The Active Miss-Direction of People

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Chris posted this 15 July 2019

My Friends,


Don't allow yourselves to be miss-led!



I need to make a clear point to all Members and Readers.

At the moment there is a ton of Miss-Direction, Lies and Fake Data being pushed to people! Its a all over Other Forums like a Bad Rash!

WOW, I have seen this before, but no where near as bad as what I am seeing now!

I urge all Members, all Readers and all interested in this field - Use Logic, look at the claims being made and do the figures! Its all Lies! You're deliberately being miss-led! You're being lied to! Its like a sponsored CIA Operation to flood everyone with Lies!

Warning: LCR Resonance can NEVER EVER BE Aboveunity! Energy must be Pumped from the Source!

This is the biggest push I have seen!


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Chris posted this 25 July 2019

Hey CD,

The bottom image is considered a Non Inductive Coil, the top a Standard Transformer.

Yes you're right, a difference in Voltage will be present.


cd_sharp posted this 25 July 2019

My Friends,

I should ask: Is there any difference between these two images:

Look carefully, the Currents are doing the same thing! Technically, a Non-Inductive Coil is the same as a Transformer in the way it works.

The only real difference is Phase Angle, minimal, and localisation of the Magnetic Fields, meaning, the Turns are not one for one.


Hey, man, as you said in the separate wires case, there is the possibility of voltage difference between two ends on the same side. The similitude is obviously the cancellation of inductance, a very important property in both cases.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 24 July 2019

Hey Vasile,

Yes "weird" is a good word to use. I have updated the link to the actual message I was referring...

Apologies, for some reason the link I posted did not work properly.


Chris posted this 24 July 2019

My Friends,

It seems the CIA Op is quickly becoming a laughable act! See Here.

Members on one of the other forums are being moderated all over the show, many threatening to leave!

Wow, it's a real mess! If you want to read about how bad a forum can go, check out the link above! WOW unbelievable! Desperation or Madness?

It should be noted, the threads demonstrating commonsense are completely passed by: Here.

How good do we have it here! I will never let anything get out of control like that!


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Chris posted this 18 July 2019

My Friends,

I should ask: Is there any difference between these two images:

Look carefully, the Currents are doing the same thing! Technically, a Non-Inductive Coil is the same as a Transformer in the way it works.

The only real difference is Phase Angle, minimal, and localisation of the Magnetic Fields, meaning, the Turns are not one for one.


Chris posted this 16 July 2019

@ Jagau - An awesome quote!

Once unity has been achieved and the gate to the Dirac Sea opened, overunity is affected by loading the open gate more and more which opens it further to the point where direct communication/interaction with the nucleus of the atom itself is achieved.


If we infer "The Load" as a Resistance of 10 Ohms, and increase it, as in Parallel Resistance:


Resistors in Parallel are calculated using this reciprocal formula: 1/10 + 1/10 + 1/10 = 0.3 = 1/0.3 = ‭3.33 Ohms of Resistance.

Now, Ohms Law: 


Prior to adding Resistance, Ohms Law gives us: Current ( I ) = 10 Volts ( E ) / 10 Ohms Resistance ( R ) = 1.0 Amperes.

We can say now: Current ( I ) = 10 Volts ( E ) / 3.33 Ohms Resistance ( R ) = 3.0 Amperes.

So adding Resistance in Parallel, which is being referred to, actually increases the Load Current - A CRITICAL factor to know and understand!

Now as Current ( I ) increases through Turns ( N ) so does the Magnetic Fields, plural, and this fact: "loading the open gate more and more which opens it further to the point where direct communication/interaction with the nucleus of the atom itself is achieved" is not the atom of the Magnets!

No its the atom in the Copper Wire!

Now we know that the Magnetic Field equals: B = μ0NI =  1.25663706143592E-06 * 100 * 3.0 = 0.000376991118430775 Gauss compared to: 0.000125663706143592 Gauss.

An increase by a factor of: ‭2.9999999999999920422528454052503

Isn't that interesting, the factor: 2.99 is the same as the factor we increased the Resistance by wink

Now we know, Magnetic Fields, once we get them pumping, the stronger they are, the more Current they can pump from the Source, or Floyd Sweet said: "the gate to the Dirac Sea"‬

Jagau, I know you already know this, but for other readers that do not.

@solarlab - You're right! Keep it simple! I think we have been lucky, we have seen a few machines, that really are proof of performance, RT V3 and the MIT. I guess it depends on the individual, as to "How Much" proof one requires?

If I may:

Many here laugh at, and mok EMJ, but the fact is , he is basically right in what he is trying to put forward.

Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


This does work, once the right conditions are met!


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solarlab posted this 16 July 2019

Think simple!

Moving electrons set up moving magnetics.[call this the primary - generator]

Moving magnetics can "transfer energy."[call this the transfer mechanism]

Capture the moving magnetics without disturbing their source (primary) generator.
  [call this the isolated open loop secondary or capture]
   Use a seperated open loop capture (isolated). Asymetrical transformer, etc. [call this the gain]

Convert the captured magnetics into moving electrons. [call this the converter]

Adjust the frequencies and up/down convert as required. [call this the inverter]

No need to complicate things. KISS principle...

BTW, there are many experts (no proof of performance however) so think for yourself!

Anyway, have a good one...



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Jagau posted this 16 July 2019

I am a bit off topic but an inventor who I believe has said:

With regards to over-unity phenomena it is important to note that so long as positive energy is present in a positive / flowing time regime, unity and over-unity power gains are not possible. The summation of the losses due to resistance, impedance, friction, magnetic hysteresis and Eddy currents and windage losses of rotating machinery will always reduce overall efficiency below unity for a closed system. The laws of conservation of energy always apply to all systems.

However, the induced motional E-field changes the system upon which those laws need be applied. Since the vacuum triode operates in dimensions more than four and provides a line between the multi-dimensional reality of the quantum state and a link between Dirac Sea we are now dealing with an open-ended system, not the closed system within which all conservation and thermodynamic laws were developed.

To achieve unity, the summation of all magnetic and ohmic losses must equal zero.

Once unity has been achieved and the gate to the Dirac Sea opened, overunity is affected by loading the open gate more and more which opens it further to the point where direct communication/interaction with the nucleus of the atom itself is achieved

Dixit Floyd Sweet



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Chris posted this 16 July 2019

Hey Guys,

WOW What a topic! We should have moved this to a separate Thread, may do that yet? wink

I think the base question must be asked: What is the Requirement to "Generate" excess Energy?

Truly, if we have no idea on how Excess Energy might be "Generated" then we are wasting our time! Lets be honest, Any Transformation of Energy is a Symmetrical Process and will always result in COP < 1.0.

For example, Transformation minus losses = < 1.0!

Again, the LCR Resonant Circuit is an excellent example of this, Transformation minus Losses.

What is the Source of Electrical Energy?


The Volume of, and Velocity of, Charged Subatomic Particles! 


Now what is the meaning of this statement?

A Volume of Subatomic Particles, having a Charge, either Electrons and or Ions depending on which textbook you read, although Ions are typically Holes left behind by Electrons and should not move, are set into motion down a Wave Guide, for example an Insulated Copper Wire. "Some experiments here on this forum may not agree with this."

Now when a Copper Wire is resonant, because of the Coils Distributed Capacitance, and the Coils Inductance, at: f = 1/ 2π sqrt(LC), again pointed out above, the Coil is able to allow an Electromagnetic Wave run the entire length of the Coil, the Energy that is input, travels down the Wire at a Factor of the Speed of Light, reaching the other end of the Wire with minimal Impedance ( Z ), which as also pointed out above, this is a Quality Factor ( Q ), at Zero Impedance, the Quality Factor is Infinite, which determines the Loss in achieving this procedure, however, any Impedance connected to the end of the Wire will have an Electrical Destructive Wave interference:


Or with some Impedance:



NOTE: There is a difference, Electrical Destructive and Constructive Wave Interference, and then Magnetic Destructive and Constructive Wave Interference! Please don't let this confuse this sites Topic!

Now, we must agree, all the energy sent down a Wire, all of it, will reach the other End if we have Infinite Q, thus Zero Impedance. However, in this world, this is only ever possible in Super Conductors, and currently Science denies Room Temperature Superconductors. This means we must cool Super Conductors to about −243.2 °C, of course making Superconductors Non-Practical!

We must note: Zero Energy is "Generated" during this procedure!

This means, use all your Input Energy at the end of its super efficient Travel, you have Zero Energy left. Zero Energy Gain!

So, in any Standard LCR Resonant Circuit, Earthed or Un-Earthed, Zero Energy is "Generated", we never have any excess energy gained! Remembering, we have two full Energy Transformations, two per Cycle:


  1. Electrical to Magnetic.
  2. Magnetic to Electrical.


Lets define an Electrical Energy Generation Moment:

Work done to produce both Volume of, and Velocity of, Charged Subatomic Particles.


It is impossible, according to Science to get Work for nothing, Work is the very definition of Energy and Energy can not be Created or Destroyed! From this narrow, inarticulate view point, it is true! However, in our ability to evolve past this narrow, inarticulate view point Science has Postulated, we can see this is not entirely accurate!

It must be noted: To invoke Velocity of an Object requires Work in the form of Torque, or Force, which requires an Equal and Opposite Action and Reaction Force Pairs. Newton's Third Law.

Now, we do not have to pay for an action Reaction Pair! It is not necessary for us to put all the Energy in, to perform Work!

Take for example, a Crane, lifting a Three Ton Concrete block. The Crane does not need to use a 3.01 Ton Force to lift the Concrete block! We can use a Counter Balance method to lift the 3 Ton Concrete Block using only 0.025 Tons of Force.

The same is true of the Hydraulic Ram Pump, Gravity itself acts as the Input Force, we pay for nothing on this device! As a result it is a COP = ∞ machine!

Because Electromagnetic Waves have the same Inverse Square Law Force as Gravity, if we are smart enough we can use a Counter Balancing Magnetic Field to assist us in our efforts!

No Rocket Science here, no Force Created nor Destroyed!

You see, not a single person has defined an Electrical Energy Generation Moment, thus none understand how and why we must "Generate" excess Energy in the Machine.

Our Input must be merely a Catalyst for the above to occur, then the System does the rest for you, as the Crane does.


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solarlab posted this 16 July 2019

Great points fellas!

Even a simple scheme has a full compliment of multiple, complex, inter-workings and intra-workings.Then add thermal and proximity - it's far beyond the scope of a scientific calculator, a dozen $130 books, and a thousand papers.

As we have seen for the past many years; only a "lucky few" have achieved working devices. But it does give hope and encouragement that "IT" can be done.

To overcome a lot of the interactive complexity a CAE approach is being pursued - but these tools still do not provide the intuative insight needed to concieve a concept and eventually engineer the device.

This can only be gained through insightful experimenting and plain old doggidness!

Maybe we can "force" that luck a bit however!



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Jagau posted this 16 July 2019


Many factors are to be considered with Qality factor

As Q= XL / R and Q = 2piFL / R 

inductive reactance, XL varies according to the frequency.

This means that the inductor Q factor will also change with frequency.

In addition to this, the resistive losses which are made up from the skin effect, radiation losses, eddy current, and hysteresis are also frequency dependent, even though they are resistive losses.

These effects too will also affect the inductor Q factor

Dont forget high Q is very difficuly to tune bandpass is very sharp


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solarlab posted this 16 July 2019

Try this:

Three pages, then

Lets make a transversal wave into a longitudinal wave by adjusting a stimulating wave's harmonics (figure 6.)

Then lets test it for fun using an animation:

Note, some browsers do not populate the sliders correctly so you might have to do it by hand.

Try this - L=0.5&Q=100&g=100&g=81&g=56&g=30&g=16&ph=90&ph=90&ph=90&ph=90&ph=90&
               wavelength, Q, gain [H] 1 thru 5, Phase [p] 1 thru 5.

These numbers are found in the URL address of the animation page.

Now, adjust the line = 1/2 wavelength, Q=200 (from default 100) then play with the Harmonic gains and phase angles. You have to reset (Nepecyntatb (sic)] after making adjustments. Let it run for while to achieve the full effect - note the signal increase. Use the arrows at the bottom of the display to speed up or slow down the display.

Gorchilin Notes:




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solarlab posted this 16 July 2019

Right. Losses (low Q) and interference (loading) with the oscillation are bad. Generation of "extra energy" can be achieved by asymetrical transformer effects and many other means; increase the frequency, dv/dt - di/dt (recall the 4x increase in power with only a 2x increase in time).

Start with the basic assume of an infinite Q (no losses) LC tank circuit - once it is set oscillating it will keep on oscillating, right? Since there is no reason for it to stop; L energy to C energy then back to L then back to C ..

How long the oscillation will continue without any further external energy input will depend on the circuit Q, if the Q is high the oscillation is sustained through many periods, right?

OK, here's a fun one in the next post!


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Chris posted this 16 July 2019

Hey SolarLab,

If Current X is equal to 1, and we run the most efficient LCR Transformation from Current to Magnetic Flux, then we MUST find that Magnetic Flux = 1 - Losses due to Resistance ( R ), then the Transformation again, back to Current must then = I - Losses - Losses, and the Transformation process must continue the same, Damping:


At every Cycle:


For any Excess in Electrical Energy, we must have two things occur:

  1. Overcome Losses.
  2. "Generate" extra Energy to power a Load.


An LCR Resonant Circuit can not ever do this by itself, Earthed or Un-Earthed, a LCR Resonant Tank Circuit can never ever do this! Every Circuit has Resistance, unless one were to use Superconducting Wire, but even then, there is going to be External Loss in Transformations that are outside the Superconducting Materials control. Losses are inevitable, unavoidable.

Energy must be Pumped from Source, in Excess, to what is Input!


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solarlab posted this 15 July 2019

So, lets add some more prospective:

Our narrow steep edged pulse is rich in harmonics. This should get our high Q resonant circuit to oscillate - sine wave since it's high Q (tuned). And our isolated harvester circuit is also tuned to the oscillator but is a bit more sophisticated, since Lenz hates us we eliminate BEMF as much as possible [isolate the oscillator {coil} from the harvester {coil} ]!

Now, we do the oscillation circuit at a few MHz and the pulsing at a few KHz. Then briefly store the captured energy (likely a capacitor) and use it to supply a 50Hz or 60Hz single or three phase inverter which, in turn, feeds our conventional appliances, and such.

Look for example how a modern internal combustion engine (ICE) inverter generator works. Magnets spin at high RPM driven by the ICE to create energy that feeds a temporary storage capacitor. This capacitor in turn feeds an inverter [high frequency high voltage is converted down to low frequency low voltage (high current)]. Also, note the sampling frequency of the pure sime wave inverter.

I don't know laughing  maybe?  Hey, are we laughing yet at the simplicity?


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solarlab posted this 15 July 2019

Mis-direction at an all time high - agree - which means "They know We are over the target!" Or, at least, it's a good indicator...

LCR Resonance can never ever be above unity - strickly speaking, probably not.

But consider: a resonant Bell or a line reflection [line in wave resonance - a Standing Wave] Very high "Q". Now, for example: feed these with a narrow pulse generated from a very low power scheme. One low power "ping" will cause a somewhat sustained oscillation of the "isolated resonant high Q circuit" after each ping.

Assume you can somehow capture the sustained energy within the isolated resonant circuit without disturbing it's resonance. For each short low power pulse you can harvest energy throught the sustained resonant period, correct? The overall system is not closed and therefore does not subscribe to the Law of Conservation.

So one "trick" might be simply be "high Q" isolated resonance with an isolated (open loop) non-disturbing energy collector. Magnetic in nature perhaps - bifilar - asynchronous - etc... Of course you can always tap a bit of the captured energy to feed the low power pulser.

Only one of many mechanisms available but hey, you never know!




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