Wistiti's POC Toroid

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Chris posted this 28 March 2017

We have researched the Partnered Output Coils for some time! We have learnt a lot! POC is based on all the Ideas we have researched from other Inventors before Us. 

Input Configurations:

Possible Output Configurations:

Our Member, Wistiti, has invented the POC Toriod:


Several of us have replicated the Wistiti POC Toriod! Thaelin has had good results! I replicated, and also another Independent build by Юрий Лиховид (Yury Likhavid)


Important: Turns Ratio seems to be important: 4 : 1 or there abouts. See the Timing Thread and the Parametric Excitations of Electric Oscillations Thread for more information.

Please remember, this is one of many configurations, many configurations can work!


Chris posted this 08 February 2018

Wistiti's POC Toroid - Again Geometry

This works a slightly different way, Sine Wave from the input must be Timed in a different way - Wire Length is much more important.

This device works on the 1/4 Wavelength Principle!

The Geometry again, Three Coils: One Input, Two Output Coils



P.S: For the record, I did struggle with this for a long time - Thus my research into Antenna's

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