelling I know is: Muhammad, so I can only assume mohamed was only here to troll us!

We most certainly have had our fair share of Trolls visit, to only create trouble and distraction!

Wouldn't it be nice if people came, worked hard, replicate and shared their work with others? We have many excellent, highly valued Members and for those Members I am extremely great-full! Thank You All!

Call me tough, call me whatever, when non genuine people come here and cause trouble, they will be dealt with harshly! I am not being kind to in-kind people!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 31 January 2020

My Friends,

Here on our Forum, we have, and will keep eliminating Trolls! Banning Trouble makers is so easy now, a single button click!

I have to say, watching the Trolls on the other forums, fighting with each other now, because they have no one to Troll, everyone that has any sense has left the other Forums and come here, it is entertaining! What they are saying, only incriminates themselves even more than they have incriminated themselves before!

A bunch of Dummies on the wrong side!

Our numbers are up like never before! We have a lot of new members! So Welcome to all our new Members!

Just a friendly reminder, don't forget to PM Me if the Trolls come and cause trouble, I will investigate and ban them!

We are One Big Happy Family and I will do all I can to protect my Members from Trolls! You are safe Here!

Best Wishes,



Chris posted this 30 December 2019

Hey Fighter,

I try the best I can to avoid any unfair acts!


Fighter posted this 30 December 2019

I understand, I didn't knew about his posts. My concern was that he was banned by mistake.

Chris posted this 29 December 2019

Hey Fighter,

I deleted many other Threads and posts. His last one was gone as soon as it went up, and was the Nail in the Coffin, that was targeted toward all of us here.

I was patient, his first off topic thread was left, ignored. CD told him where to look for things, the second thread I told him that it was off Topic and asked him to remove the threads - He did not comply!

His last thread: "farewell" was targeted toward us. He tried, and so miserably failed, to entrap us, telling us he had no knowledge, then making claims we did not even know what an Electron was among other things.

Well I know what an Electron is and I know Sollaris1989 is now banned wink

I have his IP and am currently assessing weather I should report abuse on it.

I try to be Fair and Just, however some just rub me up the wrong way! He was asked nicely to clean up the mess he was making! He didn't!

Some think they are so smart, I have the opposite opinion!


Fighter posted this 29 December 2019

I don't think sollaris1989 is a troll. He actually have just one post were he is presenting himself. Is this ban by mistake ?...

Chris posted this 29 December 2019

Yeah, we have our fair share of Trouble makers! Come here and cause trouble, you will loose!

Perhaps just a few too many Christmas Beverages?

It would be nice for more to join us, Be part of Something Better, however many out there get carried away with the free and easy access to a Keyboard without thinking...

Happy New Year Everyone!


cd_sharp posted this 29 December 2019

Hey, man, I thought it's another user. It's so hard to remember digits at the end of the nickname.


I remember now it was Solarlab, also banned. I confused these nicknames.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 28 December 2019

My Friends,

Member: sollaris1989 has been banned for Spamming and defamatory posts.

Another Toll eliminated!

Good Bye and good riddance!


Chris posted this 04 December 2019

Hey Atti,

Very philosophical!

It is easy to tag someone as a troll. However a very specific set of predefined circumstances must be met before I tag a person as a troll.

Google defines:

Internet troll

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an...

Ref: Wikipedia


There is more to it than just this in our circles. Of course, who pays the Trolls for their time? What drives a Troll, and much more!

There are many trolls out there, however, we have Zero Problems with Trolls, simply because I will not put up with them.

The Human psyche is the key in any technology, people must have things slowly introduced. Sudden Change is always rejected. Its how Humans react. So the Human psyche is key in understanding when introducing new and amazing things!

The harder one pushes, the harder one is pushed back! Simple things are often the most complex, simply because so many people choose not to think about it simply!


Atti posted this 04 December 2019

Who's the troll?

Not in the strict sense of the word.

It is known from system theory that things work in two ways: deterministic or stochastic, that is, predetermined, predictable, or accidental.
As a result, social determinism is not 100% because it is capable of shaping its particular elements, but can be achieved through complex and slow processes.

When the phone was invented, it was not such an experience that it was good to have and gained comfort, time, etc., but they did not understand why they would want to talk to someone who was not present and would talk when they met. They did not want to register the invention because it was meaningless.
So Troll is not necessarily now.

You may not understand the whole phenomenon.
But because there are too many people declaring themselves redeeming
(youtuber, blogger, etc.) legitimate doubt, legitimate questioning.
Intentionality is another issue.
Intentionally for money or for power. Also for money.

Responding to the environment is not always a conscious decision.
-Or because he does not like the comment of the commenter.
- Or just because you don't know the full work of the contributor.
Like a miserable motivational trainer.
Of course, this has the detrimental effect that stupid people (80%) also believe (mainly they) that what they do makes sense and is therefore eager to do it.

Awareness builders and searchers do not care about such petty things.
But it's hard to stop not reacting.
The caveman would have been destroyed if he hadn't believed what he was doing.
But that may have been the damnation of the Neanderthal.

Technology alone cannot solve anything.
But simply our built and supposedly advanced world cannot live without it.
It has been shown that its construction (especially in the early stages) is highly polluting. But even today.
Many times it has been proved that things that we know can change at any time.
Knowledge is not a power, but stupidity is a mixture of arrogance and selfishness. A group of people, a mix of superpowers and interests.
If it were possible, the great powers would start a war today.
Not only locally but globally.
Although it is not excluded that the time will come.
And that will come from people's ignorance.

That put us in this situation and are you still expecting a solution?
Nevertheless, I personally like to deal with these topics.
I have little knowledge, but I also share a little with anyone.Whether or not there is someone who does not appreciate it.

I would encourage any person who has read here, but not yet, to deal with the topics.

And please kindly let us know what you think.
Show us a little video and discuss the issues.
 You can learn from everything!

So the truth is always in the middle.
All issues need to be addressed.

Particularly uplifting for me is that those who follow and actively comment: the best company possible.
It's a pleasure to be here.

So Troll here or there, I don't care.

But this is just my opinion.

Chris posted this 04 December 2019

My Friends,

It seems Troll tactics are changing.

I spend several years learning who the Trolls were. I know a huge amount of details on them, more than they realize! I have had help from a few friends in Id'ing them and also finding out who they work for!

It seems the new tactic is playing dumb and also making HUGE claims and telling others they are not sharing.

Fools Gold Tactic.

Don't be sucked in, you, all Members here, and most readers in general, will be able to see right through this tactic.

This post is a BEWARE Post, a Heads Up, watch for more lies from the Trolls!

If you want Energy, I have given you much more than you may realize at this early stage.

The Dumb Campaign that's been running since the 20's is working, some are trying hard not to be sucked into a scam, when the real thing is steering them right in their face, and those Trained Dumb Monkeys cant see the Forest for the Trees. How does someone hide something? Put out tons of scams and then hide the truth in plain sight! Psychological Warfare!

Yup, NO Trolls Here! We are the safest forum on the Internet!

Learn what it takes to "Generate" Energy and you will see, what I have shared with you is real, its simple, and its cheap!

Learn, and Build before its to late! Share before its too late!


Chris posted this 03 December 2019

My Friends,

I have to share this, as it is something I have also observed:

I never thought this would happen here, with only 146 members and good protocols in place, most members having been known for many years as well as moderation and good house rules, to have 2 hidden trolls, and who knows how many more are lurking among us, was not even a consideration in my mind. I expected it at with their thousands of users who nobody knows, but here? My mind was wrapped around my experimental projects and other building and testing projects with others, in other words my work. I felt safe and secure here, and even nurtured at times. We didn't all think alike but I see that as a good thing. If everyone believed the same way and we all acted alike, dressed alike,talked alike, and lived alike what a dull and boring existence that would be. Nothing new or different or surprising would ever happen or come up in conversation. We would talk about the same things over and over ad nauseum. So I see differences as a good thing healthy even.

Having differences is one thing but when those differences become malicious that is another. Trolls and Schills don't care about any of that though, they only care about their agenda whatever that agenda may be. It is no longer about differences it is about accomplishing a task. With trolls shills and hacks it is about imposing their agenda on their hapless victims. To do this they use every trick they can come up with to lie, deceive and try to change the conversation or in other words to impose their agenda on us. They delete and modify posts, they set and bait traps to catch the unwary, and then to malign, discredit and besmirch their target, they try to distract and mislead you, change topics and eventually to shut down and close the threads they don't want around with their BS. Their malicious agenda is served! We have seen this over and over from one site to another, and many times the same characters are involved.

Well they struck at me right here at OUR and many of you have been witness to this fact. They tried to malign and discredit me now all deleted from the 'Keeping up with technology' thread which is no longer the same thread. They modified it completely deleting posts by myself, Chet, Ion, 3D magnetic's, jimboot and probably others. They left one post of mine which makes it look like I came out of nowhere and attacked AC in that now nice clean thread of theirs. Now I look like I was the bad guy jumping on poor old AC who is just trying to make a contribution to this forum, when it was specifically set up to target me and take my thread out. Well now you have to ask yourself if there was a fight here, where?, it has all been deleted to cover up their trolling. Many of you who were reading there know what I say is true, many of you had your own posts deleted by them, maybe some of you could inform Poynt99 to the fact as he now thinks I am the problem! that I started the whole thing!

They then took things over to my thread where they tried to mislead and misdirect it until they both came out and threatened me with physical harm if I continued with it. I am the working man experimenting, building and sharing it with everyone, I don't need or deserve to be physically threatened by the likes of these two characters and be driven out of this site. And it is quite interesting that I was driven out of when I posted the same information 10 years ago on that site, I waited 10 years to post this information again and almost immediately am attacked again. On a bigger user site like it is harder to tell who the bad actors are, but not here, it is obvious.

Being nothing is going to be done to them, they will be here to keep you all company for a lot more time. Do you feel safer now and more likely to share your hard work, time, and money with the world??? I sure don't! so I will be leaving this forum until such time as it is safe if that ever happens. I suggest you pay attention to my thread 'Tunable Large Signal Receiver' as evidently it is hitting to close to home for someones comfort, meaning it must be on the right track!

If you combine the rapid rotation of this 2 phase driven device with Smudges paper posted on page 4 'On Electro-magnetic Inertia 2' there may be a path there for a new form of propulsion (similar to a UFO) and maybe anti-gravity. The poles probably need to be driven by a Mhz range signal unless the device is quite large (30 to 50 feet dia.) which will keep it to 100's of Khz to reach rotational speeds close or beyond that of light, the eventual goal of my thread.

I have enjoyed being here and working with the good people of OUR it's too bad there are always rotten apples in every barrel. I think the brain power is here is awesome! Thank you to everyone who stood with me and may a break through come for us all!

God Bless and
Merry Christmas

Ref: When trolls and schills strike -


We here, have the strictest Troll Policy! We have eliminated all Trolls, and its simple, they come, they get banned. We know who they are, we know their tactics... We eliminate, easy!

Some members of I have already banned, isn't it ironic!

Room3327, I publically invite you to

You will be safe here!



P.S: Room3327, you way over rate the brain power there, its no where near as smart as our team!

mrblobby posted this 10 January 2019

Another way of looking at the Troll issue, is that you absolutely know that you're over the target when Trolls, and Trolling activity increase in intensity.

Never forget you're upsetting the applecart for an entrenched power structure with the information discussed in this forum.

I just love this place, I've learnt so much being a member here.

Prometheus posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Zanzal,

You're right! Ziggy left me, publically available, YouTube comments also. I have no desire to entertain skeptics. Trashing Our Forum was enough to make my mind up.

I pinned a comment to my video, so as to supersede his comment:



@Aloha - Thanks!


Ah, so you did give him more rope than I'd reckoned.  Good work, Chris.

alohalaoha posted this 09 January 2019

If is it so simple like Ziggy Troll said, why should he didn't made free energy machine in his home already ?

Why he was asking us to repeat his experiments ? To validate his pseudo main stream scinece theory ?

Seems to me like another one smarty from the very long list who think he has sucked all the etheral wisdom from his smallest finger while positioned yourself like a Guru FE and Master of Levitation !

Aloha !


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Chris posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Zanzal,

You're right! Ziggy left me, publically available, YouTube comments also. I have no desire to entertain skeptics. Trashing Our Forum was enough to make my mind up.

I pinned a comment to my video, so as to supersede his comment:



@Aloha - Thanks!


alohalaoha posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Chris

Good job man

Keep it up - cleaning trolls bustards from this forum. There is no place for them.

Have a good time in Oz.

Best wishes


Zanzal posted this 09 January 2019

I am all or giving people a chance, but trashing our Forum, making disrespectful comments. Its just easier if they stay out, not a member of our forum. However, I will make a little more effort next time.

Hey Chris, yeah I was very hopeful he was here to help push toward meaningful solutions to the world's problems, but how he responded to being banned proves you were right to ban him. I don't believe his question was given with intent to illicit a real answer, rather it appeared to me that he believed our goal was to create electrons and saw the futility of that and went out of his way to discourage us. As I told him when he PM'd me his question: Overunity in my view is not about creating electrons, its about the manipulation of vector and scalar potentials to perform extra work. Of course that's not a perfect answer, but its a very simple way of looking at the objective as opposed to creating electrons.

Had he been more open minded and encouraging in his attitude toward our individual endeavors he probably could have been a decent contributor. But he chose the other path to discourage others. We have no need for those who are here to disrupt our research.

Chris posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Guys,

Ziggy and I had a few PM's and also a few messages on YouTube. He seemed like a nice guy! When he found out about our Energy Work, he seemed to become very skeptical. Making unnecessary comments.

I am all or giving people a chance, but trashing our Forum, making disrespectful comments. Its just easier if they stay out, not a member of our forum. However, I will make a little more effort next time.


Zanzal posted this 09 January 2019

Thanks Chris for keeping the forum clean. I agree with Prometheus on observing new people and trying to gauge their behavior, but I totally agree that Ziggy 1.0 and 2.0 exhibited narcissistic shill-like behavior and needed to be purged with fire.

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Prometheus posted this 09 January 2019

I appreciate your efforts, Chris. I tend to get sucked into conversation with the scientific neophytes who believe they've arrived at "The Answer", and who are generally immune to Clue. Eventually, the conversation usually devolves into my presenting scientific evidence, and the counterparty denying said evidence and insisting that only they have "The Answer". Your gleaning of these sorts frees my time to pursue further research.

Although, I must say, there have been a few "diamonds in the rough" who were genuinely the vanguard of scientific knowledge and  taught me a lot despite appearing at first to be a neophyte... some don't communicate as well as others.

I'd recommend a bit more rope to newbies, we need to see if they have anything to offer, or if they're just pretenders.


Chris posted this 09 January 2019

Member: "Way-over-unity" has also been Scrubbed and Banned for the same things above. The same being has returned with a new IP. It has been recorded and a letter is being drafted to his ISP and also APNIC, IANA and Internet abuse Canada.

I am tempted to close registrations for a while, to let the inrush of Trolls subside!



Chris posted this 08 January 2019

Member: "Ziggy" has been Scrubbed, and Banned. 

Reason: Too much noise, and he was phishing for Member distractions as well as disrespect for our Forum and Members.

He was warned once.


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Chris posted this 01 November 2018

Hey MM,

Perhaps a little too far, but yes, we will not allow Trolls! Period!


Marathonman posted this 31 October 2018

Open chamber, insert bullet, close chamber, aime, FIRE!

Dead Troll, it's that simple.



Chris posted this 31 October 2018

Hey Zanzal,

I like Humour! This is the approach Idea1man did try to start.

However, he was Trolling, many Personal Attacks against people including myself, posts off topic, threads off topic, all of the things we are working hard to eliminate in our Forum.

The effort made by Idea1man to distract, and demotivate was planned, to Infiltrate and destroy from within. Planned Paid Trolling!

I have deleted, already, his work, and I will continue to do so! Trolling will be Deleted!

We will NOT allow Trolls! Our Troll Policy is very strict!

I stopped his effort. Sorry but this is true.

   Buzz Lightyear aka Chris

Zanzal posted this 30 October 2018

The Chris is our master, the Chris decides who shall stay and who shall go. Farewell Idea1Man, you have been chosen.


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Chris posted this 29 October 2018

My Friends,

Idea1Man also known as Bob, has been banned for Trolling Our Forum.

After many warnings and a LOT of Spam, off Topic Posts and Threads, I made the decision to Ban Idea1Man for excessive personal attacks.

This post is just so you know.


Chris posted this 27 May 2018

Hey MM, Classic thanks for sharing!

Yes, the Internet seems to be full of Trolls! They work hard for their money, i'll give em that!


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Marathonman posted this 27 May 2018

I just thought you would get a kick out of this Chris.

i made it today.


Attached Files

Chris posted this 22 May 2018

My Friends,

After Crushing our last Troll: "greglazor"

Today we have cleaned up some Threads and Posts that were negative and unnecessary.

I want you all to know, I am fully aware of every post on this forum, and unfortunately I can only act on these posts when I see them. I think it is fair and just to give people a chance to right their wrongs.

My point is, I will not tolerate any attacks on other Members! All genuine Members are important to me! Trolls I care not.

Of course I can only bring down my Big Red Troll Crusher and Removal Button once problems are spotted, then a little time to act.

We must be proud, the Trolls come, we crush and remove. They are targeting us for a very good reason:

We are Light Years Beyond the Other Forums!


Lets rise above the rest and hold our heads high knowing they come to our domain to target us and we send them home crying.


Marathonman posted this 30 April 2018

and what distraction are you referring to, er um the Spamming Jester.

Paid, UN-Paid or just stupid take your pic.



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Chris posted this 29 April 2018

Hey Guys,

Member "greglazor", has been Banned. IP has been reported to the APNIC and IANA as a spammer and serial pest.

We will not tolerate Goon Squad Trolls here! Thank you to all Members reporting this user, we have given this person a chance and they did not right their wrongs!

All back on track now, happy progressing my Friends!



P.S: I am a little flattered that someone, Paid or Un-Paid, would come here to distract and disturb as much as this person has! WOW, we must be Important!

Marathonman posted this 29 April 2018

 GREGLAZOR is a spammer and a troll.


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Chris posted this 09 May 2017

Thanks Pat1 - Not watched it yet, but here is the link:

Over at some other forums, one in particular, they are Rampant! Little groups of Brainless Idiots! Always shooting others down! I don't want to name names, but I have Profiled these people, Name, Phone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses and where they live, just in-case.


pat1 posted this 08 May 2017

Hi All,

I havn't personally experienced Trolls.  I found an interesting program on abc iview called "Cyberhate with Tara Moss".  Just wanted to share it as Tara eventually goes into human skills to deal with them i thought might be useful.

much respect,


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