Magnetic Resonance

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Chris posted this 16 December 2018


Magnetic Resonance is where the Currents in both Partnered Output Coils are 180 degrees out of phase. Equal in magnitude and opposite.


Alfred Hubbard, Floyd Sweet, and Don Smith used the term: Magnetic Resonance, or at least inferred it. Floyd sweet has this to say about it:

Natural magnetic resonance freq = 2.80GHz the nuclear magnetic resonance of a free electron when charges in magnetic states are induced by magnetic field the changes in states causes a condition called electron paramagnetic resonance, or EPR. The EPR of a free electron is 2.80 H MC. Where H is in gauss.


Alfred Hubbard gave us this insight:


Don Smith spoke of Magnetic Resonance all the time:

Useful energy occurs as the result of imbalances in the ambient background energy, which is a transient phenomena. In the electrical field, it is a closed system subject to heat death, which severely limits it's utility. The flip side of the electron, produces magnetic waves which are an open system, not subject to heat death. These waves, being unrestricted, are the universal source of energy when unlimited resonate duplicates from this one source are available. Therefore, the key to unlimited energy, is Magnetic Resonance. In order to understand this, requires putting a stake through the Heart of Antique Physics. Non-linear and Open Systems are universally available in Magnetic Resonance Systems, Explosions of any sort [including Atomic Explosions] and Combustibles of any type. Mechanical equivalents would be levers, pulleys and hydraulics. A highly obvious example is the Piano where the Key impacts the one note giving one sound level, which resonates with it's two side keys providing a much higher sound level. Magnetic Resonance Energy clearly amplifies itself, demonstrating more energy out, than in. Ohmic resistance does not apply to Magnetic Resonance which travels unrestricted for great distances, therefore multitudes of electrons are disturbed, and their back-spin translates magnetic into usable electric energy. The right angle component which the magnetic flux provides, translates into useful electrical energy. Taken at right angles, the Magnetic Dipole provides an unlimited source of electrical energy. The writer is recognized world-wide for his knowledge and experience. See his Web Site at


The Mr Preva Experiment shows us Magnetic Resonance:





The Ampere Turns is equal to the Current I through Turns N, so 7 Turns times 5.1 Amperes = 35.7 Ampere Turns. The same is true for the second Coil, Current I through Turns N equals 11 Turns times 2.3 Amperes = 25.3 Ampere Turns. This is unusual, the ampere turns would normally be the same but we see quite a different figure, a difference of: 10.4 Ampere Turns.

We see the Currents are 180 degrees out of phase, the Magnetic Fields are in Resonance:



We can see, Magnetic Resonance is the bringing about by means of Circuit resonance of Magnetic Fields that are opposite, 180 degrees out of phase, and Magnitude are approximately equal.


NOTE: Antenna Theory uses Magnetic Resonance techniques. We have covered this in great detail already.








This Magnetic Resonance, does seem to be a quantum effect, Magnetic Moments of the Electrons precession like Spinning Tops in an external Magnetic Field.


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Jagau posted this 16 December 2018

Magnetic resonance is the secret of O.U.

especially if one can create a charging system that the source does not see (Blind charger).

Excellent post Chris


Chris posted this 16 December 2018

Jagau is correct!

Magnetic Resonance is the secret to OU! Above Unity machines can only achieve Above Unity if Magnetic Resonance is achieved!


One MUST realise, as we see in LCR Tank Circuits, the Coils reach maximum Amplitude when in Resonance.


This is a critical point to realise. The increase of Amplitude at Resonance is shown:




Adding or removing Capacitance adds or removes XC Inductive Capacitance to the Circuit and the Frequency changes as a result.

At maximum Amplitude, maximum Current ( Magnetic Field ) and Voltage can traverse the RLC Circuit with the least Impedance, XC and XL are equal and cancel each other out, remember our Impedance Thread!

Power can do maximum work. There are no Reflections, Electrical Standing Waves, and the Power does not cancel out, remember what Floyd Sweet said:

Resonance frequencies may be maintained quite constant at high power levels so long as the load remains constant. We are all familiar with AM and FM propagation, where in the case as AM, the voltage amplitude varies, and with FM, the frequency is modulated.

However, the output power sees a constant load impedance, that of the matched antenna system. If this changes, the input to the antenna is mismatched, and standing waves are generated resulting in a loss of power. The frequency is a forced response and remains constant. Power is lost and efficiency becomes less and less, depending on the degree of mismatch.


We have covered Destructive Interference in a Transmission line:


Remember, Electric and Magnetic Standing waves are not the same! 

The signal down a transmission line, when in resonance, is related to the length of the Wire and the Wavelength of the Signal. However, the Magnetic Resonance, Destructive Interference, when the Coils are Electrically in Resonance, eg, the Wavelength of the Signal and the Length of the Coil are equal, or at least the Impedance is equal, which creates Magnetic Cancelation and an Electric Standing Wave, the Current Doubles as we were told:

If the directions of the two signals are such that opposite H-fields cancel and E-fields add, an apparently steady E-field will be created. The energy density of the fields remain as calculated above, but the value of the E-field will double from E / 2 to E.


and also:


In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right.

Current to the right is: I = da+ / dt + da- / dt.

Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.


So, from a technical point of view, the Coils have minimum Electrical Impedance, already shown in my thread: Reduced Impedance Effect, but maximum Magnetic Impedance.

The Magnetic Fields are Modulating over the course of Time, exactly as an Electrical Generator does, sinusoidally as we saw in The Mr Preva Experiment. The Modulating Magnetic Field is the first requirement for Faradays Law of Electromagnetic Induction!

All the answers are here my friends, I have laid out a very specific path, all that needs be done is follow it.


Forelle posted this 24 March 2019

Hi all,

yesterday was a good day because i achieved for the first time magnetic resonance.The sound is actually very strange and like Chris said you know it when you have it and i think i have it.i did use the laminates of a 3 phase transformer where i have  on the middleleg(input coil) a wire with 1.3mm and 43 turns and on the left and right 0.9mm and 187 turns (outputcoil,poc).I have a load across the outputcoils with a lamp 26ohm 5w 12v,no capacitor no diodes. One resonancepoint was 4,03khz and 246µs dutycycle the next 8,06khz and 384µs the next 10,6 khz and 93,9µs the next 16,9 khz and 60,8µs.

The effect only appeared if i have 50% dutycycle or if i have about 90% on time and 10%off .If you are 0,01khz or 0,1µs off the resonance point it did not show up,so it is very sensitive.When i reached the point the input jumped up from 6,3V 1 A to 1,8A and then the lamp gets very bright and not constant in brightness.After some minutes the light changed a little and i did not realize for some seconds that the lampfilament is burned and i had a spark of about 1 cm in lenght  inside wich burned the two legs away where normaly the filament of the lamp is mounted.

So for now thats what i expierienced,more to come...


Atti posted this 24 March 2019

So  for now thats what i expierienced,more to come...


If you can send a record of it. Thank You.

Atti posted this 24 March 2019

Forelle, Feel free to do it here. No one will laugh.

Chris posted this 24 March 2019

My Friends,

Atti is right, NO ONE gets picked on here! We are all equal!

We are all here to help each other!

Best wishes



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Forelle posted this 25 March 2019

Hi all

Today is not a good day,i just found out that my frequency generator has some damage at the frequencies where i thought i have reached magnetic resonance.At this frequencies start the generator pulsetrains and i thought it has to do with the mag.resonance.This is the reason why the input did rise.So no video at the moment,maybe in some yearssmile.

Have a nice day.

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Vidura posted this 26 March 2019

Hi Forelle,
Take it easy, from every experiment we can learn, also from the failed ones. Regarding the pulstrains , this is certainly a technique which is used by many builders to trigger magnetic resonance. Keep your attention on it, good luck for further experiments!


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Forelle posted this 01 May 2019

Hi everyone,

this is a short info how i am going further.I thought whats the simplest way to get the 180° phaseshift(it is not the complet phaseshift because i have not enough caps)and i took a variable transformer which i connected to the inputcoil.Both outputcoils are connected on the windingstart in POC and the ends are connected with a load between,on the bigger coil is a capacitor connected(no diodes).On the first picture (this is when the inputpower is small)you see the yellow trace is output current on the smaller coil and blue current on the bigger coil,viollet is the inputvoltage.

If the inputpower is raised suddenly you see the waveform of the second picture,current starts to shift,the sound changes the lamps are much brighter and the inputpower goes down.Not finished but a first sucsess,i need more capacitorslaughing.

Have a good day.




Chris posted this 01 May 2019

Hey Oliver,

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Maybe try lowering your input Voltage, it looks like your core is in saturation, the sharp peaks indicate this. This may help with the resonance.

Also, try the circuit without Diodes, you shouldn't need them to get resonance.

In my understanding, you're replication The Mr Preva Experiment? Maybe we should move this to The Mr Preva Thread also?

Good work, I am very impressed wink.


Forelle posted this 01 May 2019

Hi Chris The Input voltage on the first picture is one volt and the peaks start forming at about 1,5vpp the Second picture is 3vpp.The Input wire diameter is 1,9mm and 40 windings,i did not thought that the core is saturated so suddenly but i think you are right because it needs ca. 6 amp.On the other way if it would be saturated the amplitude should not get higher when i put more power in. You can move it to Mr.Preva thread.I think i should make this experiment.The diodes are Not connected. Have a good day.

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Vidura posted this 01 May 2019

Hey Forelle, Good experience, I think I remember to get this waveform in some of my transformer testing. The hi input current indicate that frequency is low? The capacitor on the POC is in series or parallel? Vidura

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Forelle posted this 01 May 2019

Hi Vidura The frequency is mains 50hz and the cap (1500uf)is paralell over the Big Output coil,the setup was for Dc switching,the coil has to low resistance about 0,1ohm therefore such low Input voltage. Good day Oliver

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Forelle posted this 05 May 2019

Hi all,

I have made the same test where L2 L3 have the same amount of wire and the effect doesn't show up.If i put more capacity on the L3 the input goes further down but i have not more caps,i hope they arrive this week.First i thought i have one currentprobe inverted but it is correct.With 2 Vpp  the inputcoil draws 15A and the output lamps barley light and shows a clean sinewave and at 2.1 Vpp the wave in picture 2 (above post)came up and the Amps go down to 7 and the lamps are much brighter and the sound much more vibrating.Than they are 160° shifted.

Have a good day.


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Chris posted this 05 May 2019

Hi Forelle,

If L1 is the Primary, L2 and L3 are your Partnered Output Coils, then the Currents between the Partnered Output Coils, L2 and L3, then these two Coils must be 180 Degrees out of phase. This is the task.

If you do not have this condition, then you must work toward this condition.

L1 and L3 will have almost Zero Degrees Phase Angle.

When you have this condition, you will see effects I have described. A working Machine.

At 180 Degrees, Energy is "Generated". wink



P.S: Please, Please, do The Mr Preva Experiment as many times as you can to learn some of the most important things Science has to offer! This is a very important experiment! For an Open Mind, a lot of information can be learned!

Forelle posted this 05 May 2019

Hi Chris 

I am working on to get the 180°,currently i am  20° off.I have to make the Mr.Preva experiment and i will do it.

Thank you


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Chris posted this 06 July 2019

My Friends,

Worth sharing here also, I shared Here and Here some of my early experiments to try to further understand Bucking Coils.

Its worth reposting a little of the information here:




Note: Zero Conduction between Scope Ground and PSU Negative:



I first posted this to the thread I started: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy way back on November 29, 2015, 7 AM and have posted several times here on this forum,

This is old information and it is only one Experiment I have done to gain further knowledge on Bucking Coils!

I perhaps should make a point here, of first, quoting Floyd Sweet:

Work in high speed logic conducted by Ivor Catt has shown that the model of lumped capacitance is faulty and displacement current is an artefact of the faulty model. Since any capacitor behaves similarly to a transmission line it is no more necessary to postulate a displacement current for the capacitor than it is necessary to do so for a transmission line

Ref: Nothing is something - Floyd A Sweet.


And second, asking the question, how did the Amplitude increase along with the noise, when I open circuited the machine when in operation? In any normal machine, open circuit means OFF! Of course, except in a Capacitor!


NOTE: This is a step in the right direction, its not the final product!


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