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Chris posted this 11 January 2018


Welcome to all new comers!

This guide is meant to help with some of the usage of this Forum. We are a little different than the other Forums.




Latest By

Using the Latest By link will take you to the Latest Post in the specified Topic, seen below marked in a Red Box:


Thread Ordering:

When viewing a Thread, you may find it useful to sort by "Newest First":

This is especially useful on long Threads. You can always hit the "Page Down" Keyboard button, or "Page Up" button. Also the keyboard Buttons: "End" or "Home" may be useful.


Making a Post

We use TinyMCE for Posting, its a basic HTML editor and supports some cool functions:

The buttons at the top of this editor are a useful tool to familiarise yourself with. Insert Images, edit HTML Code directly and so on. Some down falls are html pasted into this editor can keep the formatting which may not always be desirable.

A maximum of 10000 chars are aloud, any larger, please pdf and attach as a document.



Please use Headings is for Heading's only. I am a fickler for formatting, I like to see nice clean text so others can read without any unnecessary difficulty's.

If you get stuck and can not change, just select the text and change back to Paragraph:



When Quoting others, sometimes the Quote Region is hard to remove around your own Text.

Select your Text like so:


Click the Quote Button again, will un-quote the text:


This is the case for a lot of the functions in TinyMCE.



Images must be less than 2Mb, it will tell you if its too big.


All most common file types are supported, but some are not.

You will be notified if there is a problem, if not, you will see your image appear in the Post Window after it has been uploaded.

I often go into the <> button and surround the <img src="source" alt="" /> Tags with <center><img src="source" alt="" /></center> tags. This is entirely up to you, its just if you want to know how to do it. 


To remove the Quotation around your Text, you can do the same, select your text and click the Quote button and it will unquote your text:


Live Chat:


An old video from an old forum. Look for Live Chat in the Sub Menu. All is the same here however. No private info in the video so I used this one.


Tool Buttons:

You can Edit or Delete your own Posts, moderators can do also:


Attaching files:

Most popular file types are supported but not all. You will be notified if the file is not supported. Size limits also apply.


YouTube Videos:

With YouTube videos, all you need do is paste the YouTube Video link into the Post Window, Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + V The website will automatically embed the Video for you. So an example will look something like this:



We do not believe in Thumbs down, or down voting. Its a negative and therefore a destructive behaviour. However, we do believe in Up Voting to compliment a good constructive post! Especially posts that have great value, sharing good work. Up Votes are a portion of your Score, you get points for editing your posts, cleaning/adding/correcting and so on. And for posting, lots of posts, the more points. Profile images are also rewarded with points.


Specific Posts

For those that want to reference specific Posts, this can be done via the "Permalink" option at the bottom of every post. Clicking this link will redirect your browser to a Post Specific Link that you can use to reference the particular Post Specifically:


Tags on Topics:


Search and Retrieve:

I have covered in a few places, a quick way to Search and Retrieve topics, or Content from Topics.

  1. I have blocked Google, so don't use them!
  2. Most but not all Search Engines, have similar search tools!
  3. One very useful tool is the site command: site:

  4. The best results may not always be returned. Keep trying. Bing will learn!
  5. Other Search Engines also use the same key word, so try that there also.
  6. My search on the site is ok, but no where near as good as the above method!


Using the site: keyword can help greatly in Search and Retrieval.

As an example: Input Coil

gives the following results:


Most Search Engines have a site: Keyword Command. Mostly it is very effective and accurate.


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Chris posted this 24 June 2019

My Friends,

I have dropped the Posts per Page down to 20, from 300. I have done this to help Load Times on Large threads.

Please follow the advice above to get to where you need to go faster.


  1. Newest First.
  2. Latest By.


On fast moving threads, its good practice to check a few posts either side of the one you're reading so you don't miss any.

I hope this helps!


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Chris posted this 09 August 2019

My Friends,

I have had a few pm's to ask about how to use some of the things on the forum. I understand that, initially, the forum is a little hard to use, so I have done a quick video to explain some of the most simple things:


Video also posted in the first post.

I hope this helps!


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