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Chris posted this 08 May 2019

My Friends,

We are fast becoming the most popular Forum on the Internet!

In only a few months we have had over 32,000 Visits.

I ask, if you find this forum useful, please, if you can afford a small donation we would be very grateful!


Support Us (PayPal)

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If only one in five, of the 32,000, donated $1 then all our bills would be paid today.

This helps keep us going, keeps the bills paid and keeps information, including experiments posted for all to benefit from! We have a large expense we have just paid, new server and new software including internet plans we have just purchased to keep critical world changing technology, which is over one hundred years old, just not applied to Power "Generation", available for you here!

Powers, rich people with an interest in "Generating" Money from Selling Energy, exploiting Natures Free, Inverse Square Law Force, being Gravity, exerting a Force on Water, in a Down Hill movement, which can Spin huge turbines, to "Generate", for Free once the cost of the Machinery is paid for, huge amounts of Energy, then exploiting every human being that requires Electrical Energy to keep there Food Cold, with excessively large Energy Bills.

We have studied in great detail the Effects of Energy "Generation" and these Effects have been used in a Positive Combining Net Force to make Energy "Generation" a Solid State, minimal Cost Task.

So, I ask, Support those of us that really do make a difference, Support us because you can see, we have already changed the world! Help Us continue this change!

I want to Thank All who have Donated from the bottom of my heart! Thank You So Much!

Most Kind Regards,

   Chris Sykes

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Forelle posted this 09 May 2019

Hi whole mankind,

imagine,everyone who is supporting us is part of the futurechange and can tell there grandchildren that you was part of something better and did help to save the world,what is 1$.Now you have the chance with very little effort to contribute to the world which would never be so powerful if you vote a new politician than to help that this forum stay alive.It is your decision on which side you want to stay,do you believe that the sun turns around the earth or the earth turns around the sun.Here are very smart people working,please help them to help you.Its not a matter of is it working or not anymore.

Thank you


Chris posted this 01 June 2019

My Friends,

I want to send out another HUGE Thanks to those helping us out with Donations!

I very much appreciate all your support!

I also want to take this opportunity to ask you to help Vidura out: Developing a modular switching tool for Research

Vidura's work is so excellent! His work in small modular type devices for switching is the best I have seen across the board! This stands the best chance for easy tunning and configuration of both Input and Output Switching.

This Forum and are unique websites!

We are light years ahead of all other forums on the internet, we have three feet in the door, with not only an understanding of the Technology, but we have some members with working or close to working machines.

My sense of urgency has increased more than ever before. I do have faith in the Human Race, I think if we all work together, we can do it. We really have to start with a bit more effort.

Today and the future is ours!


Vidura posted this 02 June 2019

I want to say Thank's a lot for all who are helping to support the Forum, and also those supporting my work on the modular switching tool .  And specially for Chris for mention my work. I'll do the best  I can to avance as quickly as possible, and hopefully add useful tools and information for the excellent work which is presented here by many members.

Regards VIDURA. 

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Chris posted this 24 June 2019

My Friends,

As of today, we have reached: 41.7 thousand visits and reads since November last year. A pretty good result! I thank you all!

Recently, progress has been huge, the slow but continual release of information, in attempt to get all interested parties up to speed with Energy Machines is going very well!

I released this video:


Which, if properly understood is a breakthrough video! A large amount of proprietary information that is not known anywhere else on the internet, you now have!

I also urge all beginners to study in depth, the thread: Classical transformer BEMF study 

This thread will give you a much greater understanding of Energy, Electromagnetic Induction and the Action and Reaction process.

I would also like to ask all non-participating members, please donate and help us keep the wheels turning! Please support what will be the most important website on the internet in years to come!

If each visitor donated $1 that would be 41,700.00 dollars, more than enough to keep us going for the next year.  I would be able to employ an EE part time to help in the effort to fully understand and be able to predict these machines with accuracy!

Please if you can donate to our active members also. Every little bit helps!

Your donations are going to a good cause, our track record is already well beyond any other effort publically available! We truly are Light Years ahead of the other forums!

Thank You!


getreal156 posted this 27 June 2019

Hi Cris,

Not sure where this post belongs.

As I am experimenting a lot I also make a lot of different coils. To prevent making a total mess with winding coils and to make the coils interchangeable on the cores I make custom 3d printed bobbins that I design in Creo. 

If some one needs some bobbins and doesn't have design and 3d printing capability I'm willing to help out for a small price and shipping cost.
Just to be clear, I have a busy life and I'm not a 3d model seller or designer. Nor do I want to start any business.  I'm only offering help for people that are struggling with replicating and coil building.
They can contact me at



Marathonman posted this 27 June 2019

Very generous Getreal.



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Chris posted this 27 June 2019

Hi Jasper,

I agree, a very generous offer!

Thank You!

If I may ask, would you be up for a How To thread on how to 3D print Spools, from Design to print here? Not everyone has a 3D Printer, but those that do I am sure would very much appreciate a Thread on how to learn to print Spools!

I like the saying:

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime

Ref: Chinese proverb.


I am happy to help you with it if you wish?

If you're not up for it, I totally understand?

Thank You!


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getreal156 posted this 28 June 2019

Hi Cris,

Sure, I would be happy to do that.
However, I assume that people that own a 3d printer already have knowledge about how to design and print spools.

I totally agree with you on the subject of teaching (honest) engineering fundamentals instead of providing final solutions. Very very important goal. Especially in these current times where lies and deception seem to be standard practice instead of an exception! 

I have advanced expertise in mechanical engineering and 3d printing and I'm totally open for sharing any knowledge. 

Did you have any thing specific in mind that you think is valuable to share?

In any case, I will start preparing and compiling information that we can share.
It is holiday time right now and I will be traveling so please give me some time to do this. 



Marathonman posted this 28 June 2019

I would start from the top and describe the different parts of the printer, set up,  different materials to use, pitfalls to avoid ect. then lead into the programming of the printer with tips and tweaks.

from the standpoint of not owning a 3D printer i would say this is a good idea. most of the problem now a days is the parents giving their children what they never had which in turn makes their kid ignorant, lazy and a lot of times spoiled brats. and even today there are adults that can not do many things because they were not taught to use the brain for what it is suppose to be used for.

i myself have taught myself to step out side of the box which most do not like to do, their comfort safe zone to say. 

teaching people (Adults and Kids) the in's and out's of a 3D printer just might give people the incentive to go out and buy one or even further build one from scratch.

"I totally agree with you on the subject of teaching (honest) engineering fundamentals instead of providing final solutions. Very very important goal. Especially in these current times where lies and deception seem to be standard practice instead of an exception! "

unbelievably true!

very good idea.



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getreal156 posted this 28 June 2019

Hi Marathhonman,

Thanks for your kind words.

There is a shitload of info available on 3d printing but, like we are used to these days, we have to dig through mountains of BS make believe fairy tales and sift out the real informative and valuable stuff.
I will soon kick off with a selection of information that I personally rate as valuable, complimented with examples, comments and tips.

As not every one will be able and willing to invest lots of time and effort, and not unimportantly, if there is enough interest, I think it also might be an idea to share some 3d designs (files). I read there is only limited space here but we will find a way later.



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Chris posted this 28 June 2019

Hey Jasper,

I have created a Topic or a Category "3D Printing" under the Hardware Topic.

I very much appreciate your offer to provide information on this level for all our Members / Readers. I am looking forward to seeing progress here as its been an area of interest of mine for sometime, I just have not yet had the time to investigate further.

Thank You!


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Marathonman posted this 29 June 2019

Most impressive Chris and i commend you on you eagerness to inform. and i wonder why i like it here.

I personally look forward to your presentation Jasper as i to am eager to learn 3 D printing as well as all the readers.

Outstanding i might add, this has got to be the most awesome web site on the planet where people can learn.  just ask and ye shall be informed.

key question " just ask"

Literally light years a head of ALL other websites.



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Chris posted this 08 July 2019

My Friends,

Again, I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all our Members and Readers, lurkers just reading and not posting.


Thank You for your Fantastic Support!


@All Lurkers, please join us, become a member even if its just to Vote Up the best Posts! Please join us, Be part of something Better!



Recently I released a Video, of an old experiment I did, way back on: November 29, 2015, 7 AM, Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy.




I learnt a lot in this experiment! It gave me insight on the many ways we can approach this technology! It is so very board!


Remember the Earth on Other Machines:

  • Don Smith Brief Case Device.
  • Tariel Kapanadze.
  • Akula BTG.
  • Ruslan BTG.


Why we are Light Years ahead of the others:



We truly are Light Years ahead of the other Forums! We have the Technology, we have the proof, we have shared more than any other! We have all ready changed the world! We have given all serious researchers Direction, a very important step forward!

The Track Record we have is infinitely greater than any other!

I ask for your help, please donate to our Members Projects:


All of which are very important to moving ahead with the Technology we are sharing.


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Marathonman posted this 09 July 2019

I do thank you Chris for the encouragement of others to join in. it is imperative and down right a necessity for these devices to get to the main stream view of the world. our very survival will depend on such devices in the future so the faster we get then into view the faster they can be replicated and refined so the average person can follow and build at home. without additional funding i myself am at a stand still until i can secure an avenue of supplies to move forward.

any help from the readers and followers will bring all of us that much closer to reality of a working device. i personally know the Figuera device works i just need to get the rest of the world caught up to my reality so with a working device such reality will be accomplished.

Please help fund the future of mankind and stop giving your hard earned money to the powerful elite that sells you your energy to live and the need to control your every move.

these devices are our future freedom, please help fund this freedom.



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Chris posted this 19 July 2019

My dear friends,

I want to thank all those people that have donated! It helps keep the wheels spinning! Thank You all so much!

In the last few days we have had some trouble, we have lost a few soldiers of the light. This is part of moving forward I guess. At the end of the day, we will end up at the same place:


Its all connected, there is no escaping the facts, this is our Pot of Gold!


I want to thank CD Sharp, his experiments are extremely important!

These experiments show Effects, effects we have been talking about for sometime now! This is important, much can be learned here!

We have Light at the end of the Tunnel:


It has taken some time, but we are all, right now at a place that is infinitely further ahead of all the other Forums! We truly are Light Years Ahead of the Others!

Again, I want to thank you All, you're all awesome!


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Chris posted this 01 August 2019

My Friends,

Thank You to those helping us get all this information out to people! I really appreciate your support!

It may be interesting to note, we have just covered the measuring of a machines input, covered here.

Thank You and best wishes!


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