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Wistiti posted this 09 January 2018



Hi guys!

In the past I play a bit with the Figuera concept. It use the POC as we already know the potential. I think this guy, Marathonman, understand the principe behind the Figuera device...

Chris, if there already a tread about Clemente Figuera, feel free to move this at the good place!


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Chris posted this 09 January 2018

I think it should be noted, and is very important, all the research done and data gathered is important for the Historical Record!

It is up to the reader of the information to Prove or Disprove the information contained!

It is very easy to Prove or Disprove! A very simple Experiment like The Mr Preva Experiment can shed a lot of light on these devices!

In saying this, the words used by Clemente Figuera, forgetting all else, the words used, are critical:

  • induced
  • inductor
  • magnet
  • electromagnets
  • turns
  • variation
  • field
  • traversing
  • voltage
  • current - 37 times second to top, The top word in this document is Figuera at 42 times.
  • dynamos

All these key words, are critical to only one thing: 

Electromagnetic Induction

It is even said, by Clemente Figuera himself:

This principle is not new since it is just a consequence of the laws of induction stated by Faraday in the year 1831: what it is new and requested to privilege is the application of this principle to a machine which produces large industrial electrical currents which until now cannot be obtained but transforming mechanical work into electricity.

PATENT by CLEMENTE FIGUERA (year 1908) No. 44267 (Spain)



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Chris posted this 10 January 2018


How many Coils does Clemente Figuera Use?


How many Coils does Melvin Cobb Use?


How many Coils does Alexander Frolov's Phi Transformer Use?


How many Coils does Don Smith Use?


How many Coils does Floyd Sweet Use?

Divide by Two and exclude EX1 and 2 because they are Dive Coils.

  • P1 = 2 + FB1 = 3 Coils
  • P2 = 2 + FB2 = 3 Coils

EX1 and EX2 are Drive Coils, for Feed Back, or Feed Forward, depending on how you want to look at it,  giving a Time Constant via an Induced E.M.F from the two Power Coils Opposing Fields squeezing out the side through the EX Coils.

Turns Ratios and the Wavelengths used are important, we know this already.


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Chris posted this 10 January 2018

Hello and Welcome Marathonman!

I agree with your posts, that last one in particular, speaks volumes...

The field energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the total electromagnetic field. As a result, the simple addition of the energy fields of the total field can be many times the energy of the initial fields separately. This property of the electromagnetic field is non-additivity of the energy field. For example, when added to a stack of three flat circular permanent magnet energy of the total magnetic field is increased to nine times! A similar process occurs with the addition of electromagnetic waves in the feeder lines and resonance systems. Total energy of a standing electromagnetic wave can be many times greater than the energy of waves and the electromagnetic field to add. As a result, the total energy of the system increases. The process is described by the simple formula of energy field

Andrey Melnichenko - Transgeneratsiya electromagnetic field energy


The underlying principal (forget Millikan’s experiment) has been derived in that magnetic effects vary on the square of the current. As the load on the machine increases, the volt-ampere product increases. The rate of flow of charges increases.

Floyd "Sparky" Sweet - The Space-Flux Coupled Alternator

We have an experiment here we, well I refer to all the time, The Mr Preva Experiment, this proves exactly this. It is undeniable and only Fools try to dispute it.

You are right in what you say, I have found the same things, spending many years gluing a long trail of references and data to support my findings!

Simply, hard provable data can not be disputed by any sane mind!



Chris posted this 10 January 2018

@Marathonman - Are you aware of the very old devices called Mag-Amps, Saturable Reactors and the like?


“Now I'm going to say something I should not. Floyd Sweet was privileged to work with the  Germans after WW2. He pulled this trick on me with the VTA except I caught him and was  booted out he only made it look like he condition the magnets . The Germans already had  developed, kept away from the people rotating mag amps and Sweet worked on them. ( He  was an electromagnetic expert in this field) It was funny to me when I would go over to  Sweet's place with the coils I wound for him and when I would leave it would be working the  next day. I asked him to remove the 100 watt power Amplifier and he refused so I left then  was asked to never return by Tom Bearden, Tom did not know as I never told him. Tom even  brought one over to me to test away from Floyd's house where it was working before Tom  left to have it tested. Floyd went nuts when Tom told him he was testing this at my shop. It  did not work. So whatever GE had knowledge of , Floyd knew How, but I can make this  machine work either way.”


“That is why nobody can make it, Sweet device also Magnetic Amplifier.”

John Bedini

 I was never able to confirm any of this. But back in those days it was how they did things. So its hard to say.

We are growing stronger every day, with every new member, we are working as a team and we are moving forward all the time. Our Collective Will makes us in stoppable! We are already making a difference!

We work for the next Generation, making the difference the last Generation should have, but only few did.


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dummyload posted this 10 January 2018

I was offline for a little bit, so I hadn't seen the reply from Chris when I posted. I just deleted my post. It just seemed that the mag amp or DC Variac described had a special construction.

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Chris posted this 10 January 2018

I was offline for a little bit, so I hadn't seen the reply from Chris when I posted. I just deleted my post. It just seemed that the mag amp or DC Variac described had a special construction.

Hey Dummyload - I may have been late to reply, sorry, I have been really busy lately. got a side project and its taking a lot of time.

GE built what's called an Amplidyne, it is a Rotating Magnetic Amplifier. I do not know if this was what Floyd may have worked on, but it fits the description given by JB.

One has to ask the question, why would GE put a "Generator" on the end of a Motor? It clearly served a purpose, especially on the gun mount control system in the Military.


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Chris posted this 10 January 2018

in the figuera device part G is basically the same thing with a twist.


Agreed, it is, the Twist is Electromagnetic Induction, we are Amplifying Voltage and Current in excess of Unity, and above! Charge is Separated, Conduction Improves, which in turn Resistance drops, because Conduction = 1 / Resistance.


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Chris posted this 10 January 2018

I agree, it is a Pressure, it is T.H. Moray's "Pump":

Electricity is not made by the generator, it is merely pumped. From that standpoint, an electric generator might be referred to as an electric pump and the Moray radiant energy device as a high-speed electron oscillating device.

T. H. Moray - The Sea of Energy in which the Earth floats

 There is beauty in Logic. A Jet Engine, Air Pressure, a Turbo is the same. This video of mine, Stress is a Pressure:



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Chris posted this 11 January 2018

Hahaha Nicely worded - We feel the same way Marathonman! I assure you!

For the sake of Science and the way Science has discovered Nature and all of the Great Scientists that have contributed to Science, I follow Science and do Science, but Experiment is what guides my beliefs. Not the Dogma of bad Scientists! Which is NOT Science!

As all Great Scientists have, even the Great Nikola Tesla, worked with the Fundamental concepts of Electrical Energy, as this is my focal point. This being Voltage and Current, the quantities we Measure and observe.

I have my own views on how these particles have managed to stay in existence for as long as they have. I have chosen to stay largely silent on the underlying concepts, simply because I do not wish to confuse people.

I want to stay on target and leave out all unnecessary complications, at least where possible.

That's just the way I want to go with my work. Any following my work, and the progress I have had in the study of Floyd Sweet and my side projects that relate and correlate to Floyds Sweets work, can then follow the same Concepts laid out in Science, a Standardised View Point that is well documented.

I need not re-invent the wheel, only tighten a few spokes...

The reason I say this here, is, this is how Clemente Figuera also approached his work. As many Greats did following Figuera.


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Zanzal posted this 11 January 2018

i am a man of my word and live by my word and you people will get the information in my head if it kills me or they kill me first.

No worries man. As of this year (((they))) don't have the influence they once had. Also I don't think they kill people for knowing about FE or how to build FE devices. Though I am fairly certain they killed people who tried to upset the balance or status quo or who had invented something truly special. Unless you are manufacturing anti-matter in your basement or trying to put a FE device in every home/car you don't have anything to be concerned about IMO.

Chris posted this 11 January 2018

As of this year (((they))) don't have the influence they once had

World Wide Eutrophic Smack Down of Evil - I am totally tickled about this! (((they))) have been reaped and this time the Grim Reaper is shinning light for all!

Team Q


Chris posted this 11 January 2018

since currant is flowing in two direction we have a north north opposing fields at the positive brush that keeps both sides of the inductor separate allowing complete unison as the brush rotates.

And this is the part that is music to my ears!

We have, from the Horses mouth, Clemente Figuera, that the Clemente Figuera Infinite Energy Machine was, in his words:



Watching closely what happens in a Dynamo in motion, is that the turns of the induced circuit approaches and moves away from the magnetic centers of the inductor magnet or electromagnets, and those turns,  while spinning, go through sections of the magnetic  field of different power, because, while this has its maximum attraction in the center of the core of each electromagnet, this action will weaken as the induced  is separated from the center of the electromagnet, to increase again, when the induced is approaching the center of another electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one.

Because we all know that the effects that are manifested when a closed circuit approaches and moves away from a magnetic center are the same as when, this circuit being still and motionless, the magnetic field is increased and reduced in intensity;  since any variation , occurring in the flow traversing a circuit is producing electrical  induced current .It was considered the possibility of building a machine that would work, not in the principle of movement, as do the current dynamos, but using the principle of increase and decrease, this is the variation of the power of the magnetic field, or the electrical current which produces it.

The voltage from the total current of the current dynamos is the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced. Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them; but in the first case, a greater source of mechanical work than obtained electricity is required, and in the second case, the force necessary to achieve the variation of flux is so insignificant that it can be derived without any inconvenience, from the one supplied by the machine.

Until the present no machine based on this principle has been applied yet to the production of large electrical currents, and which among other advantages, has suppressed any necessity for motion and therefore the force needed to produce it.
In order to privilege the application to the production of large industrial electrical currents, on the principle that says that “there is production of induced electrical current provided that you change in any way the flow of force through the induced circuit,” seems that it is enough with the previously exposed; however, as this application need to materialize in a machine, there is need to describe it in order to see how to carry out a practical application of said principle.

This principle is not new since it is just a consequence of the laws of induction stated by Faraday in the year 1831: what it is new and requested to privilege is the application of this principle to a machine which produces large industrial electrical currents which until now cannot be obtained but transforming mechanical work into electricity.

PATENT by CLEMENTE FIGUERA (year 1908) No. 44267 (Spain)

The truth is, Electromagnetic Induction does produce an E.M.F and as a result, most of the time, a Current, an M.M.F will become available.

Of course, these two quantities are our Focal Point.


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Zanzal posted this 11 January 2018

Good info here, definitely convinced me to give this one a try. For a small prototype what is the recommended construction recipe here. I understand the coils all need to have a soft iron core (which is difficult and somewhat expensive to source). Can anyone recommend based on experience:

1. minimum number coil sets (7 shown in the patent, can it be done with 1 set, 2 sets, etc?)

2. minimum/maximum dimensions for soft iron cores for N/S coils and also for pickup? 

3. wiring gauges for wiring for both the N/S coils and also pickup?

Just looking for basic replication starting point, not for use necessarily on a practical scale. 


Chris posted this 11 January 2018

Hey Marathonman, yes, I see.

Studied and read many times. Perhaps my interpretation is a little different from yours.

Do you have your own schematic drawn up?


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Chris posted this 11 January 2018

In the original documentation some images were placed in the mix, I have no idea if they are legit!



I do suspect someone has gone a little crazy with a red pen... Inflicting some pain on what was really being said.


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Chris posted this 11 January 2018

and i hope your understanding Chris is not based on that pic.

Hey Marathonman,

No sir, expressed was scepticism, not faith!


Chris posted this 11 January 2018


Interpretation is a little different than yours.

well lets here it and i will explain in detail if there are errors.


Hey Marathonman,

I guess I work a little different than most. I look for Key Words, Key Sentences and then I use Fact to disseminate Negative Sentiment.

Basically, I look for provable Facts. Facts that can be proven to be true on the bench. All else I put in a "Maybe Later" basket. So, what Facts do we know about  Clemente Figuera?

  • He studied in depth Dynamos, same type of device as we know today as an Electrical "Generator"
  • Obtained from the Clemente Figuera Device was an excess of Current and Voltage
  • This Excess was attributed to Faradays Laws of Electromagnetic Induction.
  • As was mentioned, the word "Current" was one of the top words used, we know a Changing Current is analogous to a Changing Magnetic Field, thus supporting the Electromagnetic Induction hypothesis.
  • Fact is, the description of the device does vary from document to document which could mean several things.
  • Clemente Figuera spoke of "the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced", this we have evidence and experimental proof several times in other Devices.
  • It was often mentioned, pluralised: "induced currents", for example: "Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them"
  • Fact is, the Sum of two Currents is greater then one Current Individually. A quality we are focused.
  • No one description of the device holds with Electromagnetic Induction.
  • The use of the term: "induced" is regularly mixed up, or confused with the mentioned Coil and or Input to its respective Output - Remember Figuera studied in depth Induction, he knows what "Induced" means!

The list goes on, but I think there is enough here to see what I mean. To get a bit of a handle on where and what I look for.

My one line interpretation of the Clemente Figuera device: 

A Machine that took full and complete advantage of Electromagnetic Induction to produce an excess Output Power in respect to its Input Power.

I hope this helps?



Chris posted this 11 January 2018

Hey Marathonman,

Just for the record, I think youre on the right track.

Todays massive Hydro Generators can be very efficient. Today’s standard reaches up to 99%.

One has to think about this for a while, What exactly is measured and what is converted to what in these measurements?

Shaft Torque is 100% of the Input Energy, this is the unit Newton Metre.

The Output is Electrical Energy, this is Watts, which is Joule's per second.

So what's the < 1% - Bearing Friction, Hysteresis and Windage Losses. 

A Transformer, the same problem exists, Hysteresis Losses and so on.

The Problem here is, we have a ratio of Input to Output! This ratio is a function of the Energy Conversion Process. This is a Closed System and no extra work can be done at any time during this process.

Energy Input: One Unit

Energy Output: Transformation of the One Unit less losses.

Ensuring a System that is ALWAYS below Unity.

In our System, we must invoke more than one Transformation, I have shown how to do this here: Some Coils Buck and Some Coils DONT


Chris posted this 12 January 2018

I agree and Figuera bucked the system all to hell

that is why he says a transformation of mechanical work to electricity in layman terms is BS.

Agreed Marathonman, he does actually point this out in his text:

electromagnet with opposite sign to the first one


what is sought is the patent for the application of this principle

You can check the context if you like, but there is a direct correlation between the two snippets. One is the 'objective' and the second is the 'intent'.

Clemente Figuera was a very smart cookie! Well before his time.

Gnite, sleep well.


Chris posted this 12 January 2018

Just tried another browser and no dice still no pic post.

Hey Marathonman, an odd problem!

What browser are you using? And what Version?

Can you try the following:

  • Turn off popup blockers.
  • Turn off any Active Screen Filters you may have
  • Update Java to the latest version.
  • Turn off any anti Virus software.

If you can try one at a time, then try to add an image, this may narrow down whats causing the problem. 

Of course, when done, turn them all back on!

TinyMCE is perhaps the most popular html editor in the world! The website:

Perhaps try on their site with one of the many demo's there also.

No one else has reported this problem, is anyone having this problem?



P.S: So you're not getting the second popup after clicking the Image Button like this:




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