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Chris posted this 25 May 2018

Hi Team,

To stop spammers/Trolls I have added more incentive for all here to complete Profiles:


I have increased the points for adding Images and Signatures to profiles to 20 from 10. This is recommended as you can see.

All Member Profiles are Member Only Access, however I don't recommend entering information that is private and confidential, just in case we get another Troll.

You can edit your Profile by going to Account -> Edit <YOURNAME>

Thanks Guys.



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Marathonman posted this 25 May 2018

It would be nice to not let people drop unproven circuits on the thread when they first sign on. drive by's are very annoying.


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Chris posted this 25 May 2018

Hey MM,

A conundrum! People learn from experience, by trying, and I guess thats one way of learning.

Space is important, and to be honest, I would like all to have their own thread where they share their own work in their own thread, we can easily link with a Tag.

If I were to create a thread: "Chris's Figurea Replication" then have a Tag: "Clemente-Figuera" I could link to your thread.

I really want all to share and not to be scared of sharing, but at the same time be respectful of others threads.

If anyone needs help, please let me know and I can help in the creation of a Thread.

Also, if the drop is not genuine, moderation is easy, just let me know.


Marathonman posted this 26 May 2018

yes Chris i do agree to post freely but the underlying problem i see is people jumping in without spending the time to read the whole thread to see where the researchers are at.  i am a firm believer in sharing as you are quite aware but barging in is quite rude and fringes on troll or spammer territory.


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Chris posted this 26 May 2018

Hey MM and others,

I can moderate, I can move posts out into their own thread, so please let me know if this occurs, I will rectify!

Please note, I try to contact the person first to explain, its only courteous, then I move. So it may not be immediately.


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