The Importance of Documentation and Understanding!

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Chris posted this 07 April 2018

My Friends,

I am always happy to see people try to evolve! Its a great thing!

When I saw the following videos pop up I had to have a look, just to see if the group from the 'other' forums was actually prepared to make any progress in the light of everyone else making progress.


Not bad, but 40+ year old Tech already very well known today!

I truly expect more from Bradley, he should be a lot further ahead! When I let you all know what a little birdy told me about Bradley's failure, to replicate his previous work on the Rotary Transformer, due to parts failure on his old machine and it no longer working, I truly expected him to have learned a lot more!

After all, his efforts initially were first class: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy COP = 1.87


And just in case you missed that last bit, a rendition:



But then the miss-information: Yes I am EMJ.

From this link:


My Friends, I urge you, don't get caught with your pants down, document, learn as much as you can! It is the smallest things that matter the most, the most simple things, things that are so simple that they make 'Gurus' quake in their boots for fear of not understanding such simple things!

Be thorough, the one that got away in this situation could have been avoided!

Please people, dont be fooled, stick to solid Fact, it will never steer you wrong!


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Enjoykin2118 posted this 07 April 2018

Hey Chris check this BTG from Vladimir and Chip. It's about

Coil Shorting


ps: or make a new topic if you think is worth.




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Chris posted this 07 April 2018

Hey Enjoykin - Thanks for sharing!

As always, with the obscured definition of terms, and everyone's interpretation of these terms, comes confusion - There was no Coil Shorting in Bradleys Rotary Transformer!

My Friends, a logical approach, as I pointed out back in the day, which was very much ignored, by the so called 'guru's' because the answer was not what they wanted to hear:



Remember the Circuit that was released by Brad:


For convenience, the schematic of the IRF540:


Now, any Engineer, with only three Brain Cells remaining can very easily determine that:


If COIL B is shorted, then the Cap will also be Shorted!



 For example, in the following circuit, to emphasise the point and the Fact of Miss-Information from this 'group' to you: Side by Side for comparison:



 VERY clearly, you can see, IF Brad was shorting COIL B, then at the same time he was Shorting the Capacitor! Remember Internal Diode! A very clear and very obvious Miss-Information to mislead people!

As soon as Q1 turns on, the Cap and the Coil are both Shorted!

Without realising it, and quickly picked up and swept under the rug by PW, Brad released this circuit: posted on June 27, 2015

That is correct,and thus current cannot flow in the direction of the yellow arrow's(through coil A),but only in the direction of the red arrows(to the cap).

Bradley Richard Atherton (Tinman) - Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


Very clearly showing Current Flow as we know and expect to see the Flow! Clearly, this Current could NOT flow if the Cap and the Coil were Shorted!

Its worth noting, just after this turn of events, Bradley moved into a rather luxurious new home: @6m


Again, I urge you, stick to solid hard Fact, it will never steer you wrong!


Chris posted this 10 April 2018


My Friends, so you are aware:

Bradley Richard Atherton, AKA TinmanPower, or Tinman has kindly left us some messages:




From the Following Video: 


My Reply Video:


I have suspected for some time that we have had visitors from the 'other' forum. 


Now, so you know, and I have said it before, I wish Brad and I could be friends and get on, but he is on the wrong side! They, are still present, they are still a threat, they are still Tasked!

Anyone that's been around for a while, they will know what I mean! Previous people that have come forth to share what they had, discredited and gone within a Month or so... Why? and How?

"Only when a System is broken does it need to be changed" - Study my meaning here!




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Chris posted this 10 April 2018

My Friends,

Quite the little storey is unfolding on YouTube Comments: /watch?v=dLn5k31fL7s&lc=z22ajhxokzetdhi2iacdp433zcun1zr5urhbpaehu15w03c010c

and: /watch?v=dLn5k31fL7s&lc=z22ajhxokzetdhi2iacdp434zyhnp0hanxba55o5wg1w03c010c.1523356780904701


Seems my effort to show real "Effects" has bought about some scrambling, some desperation.



Chris posted this 11 April 2018

Debate heats up further:

I feel for Brad, from what I have seen and read, Brad is really struggling! There seems to be a lot of conflict with many other members on the 'other' forum, I don't blame this frustration, we are Light Years Ahead, its hard to work and progress when there is no real support network!

The links to the above quotes:


My friends, we are very much further along than what some may think! When I say we are Light Years Ahead of the other forums, we really are! 


Chris posted this 13 April 2018

I enjoy analysing, its fun.

In the comment Bradley left, there is a lot being said in only a few lines!

Mountains of hard fact and truth hey?,so why have you not yet been able to replicate my results?. Think it was faked?,well then,show us all how it was done--how was it faked?. you cant fake it because the results were real,and the videos show that. Do you get views on your video's because they are yours-or because they have my work plastered all over them?.  It must hurt your pride,when the master of the bucking coils cannot get the same results i did with my RT. This brings upon you a hard truth-->you are missing something.

Its clear, even Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis can pick up "Negative Sentiment", but whats really being said here, there is real meaning in what Brad has written!

Mountains of hard fact and truth hey?

Brad is questioning me and what I have shared with many thousands of people over the world!

so why have you not yet been able to replicate my results?.

Assuming I have not replicated Brad's results is an attempt to bait me! I have not shown any results! I have shown "Effects" only.

Think it was faked?,well then,show us all how it was done--how was it faked?. you cant fake it because the results were real,and the videos show that.

This line is very troubling for me! There is a definite "past-tense" theme here! In my time, I have spent periods stuck in confusion, questioning myself and what I was looking at. Brad is doing the same, he is unsure, he is questioning himself but directing it at me.

This comes about because of lack of understanding and frustration! Documentation can help here!

Do you get views on your video's because they are yours-or because they have my work plastered all over them?.

An interesting line, showing anger that I reference Bradley's work, in showing other people my work, the "Effects", then the cross referencing to Bradley's work, upsets Bradley. Why would one be upset?

I would be happy to see proper reference to my work rather than upset!

It must hurt your pride,when the master of the bucking coils cannot get the same results i did with my RT. This brings upon you a hard truth-->you are missing something.

Again a real theme of "past-tense"! An effort to force my hand is seen here, to force me to show results - But Why? Why does Bradley want to see my results? 

What is true, is that I have not shown any results and not a single person out there knows what my experimental achievements are. I think we need to be very clear on this. There are many reasons I have chosen not to show any results and one reason should be very clear after reading these lines!

My results are not up for question, I am presenting the Technology!


The fact that we are seeing so many independent successes, never before occurred, speaks volumes! Bradley's RT was one example of this!

People must also ask the question: "Who's helping and who is Hindering"?

Observing and catching others out when they Lie and Miss-Lead people is a very important part of moving forward! We need to know who is doing the right thing! Keeping good people on our side! Identify those that would be happy to keep everyone else in the Dark!

My experience with this Technology allows me to catch these fraudsters!

Now, I am missing my Phone? Hahaha just kidding!



P.S: What is important to me is that everyone have the access to and ability to know how these Energy Machines Work and the ability to learn to build them!

Clearly, others do not share my Goals!

P.P.S: Why do I reference Bradley's Work? He took what I bought forward and made it work as others have! Bucking Coils were not on the table before I came along! None even knew about the Possibilities!

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Wistiti posted this 13 April 2018

Really well said my freind!

This is the reason I am here with you. I build several experiment an the POC you share are the best results I acheive until now. Even if you have show hard character on the other forum, because of my bench testing I know you are telling the truth.!!!

Much than happy to be here with you my good freind!

When people take the time to really experiment with the POC concept, they will learn by their results!

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Chris posted this 13 April 2018

I really appreciate your kind words my friend!

We have Hard Facts today, that before our sharing, the world did not have! We truly have progressed! Not just one or two people, but many people, the people that put in the work and follow the Hard Facts we lay out to follow!

There will come a day, when a FLOOD will come! But lets get the ball rolling, lets educate those who want to be educated!

Lets keep building our Foundation, and lets do this together, as a TEAM!

Brad, when you read this - You can join us, but we have rules that must be followed! No Lying, no Miss-Leading and no Troll behaviour in general! We are very serious about this!

Wistiti, I very much appreciate your honesty and integrity, you truly are, a one of a kind, I am proud to call you my Friend!

We have the best Team the world has to offer, my friends, your'e all Awesome!  All genuine people are welcome to join us!


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Chris posted this 13 April 2018

My Friends,

So you all know, and for the public record, as this is becoming more and more important now, my YouTube Views are not so important to me, I only monitor them so I can see whats catching your eyes, observing whats being leaned by Who. A good portion of my videos are Not Listed or Private.

I have no Ad's anywhere, zero. I did used to have ads however.

I have only a few videos that reference Bradley's work.

Most of the down votes I receive are from a single computer, here in Australia, and one in the Ukraine. One of the dislike's is a current subscriber to my Channel.


Most of my YouTube views come from, and in order to the best of my ability:

  • United States(30%)
  • Canada(7.8%)
  • Australia(7.1%)
  • United Kingdom(3.7%)
  • Romania(3.7%)

I think this information is more than enough to see where the real motives lay, for both myself and also for Bradley. 

I am open to any and all corrections that people wish to put forward, I am not open to outright suppression or miss-information attempting to miss-lead others! Its wrong and has occurred for far too long!


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Chris posted this 13 April 2018

My Friends,

Many times Bradley has referred to a "Permanent Magnet" in his Rotary Transformer, one example is:


Bradley also, in the following post, tries to push the importance of a "Permanent Magnet":

If you want to work this out Chris,go and watch the GAP Power video's - watch?v=dLn5k31fL7s&lc=Ugx_RqYf3Lq7T1Mpugl4AaABAg


Important: A Permanent Magnet is NOT necessary to achieve results!

Some push the Permanent Magnet as being the "MAGIC" of the equation, but this is entirely wrong and not true!

What is true, is that a "Permanent Magnet" can add energy to a system! The DC Flux of the permanent Magnet can integrate into the Flux of the Coils.

We have covered this before, it is not new and most definitely not something I am missing:

Other references do exist, I have only provided what I think are some of the best ones.

Note: I have reasons for not pushing the use of "Permanent Magnets", one is that I spend many years proving that the VTA had "Permanent Magnets" that were not modified in any way, in very good Factory quality, and the composition was not important at all! MANY lies were told about the "Permanent Magnets", many lies! This was completely un-necessary, a ruse by greedy people to keep the technology for themselves!

Most devices do not use "Permanent Magnets" - Don Smith, Andrey Melenchenko, Tariel Kapanadze, Akula, a long list exists! 

So don't be fooled by those that would be happy to keep you in the dark! Those that have not done their Homework, those that don't know!


Elementary, my dear Watson:

Bradley's RT, there was only one model that we discussed, only one size that came up at the time, it was a 850 Watt Vacuum Cleaner Motor.

Bradley's Diagram for reference:, also attached above.

The Stator Coil Core diameter was 15mm Max:


Bradley's measurements, directly from the diagram he posted:

  • Permanent Magnet.
  • Nylon Plastic Sleeve: 3mm
  • Steel or Iron Tube: 4mm
  • Second Inductor windings
  • Nylon Plastic Sleeve: 3mm

Now, lets see what we get: (3 x 2) + (4 x 2) + (3 x 2) = 6 + 8 + 6 = 20 

Wait, 20?, but the Core diameter is only 15mm and we still have to add a "Permanent Magnet" and the Second Inductor Winding's? We have real problems with the Math here and as a result have to question Bradley Richard Atherton's intentions! What is Brad trying to do? Why is he not telling the truth about his Rotary Transformer and attempting to miss-lead people?

I wish things were different! I guess this is the job I have taken on, however!


Permanent Magnets

Again, I reiterate, Permanent Magnets can add energy to a system, they are not required to make this work however! Most definitely I am not missing anything, because I have not pushed the use of Permanent Magnets!


Zanzal posted this 14 April 2018

Again, I reiterate, Permanent Magnets can add energy to a system, they are not required to make this work however! Most definitely I am not missing anything, because I have not pushed the use of Permanent Magnets!

As they say Chris, different strokes for different folks. Bucking coils, Permanent Magnets, Novel Motor/Generators, Battery Loops, and more. No one right way for everyone. I ended my research on Battery Loops after I saw hints of positive progress simply because the idea 4x lead acid batteries to do what some other had shown could be done with a few pieces of wire and bits of electronics seemed silly to me, but each person has their own idea about the "right way" to go about things and I support that.

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Chris posted this 14 April 2018

Hey Zanzal,

I agree, individuality, I also support this!

I must say, however, it is also just as important to see and treat things for what they are! We must pay special attention to correct the mistakes of the past, ensuring where there was confusion, we have clarity!

We need to have certainty in what we say, in the evidence we present, if we are uncertain we are best to not bring this uncertainty into conversation. At times when we are presenting information, we must ensure of a path of correction, as further experimental evidence opens more doors!

Just as a Permanent Magnet can add Energy to a system, it can also take it away! To reiterate the above links:

Floyd Sweet's analogy:

How does the Space Flux Coupled Alternator appear to operate beyond unity? An approximate analogy, not by any means perfect, is as follows:

Picture a side-wheel paddle steam boat making its way down stream in the same direction as a fairly strong tidal flow. Assume the steam engine to be highly efficient, say 80%. Now assume the engine to be working at this efficiency and that the tidal energy integrates with that of the engine in propelling the ship. The acceleration increases to a point where the horsepower increases beyond that equivalent energy consumed by the engine. If one were not aware of the tidal flow energy integrated with that of the consumed energy, one would conclude the engine efficiency was greater than unity. This is hypothetical. As the momentum of the tide relates only to the mass of the steamboat’s displacement of the medium, water. Actually if the forward momentum of the tide was able to relate only to the paddle wheel the forward or positive force would tend to force the wheel to turn in the opposite or negative direction.

Then in the hypothetical case, the force of the tide on the mass of the ship would equal the force acting on the paddle wheel and the ship would be motionless. In order to move in the forward direction, the engine would need to overcome the negative force of the tide on the wheel. Little engine hp would be needed, as it would integrate with the positive flow of the tide, acting on the displacement mass of the ship. The above is not achievable in practice, as the only way the tide could relate to the paddle wheel in such a manner, the mass of the ship would have to be completely out of the water and only the wheel within the flow of the tide would turn, as the momentum of the flow of the tide would not be in effect. This is reactive power – no work is done. The wheel turns but the ship is motionless. Conversely, if this were a possibility, then a ship moving against a strong tide, would be able to traverse a river without either engine of sail, by means of the force of a moving mass of water against the wheel paddles. As stated, the force of the mass of water flowing against the  displacement mass of the ship predominantly opposes the positive motion of the ship. The analogy though far from perfect, suggests that if one were not aware of the visible force acting on the movement of the ship, at times, assuming all parameters were measurable, the indication might be that the engine was capable of greater than unity efficiency.

In the case of the Space Flux Coupled machine, there is no visible entity. It’s abstract. A steady state coherent force is present when brought under the influence of the electromagnetic controllable forces. It returns to an incoherent state when the initiating magnetic forces are absent (except in the case of a permanent magnet).

Floyd Sweet also looks at both analogies, Positive and Negative Effects. We also must not forget, Floyd Sweet and an early colleague gave us Floyd Sweets early work!


The D.C. flux varies as the square of the current and not sinusoidally as does the voltage and current of the power phase windings, with proper capacitors across the D.C. control voltage. The D.C. flux remains constant sustaining a constant flux during Δt. The flux produced by the moving charges comprising the load current goes through zero, thus the complimentary flux, that is integrated with the coherent flux, aiding the cross flux between the attracting magnets. 


Don't forget, there are many other devices using the exact same technique that do not use Permanent Magnets.

Don Smith, most of the devices we have seen do not use Permanent Magnets! Instead, Don increases the Input, to increase the Magnetic Field Energy: 1/2 Li2 to a sufficient quantity to bring the Coils into action! Permanent Magnets not required, the Action is in the Coils!


To say: one is missing something - then imply that something is Permanent Magnets, is wrong!

I have, on many occasions, covered Permanent Magnets. Again, I reiterate, they are NOT required to make this work.

We truly need to stay open minded, not limit ourselves to anything that will bring confusion or distraction! Permanent Magnets are an option that can be introduced later, once people have an understanding, once people see and understand how Energy is "Generated", as dressing is later introduced to the salad if required.



P.S: I hope this does not come across as to defensive, this is not my intention, I really want to make an effort to stick to the facts.

Chris posted this 15 April 2018

My Friends, I want to bring an example forward, this is one of many hundreds of cases, by a small group of people on the 'other' forum.

The reason I bring this example forward, is simply to educate you on the truth! Once known, you will see this a lot! It occurs a lot more often than you know! 

This example, comes from this link: Here

First of all, please watch carefully, the following video, take not of all wire connections, and also the input and output measurements with the supplied bandwidths for each Clarke-Hess Watt Meter - World Class Instruments!


There was a very strong push by a small group of people on the 'other' forum, to call this "Measurement Error"


Note: Quote removed for space.


Please read the link: Reference

On world Class Meters, well within their bandwidth's, used, correctly, by an expert in his field, with perhaps 25 years or more experience, also verified on Tektronix Oscilloscope, and these people call this "Measurement Error

There is method to their Madness! Its called Suppression, miss-information, bringing into question, measurement, and also the credibility of those that come forward! A classic, old trick, but the problem is, they are so desperate to do so, its become more than obvious!

For example, try this very cool trick:

  • Open Google Search.
  • In the search Field, type in: Measurement Error
  • Results will amaze you, you will very quickly see a pattern, its the same people doing it all the time!
  • Modify your Search, Measurement Problem
  • Keep searching, keep identifying those involved!

I have a pretty accurate, detailed list of these people. I have profiled these people, gathering all the information I can get on them. Once full exposure comes, these people will know Karma!

These people are working for the wrong side, they are NOT trying to help you, in-fact they have on many occasion, Lied, Miss-lead, the list goes on!

Be careful, beware, there are some very Evil people out there! When the Facts Add Up, then we know morons calling "Measurement Error" are working for the wrong side! This may explain why Bradley, has for so long, tried to bait me, getting me to bring out my work:


I have warned about these sorts of things before, and the start of the Graham Gunderson Video will corroborate what I said all those years ago: Reference

Re: Akula0083 30 Watt Self Running Generator. « Reply #908 on: April 25, 2014, 057:15 AM » 

Hi Everyone,

This is a short piece of information that I want to pass to you all as a heads up  .

In the past I have been contacted by various people out there and asked to work for them. These people are typically small EXTREMELY WELL FUNDED groups of scientists, Finance, PR and general Dust Kickers. These people, I can only surmise, work for the big corporates, and keep people off the streets so to speak.

Their PR Guys ID devices or technology that may be 'of use' and make contact with the inventors and befriend them.

The Scientists identify the device's or Technology and access it - to see if 'Something needs to be done!'

Then they run circles around the Poor Dumb Inventor and wrap it up so tight that they don't know what to do in the mornings when they get up. Some turn to Booze/Drugs, like a well known identity most of you have no doubt seen a lot of publicity on lately.

So I urge you and all others following - Don't get tied up in this game they play. You can see it a mile away if you know what to look for. Most of them can be traced back to small Energy Companies that have no real Product or any visible form of income to support their Floor Space and Personal. They typically like to be seen in expensive Shoes/Suits. the top Guys are rarely seen, they tend to send their PR Guys that mostly don't know any better and its just a job to them.

For our children's sake, and our children's children sakes, let common sense talk and not money!

I am wishing Roman aka Akula0083, well in my thoughts as it appears from the outside that he may be tied up in this. The PR Guys troll all the forums, websites and any where they can find info...

All the Best


P.S: I have never worked for any of these 'companies' only had offers.


Call me paranoid, no problem, but once you have done your homework, seen what I have, know the web of affiliations these people have with each other, it truly disgusts me that Humanity can be so Evil toward others like this!


Chris posted this 15 April 2018

As another example of what I say above, see: Bill Alek Thread

Again, Google Measurement Error: 

Remember, this tactic is from the same people all the time, its spread wide and far, many people have been discredited and explained away by these same people.

"Measurement Error" does occur, but the Graham Gunderson situation shows the absolute desperation that these same people go to! Most of the time they are Wrong, and have no Scientific basis to call "Measurement Error"!

Don' t be fooled! Don' t let anyone else make your mind up for you!

I hope you now Understand some of the challenges we face!


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Enjoykin2118 posted this 15 April 2018

Hey Zanzal,

Yes Chris Sykes is being right 100%. There is a WAR. WAR for and against FREE ENERGY INVENTORS AND PROJECTS. (whatever Russia, America or somewhere).

One, perfect way to avoid any measurement error in completed device is to loop device oneself.

If there is energy >>1 the system will continue to work as self prime mover. Energy always find a way out, just like a water (mass in the motion) do.

Whn you got even a couple of second free run you will know you are on the right track. And also you could easy shut up the dirty mouths of any "Measurement Problem Gang Mafia".

As in Russia said, "The worst experiment is valuable experiment, because give important data what should be done next, or not done."

Valid information is a key to Free Energy and main advisor is Mr.Experiment.





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Jagau posted this 15 April 2018

Thank you for waking me up in time before making the same mistake as these

'' Measurement Problem Gang Mafia '' spread on the net.

 I did the research that Chris proposed on the measures I was surprised by the result.

 I approve you 100%

As Enjoykin says so well: 

Valid information is a key to Free Energy and main advisor is Mr.Experiment

How then can we protect ourselves from these misinformers?



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Chris posted this 15 April 2018

Hi Jack,

How then can we protect ourselves from these misinformers?


We have a huge advantage they do not, we are not bound by the rules they lay out!

In other words, don' t play their game!

Show effects, lay a Path where others can follow the effects, because, Effects are more important than results! This is why Bradley got so upset with me, showing the "Effects", E.G: Input dropping right down due to the switching in of Partnered Output Coils or Bucking Coils.

Key Effects are the most important thing to look for, something I have said all along! Look for the effects and the rest will follow!

We are safe, none will be Trolled here!


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Marathonman posted this 15 April 2018

I completely agree, laying down an 8 lane freeway path of information with repeatable, verifiable results by anyone can be  impossible to destroy or discredit by the Gang of thugs.


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Chris posted this 17 April 2018

@MM - If interested people want to follow, read up, it wont be long before they see what we are getting at.

We face several problems:

  • Many people don't have the time or will to read lengthy posts.
  • Many are at different levels.
  • There is some blind faith required, because I have not rushed out to publish my Results.

The last option is one of the reasons I reference as much as I do! If others can take a minute to see what the references are to, they will see I have taken a lot of time to cover important Topic Based portions of the technology in the hope it will attract others.

I plan to release a small unit soon, but I need to make sure others grasp the basics!

There is no point me being just another demo that disappears into the past like all others have! Graham Gunderson, I bet he is unwilling to do another public release!

Graham is not listed on any of the Presenter Lists!

After everybody treated his release! The Brotherhood of the Troll clan, did do a job publicly on him, again, as always, with ZERO Evidence!

I do believe, if Graham had followed through, with the information he promised on his webpage: or then perhaps others may have been a little more accepting.

For the public record: Graham Gunderson's public Demonstration is the best that has occurred in History, for the simple reason that several High Quality, Measurement Devices were used, and used correctly, showing the same results.

Repair technician Graham Gunderson uses a probe to test a PA amplifier from an MD-80 at Absolute Aviation Services, Thursday, July 23, 2015, in Spokane, Wash. (Young Kwak/Pacific Northwest Inlander Annual Manual)

Absolute Aviation Services

If you are looking for a demonstration, Grahams is much better than I could ever do! I don't have the Equipment, or the very long Career he has in the field of Metrology!

Honestly, to question Graham's measurement procedure, it's really just stupid, unless one has more experience than Graham!

Back to the topic at hand, Soon, people will see, especially the ones that been following, and taken the time to read and understand, will see a pattern, will see a end result, they will have an Epiphany!

Soon, the picture will be complete! It nearly is already!


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Marathonman posted this 17 April 2018


  You don't have to convince me, i already know free energy is a viable option. i knew the moment i seen the Figuera device and your bucking coils.

it is the rest of the world that has to pull there head out of their back sides.

like i said,  wouldn't it be awkward if the world stop spinning tomorrow.   nay, perpetual motion cant happen..... yah right !



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