Wistiti's POC Toroid

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Chris posted this 28 March 2017

We have researched the Partnered Output Coils for some time! We have learnt a lot! POC is based on all the Ideas we have researched from other Inventors before Us. 

Input Configurations:

Possible Output Configurations:

Our Member, Wistiti, has invented the POC Toriod:


Several of us have replicated the Wistiti POC Toriod! Thaelin has had good results! I replicated, and also another Independent build by Юрий Лиховид (Yury Likhavid)


Important: Turns Ratio seems to be important: 4 : 1 or there abouts. See the Timing Thread and the Parametric Excitations of Electric Oscillations Thread for more information.

Please remember, this is one of many configurations, many configurations can work!


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Chris posted this 08 February 2018

Wistiti's POC Toroid - Again Geometry

This works a slightly different way, Sine Wave from the input must be Timed in a different way - Wire Length is much more important.

This device works on the 1/4 Wavelength Principle!

The Geometry again, Three Coils: One Input, Two Output Coils



P.S: For the record, I did struggle with this for a long time - Thus my research into Antenna's