My Friends,

What a busy, and somewhat disappointing start, to the New Year! Disappointing due to Actions of a few Members and Active Attacks by a small Army of Robots Attacking My Websites:


Making Access to My Forum and Websites almost impossible for Readers! I have fought hard to bring us back from being Crippled during a most important Time of the Year!

I am truly lost for words at what has been done, deliberately! Very difficult to trust people when these sorts of things happen. Sadly!

However, a new Start, and the problem is now being monitored and is currently solved, I have sent all Traffic that is undesired, off into Oblivion! See Here.

My Friends, I wish you all, a Happy New Year, with the very Best Wishes from My Family to You and Your Family!


 I fear this Year will be a difficult Year, so ask all Members, and Readers, to please prepare for difficult times ahead, which will be made easier by the adoption of Energy Machines that can do useful work to reduce Costs and overall Energy use!

At the very minimum to Run your Heaters, Air Conditioning Machines and other Appliances without any Input Cost at all!

The Thread: Chris's Electromagnetic Charge Pump Experiment is going to prove to be invaluable for all Genuine Members and Readers!


You all know, 3 is My Favorite Number!

Good Times are coming My Friends, The Age of Enlightenment, but the Population of the World needs to wake up first! Those Brain Washed by MSN and Failed Bureaucracy are the problem, we who are awake, face! So help them, guide them, because for them, the journey ahead is going to be very much worse, when they realise they have lived a Lie and purported it for so long!

Stay Strong, stay Safe and stay Well my Friends! Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,